How to set up the bluetooth on a laptop? A Beginner's Guide

Modern laptops are equipped with the latest technology and are in no way inferior in terms of their characteristics and functionality to expensive computers. The basic set of the most budgetary device includes: radio modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a good how to set up a bluetooth on a laptop video card, built-in speakers and a camera( the latter option is not always present).However, in this article we will not go into detail in the evolution of the PC, we are more interested in the following: how to set up the bluetooth on the laptop? Often, the Bluetooth system starts automatically and requires additional actions.

Before setting up the bluetooth on a laptop. ..

In order to start using a small-size wireless network, you need to make sure that the hardware capabilities of the notebook match your desires, that is, just see if your laptop supports the Bluetooth function. We are looking for a corresponding sticker, button or indicator on the case. If there is nothing like that, then we try to find Bluetooth via the "Start" menu.

To do this, go to "My Computer", here we find the "System Properties" tab, then "Device Manager".Our view opens a list of all available equipment, in which we must find an item called "Bluetooth-devices," highlight it. At the top of the menu, select the "Disable" function, then turn it back on. Close the active window and go to the toolbar, which is in the bottom corner. Under normal Blurtooth operation, its icon should be displayed there as blue "teeth".If it is not on the panel, then, perhaps, setting up bluetooth on a laptop your drivers are out of date. They can be downloaded and installed from the official website of the laptop manufacturer for free.

How to set up a bluetooth on a laptop?

So, the corresponding additional software is installed, and the Bluetooth icon appeared on the panel. Now you need to configure the parameters for the correct transmission and reception of data. To enable the Bluetooth-module, right-click on the icon and select the option "Enable".Now in the same menu we find the item "Show Bluetooth devices" and go there. Here is a list of available devices, to any of which you can connect. During the connection for each of the devices you will need to enter a specific digital code, after which the operation will be stored in the PC's memory. However, the main disadvantage of this method of connection is its one-sided nature, that is, only data transmission is available from the laptop, but not reception. How to configure the Bluetooth on a laptop in such a way that the possibility of setting up bluetooth on a laptop reception of files was mutual? To do this, you need to allow the detection of your network by other devices in the Bluetooth settings - just check the box. However, it also happens that when you try to open the parameters window an error is displayed: "The device is connected, but not available for detection".How to set up the bluetooth on the laptop in this case? Correct the problem in the following way: open the Control Panel / Administration / Services. In the list choose "Bluetooth Support Service", we call the context menu, the "Properties" item. Here we change the value in the "Startup type" window: instead of "Manual" we set "Automatically", apply the fixes. Now everything should be earned! As you can see, setting up the bluetooth on the laptop does not represent anything complicated and is accessible even for a novice user.

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