"Formula" in your home - Ferrari Enzo

A bit of history

The premiere of Ferrari Enzo occurred in 2002 at an auto show in Paris. This sports car, which was named after the father of the founder of Enzo Ferrari, was produced for three years - from 2002 to 2005. A total of 399 items were produced. The car was remembered, first of all, by the competent balance of the functional parameters and style of the body. Literally every square centimeter of the body contributes to the improvement of the aerodynamics of the car by air waves. Thanks to the special, so to speak, guide lines of the body, the engine and brakes receive enough air for effective cooling. Also, the silhouette of the Ferrari Enzo was written down to the smallest detail in order to ensure perfect grip with the track. Loss, thanks to aerodynamics, almost none. As a result of such scrupulous work on the body kit, the need for a wing does not disappear, and yet almost 90% of racing cars can not do without it.

ferrari enzo Rich inner world

12-cylinder monument to the genius

of engineers Ferrari in volume of 6 liters - this is the heart of this car. The engine gives Ferrari Enzo many unique characteristics. The intensity of torque at low rpm is ideally combined with a good horsepower - 110 "horses" per liter. In the inlet and outlet valves and cylinders there is a possibility of manual adjustment. As a result, we have a very sensitive motor. The rear part of it directly connects with the gearbox, which conjures up associations with the cars "Formula 1".By the way, in the gearbox are located synchronizers, which allow you to fine-tune hydraulics systems with the help of manipulators located under the steering wheel. Fully automatic gearbox is not provided. All these technical solutions give Ferrari Enzo characteristics that can impress even the most avid car enthusiasts.

silverlit ferrari enzo Driver's seat

The first thing that Ferrari Enzo looks at is the speedometer: marked up to 400 kilometers per hour, the analogous handsome man inspires respect. The dashboard as a whole is very laconic. Priority is given, of course, to the analog speedometer and tachometer. Next to them is a display, which serves to display other, less relevant parameters. On the steering wheel with a diameter of 250 millimeters is located a lot of controls. Their arrangement is made in such a way as to free up more space under the podolevye petals, which switch gears. Also on the steering wheel, the LEDs display the engine speed.

Package Contents ferrari enzo specs

Customers are offered an interesting service - at the factory they can choose their own cabin in their car. All their wishes are taken into account by the company's engineers. You can change almost everything - pedals, trim, the size of the pillows. In general, elite service.


Also for special connoisseurs under the license of the company, Silverlit Ferrari Enzo is produced - it is a model in scale 1:50, controlled via Bluetooth with "iTechniki".The thoroughness of the toy and the styling of the application are all at the same transcendental level. Manages the model without any additional equipment - you only need a gadget. The application itself is stylized as a dashboard "Ferrari".