Cabin Filter: Care and Replacement

Cabin filter is one of the most important parts of providing comfort in transport. Its purpose is to clean and protect the car from negative odors, exhaust gases and other irritating factors that can get into the car through the heating and ventilation system. Sometimes the cabin filter is considered to be one of the constituent parts of the car's stove. The very flow of air into the cleaner, and after and into the machine, comes through a grill hole, which is located on the hood of the car near the windshield. Cabin filter is on the way from this hole and to the indoor air conditioner.

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Filter location

Almost in every car this device is located in the same place. A salon filter is usually installed under the body of the heating cabin of the device, which is covered with a black casing. For the sake of clarity, it is worth paying attention to the image in which everything is shown. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that not every new car brought from the manufacturer has an ins

talled filter of the heating stove. Especially it concerns machines of domestic manufacturers. But you can check the availability yourself. It is enough to press the body with your hand, and if you feel the elasticity or small resistance, then most likely the salon filter is installed there.

how to change salon filter

Replacement of air purification filter

As with any equipment, this cleaning device has its expiration date, and it is measured by the mileage of the machine. And the question arises: how to change the salon filter? On average, you need to replace it by 8 thousand kilometers. But I want to note that too frequent replacement is not entirely justified and economical, since a more clogged and dirty cleaner, though it may have a lower efficiency, but it cleans air much better. The reason for this is the reduced filter capacity. In this regard, it follows that to ask about how to change the salon filter, it is desirable when the air stops circulating well in the cabin of your car. From all this, we can conclude that to spend replacement is as rare as possible, and it will be possible to save money.

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The cost of a new filter. Features of homemade and purchased options

In fact, the filter itself is not a particularly expensive detail, as it can be purchased in the retail market within 300 rubles( it is worth considering the growth of the dollar).There are several options to choose from, but it's best to buy a tested model BM-014, which is used by most motorists. If there is no such, then the best option is to clean the old filter from dirt. It does not take much time and effort, just flush the cleaner with a small head of water, then blow it out with compressed air if available, finally let it dry completely. This is a much better option than buying a new, but poor-quality filter.

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In addition to cleaning the old and shabby element, you can try to assemble a new filter yourself. This does not require special skills or special equipment. The design of the filter is very simple and consists of a plastic body, and in its middle is inserted a cleaning element( as a rule, it is a sintepon).If the frame of your used cleaner is intact, then it is enough to remove the contaminated part and replace it with a new and pure sintepon. It is fixed with the help of glue, previously applied to the frame of the entire structure.

Replacing the filter in Nissan

Normally, in the cars produced by Nissan, the filter change is almost as easy as in other cars. But nevertheless, to be careful and attentive will not hurt, because where the salon filter is located, the place is not quite standard. Most likely, you can find the cleaning element behind the case of the glove box. It is in this place that the filter should be replaced.

Before starting the replacement, it is necessary to take care of the availability of a suitable cleaner, since in this machine the filter itself is thinner than standard analogues and has special dimensions. The length of the body is 20.5 cm, the width is about the same - 21.1 cm, and the height is only 0.3 cm. There are various modifications of filters of this size produced by different companies. If there is a wide choice in the store, attention should be paid to the marking, since it is very easy to make a mistake in the model. Typically, this car is suitable filter salon "Nissan ZE2", as well as using the markings ZE3 and LDA3.

Tools for replacement

After selecting the right filter, it is worth checking the availability of all the necessary tools, namely a small flashlight that can be used in small spaces, two types of screwdrivers - cross and flat, two end keys with sizes 10 and 8, and a conventional nut - 13 by 10. Formore convenient work is to remove the glove compartment from the car body. It is removed easily, it is enough to unlock it and empty it. After the work done, you will have enough free space to replace the filter to clean the air in the cabin.

how to change salon filter

After the preparatory works we proceed to remove the old cleaner. To do this, we use a screwdriver and a key. After removal, you can assess the degree of pollution and for yourself to conclude how often your car needs to replace the cleaning element. Basically, in this brand of machines standard filters require replacing once for 7000-10000 km of the auto race.

Replacement of the cleaning element of salon filter on cars VAZ

If in your plans to replace the cabin VAZ salon or its part in the car of this manufacturer, then it is worth considering that you can buy the necessary detail both in the car dealership and on the Internet. From the source of the purchase will depend on both the price and the quality of the filter. In all other respects, the replacement is the same as in other cars.

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