KamAZ-43118: specifications and reviews

KamAZ-43118 is a four-wheel drive vehicle designed for the transport of goods, people and special equipment( depending on specific tasks).In fact, it is a multi-purpose off-road vehicle with high cross-country ability, which overcomes the most severe off-road. Relatively low cost, good load capacity and high off-road qualities allowed using this machine in many spheres of the national economy, as well as in the army and rescue services.

The main features of the

KamAZ-43118 are, as the drivers say, a reliable and unpretentious car that has been tested by time. The chassis of the car provides for the installation of a wide range of attachments. In comparison with the prevalent models 43114 and 43101 it differs higher load capacity, which is due to the strengthened construction of the frame and suspension. This model is off-road, so it was equipped with fuel tanks of increased capacity, since overcoming off-road is always associated with high fuel consumption.

At a cost KamAZ-43118 is much cheaper

than similar domestic and foreign tractors, moreover it is suitable for mounting a large number of special devices. The equipped weight of the tractor is about ten and a half tons.

The concept of a truck for off-road transport was developed in 1992.The machine is created according to the scheme 6x6.First of all, the military and the rescuers expressed their interest in the project. That's why the result was not just a truck, but a multifunctional chassis KamAZ-43118.Technical characteristics of the platform satisfy such parameters as ease of maintenance, the possibility of repair in the field and high cross-country capability. kamaz 43118

The device and modifications of

The basis for this model was the KamAZ-4310 military tractor, which was modernized in 1989.Serially to produce a new car began in 1995, in production it is still in our days.

A non-standard technical solution used to create this car was that the body is closely adjacent to the cockpit. The cabin itself also underwent changes, it was equipped with a hydraulic lift. Many drivers of special equipment prefer KAMAZ-42118.The technical characteristics of the car are quite in line with the reality of Russian off-road, according to those who have ever driven this car.

It turned out that almost without changing the wheelbase the body became longer than the previous generations of KamAZ trucks, and therefore the spare wheel was moved under the frame of the truck.

In 2010, the model underwent another restyling. The machine of the year 2015 is sold for 4,375,000 rubles. kamaz 43118 scheme

Engine and transmission

The KamAZ-43118 is equipped with different types of engines. The first is the 300-strong motor of the Kama Automobile Plant, which meets the Euro-3 standards, and the second - the engine 740.30-260 from the same manufacturer with a capacity of 260 hp. Both motors are diesel, turbocharged with air cooling at the inlet. The consumption of diesel fuel in the most powerful modification is 38 liters per 100 km. The maximum speed of the machine depends on the modification, some versions reach 102 km / h. For an all-wheel drive truck with increased terrain, this is a good result.

Two types of gearboxes are also attached to the motors: ZF at 9 speeds and 10-speed from KamAZ.Both boxes are mechanical. kamaz 43118 specifications


All-wheel drive chassis, with wheel arrangement 6x6.Tires of dimension 425/85 R21 were specially created for this KamAZ model, they are distinguished by high resistance to loads: each wheel can withstand 4 tons. The wheels of the truck are disc. The tire pressure is adjusted automatically. The main gear includes a crankcase and a shaft with bearings. The drive shaft of the main drive is a through shaft, the cardan shafts are attached to it through the flanges. Gears of the main transmission, as noted in the reviews, serve until complete wear and tear, and in the process of operation the main gear is not disassembled.

The differentials of the three KamAZ-43118 bridges have a symmetrical shape. Their presence helps the truck to overcome even the severe Siberian off-road, where KamAZ trucks operate as timber carriers. It is in Siberia that their off-road qualities, which compensate for the huge level of fuel consumption, are valued nowhere. In what only difficult situations have the drivers of timber trucks been! For them, every daily trip is much heavier than those trophy-raids, which are arranged by fans of SUVs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

Good features of this car are cross-country ability, load capacity, as well as simplicity and versatility of the design. Timber trucks, fire trucks, truck cranes. .. KamAZ operates anywhere and in any capacity. The ZF transmission is considered one of the most reliable on a truck transport. It improves the dynamic characteristics of the machine by 10% and has a longer service life than a box of Russian design.

However, she also has a number of shortcomings. As the drivers note, the gearbox drive during long operation starts to throw surprises, allowing errors in the switching stages.

In addition, the tire inflation system does not always show the correct pressure, because in motion it changes, and the indication of the pressure gauge installed in the cockpit remains at the same level. car камаз 43118


The KamAZ-43118 vehicle can be equipped with an anti-theft system that makes it difficult for an attacker to access the steering column and turns off the starter. The anti-theft device is unlocked with a special key.

Before starting to drive, check the oil level in the crankcase of the engine, the coolant level, the presence of fuel in the tanks, the condition of the wheels and the power steering. The first 1000 kilometers of running on a new truck is not recommended to subject it to extreme loads.

These are the basic rules of operation of KamAZ-43118.The characteristics of the machine say that the engine of the truck operates on a combustible standard GOST 305-82.The movement should be started only after the pressure in the braking system has decreased and the engine warms up. chassis kamaz 43118

Brake control

The parking brake is activated by setting the KAMAZ-43118 parking and reserve brake control knob to the desired position. The brake system is in the operating instructions.

Spare brake system is provided in case of failure of the main. On the KamAZ road train, it is controlled by the gradual movement of the handbrake handle. Thus, on a slippery road, you can brake the trailer by moving the handle upward one third of the way. Lifting the handle above, the driver uses all the brakes of the road train.

The machine also has an auxiliary braking system, which is activated by a separate button. It helps to overcome protracted descents when driving KamAZ-43118.The technical characteristics of the auxiliary braking system are designed only for work without gearshifts, that is, only in one stage, which is switched on at the moment. This is done to avoid overheating of the brakes. kamaz 43118 specs

Operation in winter

KamAZ-43118 can be used in winter due to its safety factor and running characteristics. To facilitate the start of the motor, the machine has a special electro-flare device. It is also possible to use a preheating heater.

In order to operate the heater, it is necessary to perform five actions, considering that this device has its own fuel system with manual pumping.

General maintenance in both warm and cold seasons includes control, diagnostics, fastening, lubrication, associated with the adjustment of individual components and units of the machine.

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