How to use UltraISO: basic methods

Apparently, many users have repeatedly heard about such a unique program of its kind as UltraISO.Of course, everyone who uses disk images in their work knows about this software product firsthand. However, the application's capabilities are much greater than it may seem at first glance. So it's worthwhile to dwell on how to use UltraISO.

What is UltraISO

how to use ultraiso

Initially, the UltraISO software package was conceived as a tool for working with disk images. In this case, either optical CD / DVD drives or hard disk images with a size of not more than 50 GB could be used. Now, the technologies used in the UltraISO program have moved far ahead, and the application itself has become a universal solution for many computer tasks.

Features of the

program If you are talking about how to use the UltraISO program, you should first say a few words about its main features and functionality.

Besides the application supports about 30 most common image formats that are compatible with almost all known program

s of this type, the UltraISO package allows you to write data to disk, extract them from images, create images of removable USB-drives and boot flash drives, and can easilyemulate optical drives, creating virtual ones, which is quite often used to launch computer games that require a presence in the drive of the original disk for operation.

Areas of application for

In the question of how to use UltraISO, you need to pay attention to where this program can be used and what tasks it can solve. In addition to what was described above, it can be noted that the application is an all-in-one package.

The key function, as already mentioned, is to work with images. In this case, the application is not only for creating images or retrieving data. The program is able to edit such images. It can be, say, adding, deleting or creating directories inside the image itself, not to mention the possibility of optimizing the entire image structure to save space.

Speaking of creating bootable media, we can note the fact that the program can even extract the so-called boot sectors of the hard drive or floppy disks( floppies, however, have not been used for a long time).

Creating images and extracting data

Now, in the question of how to use UltraISO, you need to consider the main purpose of the program, namely, work with images.

First of all, you need to clearly differentiate the scope of application, whether it will write to disk or create an image that is stored on the hard disk of the computer. It seems that the difference is small, but the operations performed are completely different.

To burn a disc, you just need to launch the program and add the necessary files, using the commands of the main menu or the usual drag-and-drop with the mouse.

how to use ultraiso to disk

As you can see, in the upper right corner there is a special window in which the size of the added data is displayed. Here it is necessary to make sure that the amount of information added does not exceed the size of the disc used for recording. After adding files and folders, you need to use the button( or the menu command) "Burn CD image".In a new window( "Image recording"), you can select the desired burning drive( if there are several), the speed and the recording method, then click the "Record" button.

In the question of how to use UltraISO, the process of creating an image from several files without writing to disk is of no small importance. As in the previous case, you first need to add files to the program window, but then use the "Save As. .." command in the "File" menu and select the folder where the created image will be saved.

ultraiso how to use flash drive

When creating an optical media image, use the button( command) "Create CD image", then in the new window( "create CD / DVD image") the optical drive is selected, into which the disk is inserted, the location of the future image and its format is indicated. After that, you just need to press the "Make" button.

To extract data from an image file, it's easiest to use the F4 button( the "Extract to. .." command) followed by the location where the files and folders will be saved.

how to use ultraiso games

UltraISO: how to use. USB flash drive

First you need to create an image of the operating system, and then save it to your hard drive. Now in the "File" menu we use the command "Open"( Ctrl + O) and specify the path to the image file. Then, in the "Boot" menu, select the command "Record hard disk image" and specify the desired USB-drive. The program will prompt you that all information on the flash drive will be deleted.

how to use the ultraiso program

Confirm the cleaning. The recording process will start automatically and take a few minutes, after which a message will appear indicating the successful completion of the process.

After that, you can use the flash drive to restore the system, if for any reason there was a failure. Agree, a much more effective way than reinstalling Windows. In addition, information will be stored more reliably, unlike optical disks that are subject to mechanical damage.

How to use UltraISO:

games Gamers know that sometimes a disc is required to run games. And if it is not? Speaking about how to use UltraISO for games that require the presence of a disc directly in the game process, the procedure here is not much different from all that was described above. The simplest method is to use the Tools menu, which selects the command "Mount virtual drive. ..", and then select the image of the original game created in advance. After that, just click the "Mount" button. Next, a window will appear to start or install the game.

how to use ultraiso

To create an image, you can also perform integration. To do this, use the "Options" / "Setup" / "Integration" sequence, where a check mark on the required format( for example,. iso) is placed and the "OK" button is pressed. Now, after double clicking on the image, either it is mounted independently, or opens in the window with the game launch folder.


As you can see, the capabilities of the UltraISO program are quite wide, as well as the scope of application. The only thing that grieves a bit is that the full-featured version of the application is paid. Lite free versions have significant limitations. Nevertheless, for most users there will be enough of these features. It remains to add that the question of how to use UltraISO, on a disk, data recording does not always mean. This makes the program universal for all use cases.

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