In which program to make a presentation with music on Windows 8, Windows XP, on a Mac?

Today we will talk about which program to make a presentation, give free alternatives to well-known projects, and also tell you about additional opportunities when creating them.

Corel Home Office

in which program to make a presentation First let's look at the question of which program to make a presentation, except for PowerPoint. Will help us with this Home Office. This suite of office applications is the equivalent of Microsoft Office. The tool that we need is called the Corel Show. It is designed to create slideshows and presentations. Such documents can be made more vivid, providing them with diagrams, graphs, text and visual effects. Saved in PowerPoint format. The interface of the program is easy to configure. You can choose a color scheme by specifying shades for the pages of documents, workspace and toolbars.

ThinkFree Office

through which program to make a presentation If you are wondering about what program to make a presentation in order to save money, pay attention to this office suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office formats. The interface of this to

ol also reminds the famous colleague. The package includes three applications: Show, Calc and Write. To create a presentation, the first one is suitable.


in which program to make a presentation on windows 8 You can solve the problem of which program to make a presentation on Windows XP using this application, since it is easily installed on this version of the platform. SmartDraw is a tool for creating all kinds of visual materials. Creating a presentation, you can supplement it with diagrams, diagrams and graphs. In fact, it's a visual designer with many features. When working with a material a large number of elements can be generated automatically. There is a series of templates that make it easier to create a presentation. A convenient image editor is available. The program can be integrated into Microsoft Office. You can exchange finished materials with a specially created cloud service.

SoftMaker Office

If for some reason you do not want to use the Microsoft office suite and are wondering about which program to make a presentation on Windows 8, try this application, which, according to the creators, is superior to PowerPoint( it's aboutcomponent SoftMaker Presentations).In total, this solution includes 4 applications for various purposes. In this case, all Microsoft Office formats are supported. So, SoftMaker Presentations has a huge number of templates. They greatly facilitate the process of creating presentations. Transitions of slides and spectacular animations will give the works an attractive and professional look.


in which program to make a presentation with music In solving the problem of what program to make a presentation in order not to overload the system, this tool will help, since it has minimal system requirements. LibreOffice is a free set of various office applications that have open source code. The package includes the Impress application we need. It was created to prepare presentations. The program can save, edit and display files in various formats, including those used in PowerPoint. From presentations, it's easy to make PDF files or export them to SWF( Adobe Flash).

EBook Maestro FREE

in which program to make a presentation on mac To solve the problem of which program to make a presentation, you can apply this application, which is also suitable for working with e-books. There are a lot of opportunities here. There is an option for non-commercial use. Created presentations can be exchanged. In addition, if you want to know which program to make a presentation with the music, this tool solves this question, because it supports various audiovisual materials. Here you will be greeted by a user-friendly interface that has customizable features, as well as an accelerated search engine. You can also set up copyright protection. There is built-in support for templates.

Microsoft Office

in which program to make a presentation on windows xp This is one of the most successful Microsoft products, which became the standard in working with office documents. This development is constantly being improved and has an attractive interface that presents all functions in an organized way. In addition, this tool will help to decide which program to make a presentation on the Mac, because it has a special edition for the specified operating system.

Other applications

in which program to make a presentation other than powerpoint To decide which program to make a presentation, you can use Kingsoft Presentation. This is a free app. Supported formats are MS Office. When creating a presentation, you can use diagrams, flowcharts, voluminous text, images. Six types of diagrams are implemented. They are easy to edit and paste into a document. You can add music and videos to each slide of the presentation.

In addition, the user is available to various objects: 3D shapes, flash-animation, tables and graphics. You can use a variety of transitions between slides. Speed ​​is adjustable.

You can process multiple presentations in a single window. For this purpose, a tabular structure is implemented, which greatly facilitates the work. Presentations can be exported to PDF directly from the program if desired.

The package can also help us in creating presentations. There is multilingual support. The tool can be installed on various operating systems. You can store presentations in an open format, which is approved by the international organization ISO.Available export to PDF and support for Flash. The interface is similar to Microsoft Office. These applications are fully compatible. is free.

To create and demonstrate presentations, use the Impress component, which was discussed above. Powerpoint and OpenDocument are compatible formats. The presentation can be quickly prepared with the help of a set of masters. There are several modes for viewing. You can work with graphics thanks to a convenient toolbar. Colorful presentation allow you to add effects and animation slides. In addition, it is easy to create two- and three-dimensional inscriptions.

In conclusion, consider the application ProShow Producer. This tool allows you to create incredibly effective presentations at a high professional level. Such visual materials not only strike spectators with graphic perfection, but also, if necessary, increase sales. You can protect the presentation from copying thanks to a variety of convenient functions. Templates are available. The number of videos and photo layers is unlimited. The content is easily transferred to the application window directly from the "Explorer".There is support for over 100 file formats. Implemented transparency for GIF, TIFF, PNG and PSD.From any existing layer, a fully customizable mask is created, which allows you to achieve a spectacular appearance of the presentation.

Video and photos rotate and crop if desired. Layers are optimized using tools that regulate the contrast and saturation. Red-eye correction is available. The user can add the motion of the selected slide directly to others by specifying a scale, as well as other parameters. Various effects are added to transitions and slide shows. Preview is available for slide movement. It is possible to create a complex path of motion by setting a set of points to indicate the trajectory of the movement of the element. The slides specify the color, size and font of the headers. Headers support the function of animated display, which is realized through the use of various effects. It is possible to add various soundtracks to the slides in WAV or MP3 format. It is easy to trim the audio recording and add the effects of a smooth appearance or disappearance of the melody. A beautiful background of various colors is added to the slides. Pressing only one button adds watermarks to all slides. Any information is added to the presentation logos.

That's all, now you can only choose which program to make a presentation, and proceed to create it.

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