Diagnosing the computer for a malfunction. Program for computer diagnostics

Many modern users do not know that at one point absolutely suddenly for them the computer can shut down forever, and this can happen with absolutely any PC.It is worth noting the fact that quite often there are various problems associated with the fact that even a completely new computer stops functioning normally.

computer diagnostics

In this case, worst of all, when such problems occur completely unexpectedly for the user. In such situations, it is important first of all to correctly identify the problem, because often enough you can solve everything yourself, without the need for physical repairs. It is in this case that it is extremely important that the user knows how to do the computer diagnostics. For an ordinary person, this problem is solved with the help of specialized utilities, which are selected depending on the type of diagnostics you need.

In this article we will try to consider several utilities so that the user can determine on his own what is the appropriate program for diagnosing the computer f

or a malfunction. Thus it is necessary to tell at once that if necessary you can choose several programs.

Why do I need diagnostics?

computer diagnostic program

Nowadays, not all users correctly understand that in fact, not in any case it is necessary to apply to qualified specialists who will perform physical repair of the drive. In most situations, problems can really be solved independently using programs that are freely available. However, unauthorized actions in some cases can only do harm, and therefore, in order to understand whether it is possible to proceed to "treatment" of the computer yourself, the computer must initially be diagnosed with a malfunction.

As is known, if a computer is operated under unfavorable conditions or in a dusty room, then over time it starts to work more and more slowly, as the state of certain elements in its construction deteriorates. Thus, among the most common causes of malfunction of modern computers are the following:

  • Dusting of all kinds of connectors or chips and, as a result, their overheating.
  • Excessive oxidation of contacts.
  • Overheating of components due to strong cooling.
  • Burnout of contacts or components due to too strong a voltage jump.
  • Unstable operation of the installed power supply.
  • Incorrect earthing.

What are the programs for and what do they do?

computer troubleshooting

A very useful thing is a program for diagnosing a computer, obtaining complete information about its status and characteristics of all installed equipment. Carrying out PC diagnostics and identifying faults is an extremely important element of the operation of any PC, because it depends on how effective and timely the user can react to various problems that arise during the operation of his hardware.

Consider situations where a program for diagnosing a computer may be useful.

Update / sale of

If you need to upgrade your personal computer in the near future, carry out its overhaul, update certain components or, conversely, sell the device, you will need to know everything about your computer and make sure that it does not contain anyEither a malfunction.

Testing the operation of the

Computer diagnostics can identify all kinds of problems, system failures, and more importantly, the cause of the problem. The definition of all possible causes of failure in most cases is quite complex, the only way out in such a situation can be the use of diagnostic utilities.

how to do computer diagnostics

If you initially take care that the program for diagnosing your computer was separately written to a special disk, even if you roll back your operating system, you can independently determine which component faults have caused such malfunctions.

It should be noted that quite often the program that will be used to diagnose a computer will not only be able to inform the user about what parts are used in his PC and in what state they are, but also to check the individual elements for the presence in them of possible causes of future malfunctions. In addition, some utilities not only diagnose the computer, but also give some tips on working with it.

In this regard, in order not to suffer from the fact that the "iron friend" suddenly began to work too slowly, suddenly turn off, unstable to work or show any other whims, there must be a timely diagnosis and repair of computers.

Comparison of

In certain utilities, the characteristics of the reference systems are originally laid out, so the user can, if necessary, compare whether the results of testing his PC's performance meet the ideal results. After the diagnostics of the on-board computer or the PC is carried out, the user already independently decides whether to upgrade certain components in the future, buy any new equipment, update the software or perform other actions.

on-board computer diagnostics

Useful information

Many people who do not know how to diagnose a computer skip a large amount of useful and useful information useful for its effective work. In particular, often enough diagnostic utilities notify the PC owner that, for example, certain drivers installed on his computer are obsolete, since the developer has released a more modern version.

In this regard, it is best to carefully study the functionality of the programs you download, since the utility you choose will directly depend on how effective and useful is the computer diagnostics for the malfunction.

Diagnostic programs

Below we will list the necessary utilities, each of which has its own functionality and purpose:

  • Speccy. The program is intended for a full check of the computer and all its technical characteristics.
  • CrystalDiskInfo. The utility performs a full diagnostic of the technical condition of the hard drives used.
  • MSI Afterburner. This software diagnoses the installed video card, and, if necessary, disperses its work.
  • Fresh Diagnose. The program is designed to perform a full diagnosis and analysis of the user's computer.
  • MHDD.A simple utility that checks hard disks for their operability, and also performs a thorough recovery of bad blocks( unreadable sectors) in case of need. computer troubleshooting program
  • HWMonitor. The program constantly monitors the indicators of the system.
  • Nokia Monitor Test. The program from the world famous company is intended for diagnostics and subsequent adjustment of the correct operation of monitors.
  • GPU-Z.Monitoring and providing basic information about the installed video card in the computer.
  • SpeedFan. Soft constantly monitors the temperature of the processor, and also monitors the speed of rotation of the fan.
  • MemTest. An extremely simple program that tests the RAM of the computer.
  • Filemon. The utility monitors file activity and various processes on a specific computer.

What to use?

As mentioned above, if you need, you can use more than one program. Diagnosing a computer for a malfunction is an extensive procedure, it is not enough to conduct only a certain action, because the computer consists of a number of components.

As you can see, different programs have completely different, not similar functionality. In this case it should be said that in most cases it is better to install several utilities that specialize in monitoring the operation of a certain element of your computer than simply install some kind of universal software that will simultaneously monitor everything. It depends not only on the reliability and effectiveness of the diagnosis, but also on your awareness.

computer diagnostics and repair

For this reason, in the majority of cases, qualified specialists use several programs at the same time, one of which monitors the video card, the second - behind the processor, etc. Particular attention should be paid to choosing a program that will monitor the activity of your hard drive.

Why the hard drive?

Few people know that the hard drive is the most complex and fragile component of a personal computer. Despite the fact that various components like a processor or a video card look like an ordinary thin board, and the hard drive looks like a large and externally protected unit, in fact it is a fragile element inside which there are miniature magnetic heads. In this case, the drive is subject to both software and physical malfunctions. And even if the computer vibrates during operation, the hard disk can be completely broken.

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