LiAZ-5256.Specifications, price, reviews

This bus proved to be a good working machine, with excellent technical characteristics. With the release of this model began a new era in the construction of Soviet-era buses. This technique was the first large bus for carrying passengers, and in terms of capacity it could only be compared to Ikarus. The model is highly reliable, and all spare parts( LiAZ-5256 and especially old models) are in large quantities.

History of creating the legend

The bus was designed more than 10 years. The sample could be seen in 1986.This was the first production model. Despite its age, the car remains popular even today. Although now it is very different from its prototypes. In its history, the car had more than 20 engines of various modifications, the total number of models based on the LiAZ-5256 bus numbered more than 30 units.

Description and modifications

We have a model of a passenger bus with a large capacity. The maximum number for which the machine is designed is 117 people. The model was produced in fi

ve modifications for various uses. liaz 5256

The layout of the bus of the city bus differed from the cabin of the car intended for suburban routes. There were 44 seats here, and the total number of passengers was 88 people. There were also school bus models, long-distance with an increased level of comfort. Modifications were also made for people with disabilities.

The LiAZ-5256 bus has three doors. They are made in the form of swinging 2-wing doors. Open and close by pneumatic drive. On the second and third door areas there is more room for the accumulation of passengers. The drive on the landing of the front door is a little narrower because of the driver's cab.

Passenger seats in models for use on urban routes are arranged in a three-row arrangement. In the suburban buses a two-row scheme is used, and the seats can be adjusted.

Both in the city and in the suburban bus, the rear seats last rear are made in the form of a single sofa.


The interior in the latest models of the car was one of the best. In the urban version there were plastic seats, and the upholstery was wear-resistant and quite bright. Designers have worked well on the exterior of the salon. Everything has become modern. Sometimes you could think that this is some kind of a European bus. As lighting in cars for the city and the suburbs LED lamps were used, in interurban versions - neon light.

LiAZ-5256: body characteristics

The overall dimensions of the machine are 11 400 x 2500 x 3007 mm. Weight - about 18 tons. The body has a frame structure, its layout is carload. The design is single-section, galvanized.

As for the bodywork, here you need to add something. The factories had four huge baths, where they passed the zinc coating. For this, the design was completely immersed in the tanks. So extended the life of the elements of the bus, as well as the design of the frame. This technology allowed to extend the body service to 12 years. The quality of galvanized parts has improved significantly. lyazes 5256 features

Body parts, as well as side panels and many other parts, are cut by plasma and laser cutting. This allows you to achieve the highest precision parts. These elements are also galvanized in the baths.

The plant was completely replaced with equipment. The shop where painting was also modernized. But its technology has not changed. All by hand, because the body is huge.

The cabin is naturally ventilated. For this, there are hatches, and on the windows of the window. More expensive versions are equipped with air conditioning. However, the price is much higher.

Liquid heating works from the engine cooling system with an independent heater. In winter, you can install an additional heater in the interior.

The driver's cab has a combined heating system. In the cabin two devices are installed. One heats, and also blows a windshield, the second - for a workplace of the driver. In the modification of the machine operating on gas fuel, a preliminary engine warm-up system is installed. It is obligatory. On diesel cars, the whole power system and the fuel system are heated.

LiAZ-5256: engine

In various modifications and in different years of production, motors are characterized only by power. For domestic engines, the power was 240 liters.with., and imported engines produced 340 "horses".

The engine compartment is intended for installation of in-line diesel ICE.In recent years, many modifications are made by Cummins engines. These are gas-powered engines. liaz 5256 engine

In short, the power units, then until 1996, the LiAZ-5256 buses were equipped with KamAZ-740 engines. Then YaMZ was put on them. Later imported Caterpillar and MAN were used.

Since 2006, the buses are equipped with diesel power units Cummins. In the same year, gas machines from this manufacturer were also installed on the machines of the Likino plant. In 2014, for the use of equipment at the Olympics, a batch of buses with engines of the Swedish production "Scania" was manufactured.

Today, the plant offers several units that fully comply with Euro-3, as well as Euro-5.

Consumption and dynamics

The fuel consumption is from 28 to 32 liters per 100 km. The maximum speed that can be dialed by this car is 120 km. The modification intended for the transportation of children is limited, and the peak speed is up to 40 km / h. Diesel fuel is stored in tanks with a capacity of 238 liters, and in the gas case 776 liters of fuel will fit into the cylinders. лиаз 5256 price

Steering system is equipped with a hydraulic booster. Characteristics in the turn are up to 11.5 m. Brakes are standard for LiAZ.They are made by a two-circuit scheme, and also equipped with a pneumatic ABS system. The brakes are ordinary, drum-type with a wedge clamp. If necessary or emergency situations, you can use the brake motor.


The latest LiAZ-5256 buses are equipped with both manual gearbox and automatic boxes. The mechanics are mainly YMZ 2361, ZF 6S."Automatic" stands from the manufacturer Allison.

Initially put hydromechanical checkpoint "Lvov-1", which were developed for the first machines of this plant.

About cost and maintenance of

The new LiAZ-5256 bus costs from 4 million rubles. For this money you can get a domestic car, without excess, but without running. With imported motors, the price will be 4.8 million rubles. With gas engines Cumminz the bus will cost from 5 million rubles. Spare parts for liazes 5256

Models with mileage from 1992 to 1995 issue today are about 7-10 thousand US dollars. For a good bus, which came off the assembly line in 2000, they will ask about 300 thousand rubles. If the age is no more than 5 years, then you need to prepare 1 million rubles. bus liaz 5256 specifications

Drivers are considered good models, which were released in 2003 and beyond. Then, too, there were good, repairable specimens. Machines equipped with imported engines are not as fastidious and more stable. Buses of the end of the 90-s, equipped with American diesel CAT, are very popular and valuable for car enthusiasts. They are economical, reliable. bus liaz 5256 specifications

As the drivers say, this bus can be purchased, repairs will not cost much. In recent years, machines have improved significantly.

So, we found out what the LiAZ-5256 bus has technical characteristics, bodywork and price.

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