Chinese SUVs and crossovers: the history of appearance and description

Thanks to the successful expansion of the Russian car market, manufacturers from the People's Republic of China have become a key player in the world of automotive sales. In many respects this was due to an accurately calculated marketing move and a low price.

The strategy of the Chinese automotive industry in Russia

Chinese off-road vehicles and crossovers began to master the Russian market. It's no secret that the quality of those pioneers left much to be desired. A thin base metal of body parts, technical flaws, weak decisions in the safety of the driver and passengers. .. The buyer, implicitly understanding this, still did not leave the car dealership.

Similarity with the prestigious brands of the world's auto giants, luxury-looking interior, interior of the cabin, electric windows, video monitors, air conditioning, beautiful light-alloy wheels - all this made the motorist's soul tremble. The last blow was paid by the price. It was so pleasant that all the defects and flaws had no meaning fo

r the broad Russian soul. test drive of Chinese crossovers The opportunity to change from a shabby trolley to a posh large car, paying an acceptable price for this pleasure - that's what the comrades from China offered the Russian buyer.

When after 20-30 thousand runs the first unflattering comments went, it was already late. The mechanism was launched, the calculation proved to be correct, sales and demand for Chinese SUVs and crossovers only grew.

The share of Chinese cars in the Russian market

Today's Chinese cars, SUVs are significantly different from their first counterparts. Producers from China understood perfectly that if the quality of the products did not change, then the rapid growth in sales would end with a no less rapid steep peak, after which the demand for inventions of the Chinese automotive industry would be very difficult to raise.

And the hardworking hard-working Chinese entrepreneur has improved the quality of its products with every new batch of imported machinery. Such a policy has borne fruit - both sales and popularity continued to gain momentum. And if the share of Chinese in the market in 2009 was 1.7%, then this year analysts forecast 10-12%.All the prerequisites for this are available.

A huge selection of models and complete sets, a rapidly growing quality that allows you to compete even with famous brands, and still an acceptable price, which is an order of magnitude lower than that of other manufacturers. Among other things, the Chinese were working on creating an extensive dealer network.

Options that affect the choice of

The greatest demand remains for Chinese SUVs and crossovers. Thanks to the frame structure, even the first cars on the Russian market were quite strong. Now, when quality approaches the benchmark, this type of model has justified greater demand.

The advantage is that even the basic models are equipped with a luxury salon. In addition, the appearance of Chinese cars has a striking similarity with popular, but expensive brands of world manufacturers. And to manage a prestigious car, bought at a much lower price, for an average citizen looks very tempting. The presence of the logo of a Chinese company on the body of such a car in this case does not cause rejection.

Driver and passenger safety

There is no secret that Chinese manufacturers cynically neglected the safety of users of their products. During the development of new markets had to choose between low prices and the lives of drivers. Thin metal, structural flaws, poor-quality materials posed an increased danger for all who decided to board Chinese off-road vehicles. Prices below market prices( from 650,000 rubles) helped to close our eyes to shortcomings in ensuring passive safety.

Chinese cars SUVs

Today this issue is again on the agenda. Many concerns claim comfort and safety as their main values. These criteria stimulated the beginning of a new stage in the development of the Chinese automotive market.

Chery Tiggo

Chery Tiggo is a very popular model so far. Its popularity comes from its external similarity to the legendary Toyota RAV 4 crossover and good quality compared to many other Chinese manufacturers. Toyota, filing lawsuits, could not satisfy its claims about the similarity of Chery Tiggo with their RAV 4. Chinese developers were able to prove in court the authenticity of the Tiggo model.

new Chinese crossover

Today the concern produces 400 thousand cars a year. Constant improvements of the former and the appearance of new models indicate plans to raise the output to 1 million cars. Among the Chinese automakers by the number of exported cars Cherry takes a leading position.

In addition to Tiggo and modifications based on it( Tiggo FL), the concern offers high-quality sedans A 19, Arrizo 7, Fora 2 and Amulet( A 15).Last year, a new Chinese crossover, Chery IndiS, was on sale. With a length of 3866 mm, the wheelbase is 2330 mm. The company positions it as a compact crossover, but in fact the car has all the parameters of the minivan with a large clearance of 180 mm.

