Nissan Titan - the leader in its class

Pickup is a truly American type of car. America is a country of cowboys who love cars that help them in agriculture. This type of bodywork is optimal for residents of rural areas. It was for these purposes that a pickup truck was developed, but later it got love from other layers and classes of the population. Today, these cars are very often found on urban roads. Large cars are in some countries a sign of special status and wealth, and many use pick-up trucks to attract attention to themselves on the streets.

The Nissan Titan is a full-size pickup that broke into the American market in 2004 and immediately won its niche. The success of the model was marked in his debut year by the "Pickup of the Year" award.

nissan titan


The name of this car is due to ancient Greek mythology. It was in it in the pantheon of the gods that Titan, the son of the Earth and Heaven, was always ready to come to the rescue and solve the problems posed with the help of his power. Nissan Titan, therefore, fully justifies i

ts name.

Appearance on the market

Titan SUVs are built on the standard for several models of the brand platform F-Alpha. They were presented in the fall of 2003 with two types of cabs:

  • King Cab half-length;
  • double row Crew Cab.

The F-Alpha platform was also used in the models "Nissan Armada" and "Infiniti QX56".

The birthplace of "Titan" was Nissan's automobile plant in Canton, Mississippi. The engines come from open production in Tennessee. In total for the history of the car "Nissan Titan" was released three updates of the model.

Specifications Nissan Titan

What is this car? Considering the characteristics of the Nissan Titan, you can not compare it with competitors in the class, which are in the market Dodge Ram, Ford f-140, Toyota Tundra and Chevrolet Silverado. The first and very important characteristic, according to which our pickup is on the first place, is the cost of the basic modification of the car. And she in the United States of America is 30,500 dollars. The nearest competitor - Toyota Tundra - costs 2,500 dollars more, and Ford F-150 - for all 6500 US dollars.

With an undeniable benefit, the Nissan Titan bypasses the Ford F-150 in terms of power, engine traction and the total permissible maximum mass of the possible towed cargo. Also a significant advantage of "Titan" is a five-speed transmission( on the majority of other models in this class there are gear boxes with four steps).All this, though assembled at an American plant, but controlled by the Japanese and meets the technical standards of the Nissan concern. And lead this is what the Japanese and won the automotive market of America in the late seventies. The wheel formula is 2x4 and 4x4.For this model, a 5.6-liter engine, a V-shaped six-cylinder, with a total capacity of 300 horsepower, is available.

characteristics of nissan titan Buyers are available cars in three trim levels: SE, XE, LE.Salon "Titan" is a twin of the model Nissan Armada. Designers in the development decided not to change anything, but to use the solution already popular at that time in the market. The developers of the salon took care of every little thing to find its place. In "Titan" a lot of useful spaces, pockets and offices.

Pros and Cons of Nissan Titan

Reviews received from specialists, as well as owners of this model, allowed to identify the pros and cons of the car. Pros:

  • is an excellent engine for its class;
  • perfectly matched gearbox;
  • is the lowest price of the base model in the class;
  • nice front air intake design;
  • is one of the most spacious salons among competitors.


  • lack of available six-liter versions;
  • there is no possibility of buying a Nissan Titan with a single-cabin;
  • the night mode of the control panel distracts and cuts eyes;
  • poor level of locks and safety( touches the rear window).

nissan titan reviews With confidence, we can say that this car is a worthy choice among pickup trucks. On the "price-quality-option" ratio, he is a clear leader in the American market, ahead of competitors in many ways. Therefore, Nissan Titan is so popular not only in rural areas.

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