A large minivan - "Caravel Volkswagen"

When choosing a car that will be used primarily to transport people over long distances, preference is given to universals, vehicles or SUVs. Also popular are minibuses. One of the brightest representatives of cars of this class is Caravel Volkswagen. It has an 11-seat interior, a spacious luggage compartment and low fuel consumption thanks to a 2.5 TDI diesel engine.

New generation of minivan

This is the fifth generation of the popular German minivan. In this novelty, like its predecessors, is built on the universal platform T5, the use of which allows you to produce a variety of versions of it. The passenger version of the Volkswagen T5 Caravel is a full-time minivan that combines all the qualities necessary for a corporate car. Volkswagen caravel

The most popular previous generation models used in their homeland - in Germany. At the same time, in the domestic market, the demand for them is also consistently high. And this despite the fact that "Caravel Volkswagen" refers to commercial trucks, and not to cars.

"Large" minivan

The T5 line has relatively large dimensions. The new version, compared with the previous ones, has become even larger. This allowed to significantly increase the free space inside the car. At the same time, it looks quite compact and does not attract special attention. But the popularity of the car was not for the appearance. On the market are several versions of the car "Volkswagen Caravel", the price of which differs depending on the complete sets and a set of options. The article will consider the version of Trendline.


Conditionally the salon can be divided into two parts: in the first there is a driver with a front passenger, in the second - passengers or all kinds of cargo.

The location of the buttons and other elements on the dashboard in many ways resembles the layout of the VW Touareg. The car is distinguished by good noise insulation: a slight noise from the engine is heard only during acceleration. The salon provides a large number of niches for small items, a large storage compartment in the center of the torpedo and a glovebox for storing documents. The developers of the car "Caravel Volkswagen" paid much attention to the convenience of the driver. Volkswagen t5 caravel

An excellent view provides a high fit and smooth sides of the body. For convenience and greater safety during parking, you can install a parking aid.

The gear lever is located next to the center console - on the torpedo projection. The transmission is precise and reliable. As an option, a 6-speed automatic box is available. The version of Treadline provides one side door, but you can order a two-door modification. In addition, the doors can be equipped with an electric drive, and they will open when you press the keychain.

The passenger compartment provides a system for transforming the seats, which allows free space to be used at will. For example, the chairs can be rearranged forward or move them back and forth. Also, the seats can be pushed as far as possible to the trunk, spread out the table on the provided fittings, put a small refrigerator and so on.

"Volkswagen Caravel": technical characteristics of

In Europe, the car is offered with four variants of a TDI turbodiesel with a capacity of 85-174 liters.from.or with two petrol engines with a capacity of 115 and 235 liters.from.respectively. Volkswagen caravel technical characteristics

This version is equipped with a 130-horsepower diesel engine with a maximum torque of 340 Nm. With it, "Caravel Volkswagen" accelerates to a mark of 100 km / h in 15 seconds. In the maneuverability model can compete even with conventional cars, and in patency - with some off-road vehicles. The latter quality is typical only for the all-wheel drive version of the car "Volkswagen Caravel".The technical characteristics of the latter option allow confidently to overcome the "average" impassability.


The price of Trendline with 2.0 liters turbodiesel is from 37 500 dollars. For a minivan with a gasoline engine of the same volume and capacity of 115 liters.from.will have to pay 300 dollars more.

Similar versions of the car "Volkswagen Caravel" configuration Comfortline will cost $ 4,500 more. If the car owner wants to include in the list of equipment air conditioning for front passengers, then you will have to pay 2,000 dollars, and for the back - 2,500 dollars.

The elongated wheelbase up to 3,400 mm costs more expensive for 1 400 dollars. Also optional for $ 2,800 is available 7-speed DSG.For the proprietary box-gear 4Motion will have to pay 3 500 dollars. Volkswagen caravel price

But it's all more of an excess than the necessary options. The basic configuration of the Comfortline includes: a central locking system, electric windows and mirrors, an on-board computer, a leather steering wheel, heated side mirrors and other options customary for a modern car owner.

You can only buy here a cruise control system, fog lights, heated seats, a rain sensor. All this will cost an additional $ 2,000.And if you consider that a car is often bought for corporate purposes, then this is not such a large sum.

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