Lifan X60

Reliably comfortable and reliable, the Chinese crossover "Lifan X60" is one of the most popular cars from China. He also carries recognizable features of RAV 4 in his guise. And if today the design of the car is somewhat oldish, the rich package and acceptable price policy make it desirable for the average buyer.

Despite numerous critical assessments that give the Chinese model, Russians persist in buying these machines. In reality, everything looks not so pessimistic, as critics say. The interior looks very decent, nothing falls off and does not vibrate. Defects in fitting individual details do not spoil the impression. There is no smell of cheap plastic. Attention is drawn to the remarkable visibility, the presence of a rear-view camera. The seats are covered with vinyl leather, which looks very impressive.

The useful volume of the trunk is 405 liters. Due to the possibility of folding the rear row of seats to the level of the floor, it turns into a light hand movement of almost 1200 liters.

crossover Sitting in the car saloon, you understand that the Chinese-made crossover belongs to the modern type of cars. However, during the movement draws attention to the lack of power, although under the hood is an assembly that produces 128 liters.from. The machine starts to brake only after a strong depression of the pedal. The steering leaves much to be desired - with frequent turns, its information content is reduced. We can not say that this is a flaw, just such features are still accompanied by Chinese cars.


Dairy brother Porsche Cayenne - Chinese BYD T6 and his tribe BYD S6, repeating all the outlines of the Lexus RX, caused a storm of criticism from automobile experts. But they were drowned by a flurry of enthusiasm from consumers already presenting themselves behind the wheel of the top model, albeit of Chinese production.

Chinese cars SUVs Carried out technical tests on eight key parameters unexpectedly for all put BYD S6 on a par with famous brands created by Japanese and German concerns. Few in the Middle Kingdom achieved such results.

Hybrid BYD Tang

The real sensation caused this year by its appearance at the Shanghai Motor Show BYD Tang. The new Chinese crossover opens a series with a hybrid traction unit. It is equipped with a 2-liter petrol engine with a turbocharger that generates 205 liters.with., and two electric motors with a capacity of 150 liters.from.6-speed robotic gearbox of its own design accelerates the car to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds. BYD Tang Ulyimate Edition does this faster in 0.5 seconds.

Great Wall Hover

The first Chinese SUVs and crossovers that appeared on the Russian car market were met with caution and caution. They were also endowed with an amazing similarity with popular, but expensive models of world producers. In the tests that were sent by Russian roads, the Great Wall has established itself as a reliable and unpretentious transport.

Chinese SUVs and Crossovers

Exporting its SUVs and pickup trucks to hundreds of countries around the world, including Russia, the company has become one of the leading and leading concerns in China. Each new model is tested in the British Agency for the Certification of Vehicles. A well-developed dealer network around the world( only in Russia, 60 centers, and continues to grow) provides warranty and subsequent maintenance of cars, supply of spare parts and units.

The latest model, which appeared on the Russian market - Great Wall Hover 7 - is a completely unique SUV, which has no analogues in the automotive world. Already in the basic configuration for the owner is ready a luxury salon that emphasizes really leather seats and a full electropackage, and 215 l.from.enough to overcome any obstacle.

Evolution of

Today Chinese cars are no longer those naive simpletons who copy their rich and eminent colleagues in the shop. Now they are representatives of the emerging legion of Chinese automakers, who not only collect, but already themselves develop new generations of cars that can turn all our ideas and expectations.


To the attention of the buyer is presented just a huge lineup. Today, Chinese SUVs fully justify their price, and the technical requirements imposed on them. Already today some brands successfully compete with Europeans. Sellers of Chinese cars used to be afraid to even approach the car in order not to break something. Now they are boldly offering the buyer a test drive of Chinese crossovers.

The driver, accustomed to riding a German or Japanese car, is likely not to be delighted with a Chinese-made car. If everyone could afford to ride on expensive high-quality cars, then the Chinese economic miracle would have stayed at home. The same drivers who are transplanted into Chinese off-road cars after many years of operation of vehicles produced by GAZ, VAZ, UAZ will be completely satisfied not only with the price, but with the characteristics of the new car.