Lada Kalina: reviews say about the popular budget car!

The brainchild of the domestic car industry, Lada Kalina has become a real bestseller in the market of budget cars. Around it was composed a lot of jokes, and at the same time it was( and remains to this day) the most popular subcompact in Russia. It is beyond competition among foreign cars of this class in terms of its pricing policy. Known Lada Kalina - reviews say about the popular budget car!

Lada Kalina reviews Let's start with the history of production of

It should be said that this car has the longest history of development for the entire time of AvtoVAZ's existence. The first copies of it were developed back in 1993, but only eleven years later, in the fall of 2004, this model was put into mass production. At that time it was produced only in the class sedan. But in 2006 the Kalina class hatchback was developed, and a year later the car line was supplemented with one more copy - Lada Kalina "station wagon".Reviews talked about its spaciousness and excellent driving performance( of course, they did

not exceed the performance of foreign cars, but for the domestic family car everything was just right).The car has won such popularity that soon one more Lada Kalina was developed - modifications "Sport".

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Long development - a long production of

No country in the world has had such a long development time for a new car, like Russia. The production project Lada Kalina deserves the Guinness Book of Records as the longest project in the history of mankind. It should be noted that this model was produced almost as much as it was developed - almost 7 years. And in the spring of 2011 the company's management decided to remove Lada Kalina from production. Reviews about her were mixed. And yet, what other machine would cost as little money as a legendary subcompact? Lada Kalina was profitable - the reviews speak of the excessive budget of the car.


The VAZ car did not have any outstanding exterior: its exterior was so simple and unobtrusive that even the most distinctive details in the car were not present. The roof, hood, headlights, bumper - all this resembled the design of foreign cars from the 1990's. Perhaps by 1993 it would have caused a real sensation among buyers, but in the 21st century new requirements for design appeared, and Kalina had no chances. But looking at the statistics of sales, buyers paid special attention not to the design of the novelty, but rather, to its low price. lada kalina versatile reviews Front lining - these are small headlights, a "pinched" bumper of incomprehensible shape and a narrow slot of the radiator grille. Having looked at the novelty from the side, you understand what a "spacious" salon she has. In order to somehow, although with a little comfort, the driver and passengers were accommodated, the engineers had to develop and make a number of changes. The maximum increase in the cabin contributes to a small hood, convex side surfaces on the body and large doorways. In size, she perfectly suited as a small female car Lada Kalina. The owners' comments nevertheless speak of the excessive compactness of the salon.

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