How to make JPG from PDF: the simplest methods

Probably, many users often encounter files of JPG and PDF formats. Moreover, there is also the need to convert formats between themselves. There are a lot of ways for this. First of all, let's look at how to make JPG from PDF, after which we will reverse the conversion.

Basics of

Conversion As for the methods and methods by which you can quite simply change the format of the original PDF file to JPG( or perform a reverse operation).

how to make pdf from pdf

In this case, we will talk about the simplest options for converting, which take a minimum of time and effort. For example, you can use native utilities to read and edit PDF-format like Adobe Reader, perform direct and reverse conversion using third-party applications or online services, apply methods for scanning an electronic document and exporting it to another format, etc. Finally, you can simply take a screenshot of an open PDF file( the Prt Scr key), and then paste the content from the clipboard into any graphics editor.

It is these ways in the question

of how to make JPG from PDF, are the most basic and simple. It seems that no one here should face any difficulties.

Using Adobe Reader

As for how to make JPG from Adobe PDF in Adobe Reader, everything is simple. You can first open the desired PDF-file and use the command "Edit" / "Take a picture", then select the required area and save it in the desired format. It goes without saying that you can select not one active page, but all.

In some versions of this software package, you can use functions such as "Export" or the command "Save as. ..", where you select the JPG image format of the destination file and the path to save it. In some programs, the transformation can be specified by the command "Print. ..", which specifies additional parameters regarding the final format.

how to convert pdf from jpg to adobe reader

If you use a screenshot of the screen, only the active page will be saved in the graphic file. So in order to understand how to make JPG from PDF, you will have to create screenshots of each page. And this, as is already clear, is inconvenient enough. This method is suitable only for emergency cases and documents containing 1-2 pages.

Universal converters

The best way to decide how to make JPG from PDF is to use converter programs like Total PDF Converter or Adobe X-Change Viewer.

how to make pdf from jpg to mac

Such programs are able to convert the PDF format to any other( in this case, graphic) without losing the original quality and size. In addition, the conversion process itself covers absolutely all the pages that make up the search document.

If we talk about how to make one PDF from several JPGs, then a small utility called Images2PDF will come to our aid, which is by far the best in its field.

how to make a pdf from multiple jpg

Here it is enough to use the command "Import Files" and select the necessary graphic objects for insertion. After that, you can change the order of pictures, and then use the command "Export to PDF".In this case, you can still use the interesting command "Embedd JPG images without recompressing", which allows you to insert and convert graphic files without compression in the original version.

In case of an emergency, with the available Internet access, you can go to specialized converter sites, download the conversion file, select the final format, wait for the conversion online, and then just save the result to the hard disk or any removable media.

Transformations in Mac OS X systems

Actually, the question of how to make JPG from a PDF on a Mac has practically the same solutions as those described above. Naturally, you can use screenshots, converters or something else. But it's better to use special utilities designed specifically for Mac OS X.

One of the most popular programs is Wondershare PDF Editor. This utility allows you to perform many conversions in the forward and backward direction, and also save web pages in PDF format immediately. As you can see, you can merge several JPG image files so that the output is a single PDF file.

how to make pdf from pdf

However, other methods, which have already been said, will also work. In any case, how to make a JPG from PDF( or make other transformations), each user chooses himself, based on what it is more convenient for him to use in this process.

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