Beeline: checking the balance. Balance control service

Most subscribers are used to controlling their expenses for cellular communication Beeline. Checking the balance is carried out in several ways. We will describe them in detail in the article. Also you will learn how to continue communication with a minus balance. We take a notebook and write it down. Beeline balance check

¬ęBeeline: balance check

Want to know how much money is left on your mobile account? Then dial USSD-command * 102 #.At the same time, the information on the current balance will be displayed.

You can connect a special service. It's called "Balance on the screen".What is its feature? After each outgoing call, the display will show information about the account status. It is very convenient. To connect the service, dial * 110 * 901 # and make a call. This option is provided on a paid basis( 1 ruble per day).

How can I find out the balance on the "Beeline" in another way? You need to contact the operator. This option is suitable for cases where it is impossible to determine the status of the mobile

account by SMS and USSD-request. The verification number of the Beeline balance is 0697. You need to wait for the answer of the "live" operator and state the essence of the matter.

For subscribers with postpaid system a special service is developed. How can you use it to control the balance on the "Beeline" number?"SMS account" - this is the name of the service. After its activation, SMS-notification about communication expenses will be sent to the phone once a month. The subscriber will only have to pay the specified amount. To connect the "SMS account" option, dial 067409231.

Tablet owners and PC can also check the balance of "Beeline".The Internet will allow them to receive information in a matter of minutes. It is necessary to go to the official page of the operator. We enter the password and login for access to the "Personal Cabinet".We open a special tab and find the item we are interested in. On the company's website, you can not only check the balance, but also request details of calls. How to find balance on the biline

Information on the status of the account of another subscriber

Probably many of you are familiar with the situation when you were promised to call, but there is no incoming call. Most likely, your interlocutor simply ran out of money on the phone. How can I find out the balance on the "Beeline" if the number belongs to another subscriber? It is not difficult to do this. The "Balance of relatives" service will help you. It is provided free of charge.

To get information about the mobile account of a friend or relative, dial * 131 * 5 * 10-digit subscriber number # and make a call. After a couple of seconds, the display will display the information you need. Beeline balance verification number

"Balance Control" service

Beeline Company strives to provide its subscribers with comfortable conditions for communication. Most users of this network try to control their expenses. A new service was specially developed for them."Balance control" - that's the way it is called. Subscribers with a prepaid and postpaid system can connect it. After activating the option, SMS-notifications will be received on the phone to reduce the balance and approach the end of its validity. Unfortunately, the service is available only for Muscovites and subscribers living in the Central regions of Russia. Starting balance beeline

Activating the

start balance Some users are faced with a problem such as an idle SIM card. Usually this happens to those who make similar purchases from unofficial dealers or on racks. In this situation, the Simka activation process can take up to 24 hours. Therefore, we recommend that you enter into contracts for the provision of mobile services in the office of the company or in the corporate communications salon.

How can I activate the start balance( Beeline)?To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

1. Remove the SIM card from the plastic holder. Carefully insert it into the phone, which is in the off state. It is very important.

2. Turn on the mobile device. If necessary, enter the PIN code. Check the network indicator on the screen.

3. If the company logo appears on the display, then the previous actions were performed correctly.

4. Let's start activation of the starting balance. On the phone keypad, dial * 101 * 1111 #.In a couple of minutes we make a test call to someone from relatives or friends. If the outgoing call does not go, then contact the operator. To do this, dial 0611. Beeline balance sms

Opportunities at zero and negative balance

Control of communication costs is not carried out by all Beeline subscribers. Checking the balance is only carried out from time to time. Often they are faced with such a situation, when the balance goes into the negative zone. But what if you need to immediately call or send SMS?Beeline also took care of this.

Call at the expense of the interlocutor

This service does not require a connection and is provided free of charge. Subscribers with a prepaid and postpaid system can use it. Obligations to pay for the call are incurred by the called party. A person at that end of the wire can accept or reject such a call.

To make a call from the interlocutor, dial 05050 and enter the 10-digit subscriber number. If your friend or relative agrees to take the call and pay for it, the connection will occur. Otherwise, the conversation will not take place.

If you do not want someone to call your account, then set the barring of receiving calls from 05050 to your phone. For more information, contact the operators.

Request to call

With a zero or negative balance, you can continue to communicate with friends, colleagues and relatives. Simply send a "request to call back" to the right subscriber. Dial * 144 * phone number # and make a call. In a couple of seconds, a delivery notification will arrive. The person who received the SMS requesting a call back will immediately dial you.

You can send no more than 10 requests per day. Such a service is provided free of charge. Balance of the Beeline Internet

How to replenish the balance from a bank card

What if there is not enough money on the mobile account and friends and relatives do not call back? Solve this problem in just minutes to help the bank card. Translate from it the right amount on the phone is not difficult. We go to the site of the company "Beeline".We get access to the "Personal Cabinet".We open the special form "Help and useful services".Then we enter the mobile number and the amount of its replenishment. We press the button "Pay".

We proceed to fill in the fields, in which we indicate the bank card number, its validity and the last 3 digits of the code( on the back of the card).It remains to enter the characters from the picture that appeared on the screen, accept the terms of the agreement and click the "Deposit account" button. After 1-2 minutes, the specified amount will be credited to the phone.

In conclusion

We told about the most useful services of "Beeline".Checking the balance now does not cause you questions. You can get up-to-date information in any of the ways presented in the article.

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