Why does not "Youtube" work?

Youtube video portal is very popular among Internet users. That's why when suddenly for some reason the coveted page in the browser ceases to open, a small panic begins: Youtube does not work, the page does not load, does not show video, and so on. How to be? Why does not "Youtube" work? There are several reasons for this, and therefore there are several solutions to these problems. does not work

In the smartphone

At the moment the most popular operating systems for them are iOs and Android. They are quite different, although common points can be traced. So, for example, because of the small data transfer rate( or the Internet) and does not work "Youtube".And other sites, too. Therefore, to begin with, it is worth checking: are the pages opened in principle, is there any data transfer rate at all? If there is a hitch in this, then everything is decided simply. You need to enable mobile Internet or connect via Wi-Fi to a network where there is sufficient speed.


cache It often happens that frequent

use of an application in which a user browses Youtube videos leads to full memory usage. As a result, "Youtube" does not work. The application simply is not able to download something new, because its memory is already full of information about other videos. Therefore, there is a simple solution: you need to go to the settings of the smartphone, go to the list of available programs. Having found one in which videos from a popular site are viewed, it is necessary to erase all data and clear the cache. Reboot the smartphone will help to resume the problem-free operation of the application. The method works on devices under the control of "Android", on "apple" gadgets. does not work in the opera

iPad, iPhone, iPod

Sometimes it happens that users of Apple products are starting to wonder about why "Youtube" does not work. The answer is usually the most simple - something in the application went wrong. The most common reason is the popular jailbreak, which is so persistently put by enterprising users. All these tricks "how to deceive the company and use the device to 100%" lead to the fact that the operating system itself starts to slow down, and applications are buggy. Not an exception and "Youtube".If the gadget includes the function of hiding some icons on the desktop, then in seventy percent of one hundred it is the popular video hosting that refuses. It is enough in the settings of the hiding application to tick the box next to "enable Youtube", and everything will work again. By the way, updates are also needed. So, for example, about two or three times a month the official Youtube application releases them for "apple" gadgets. And each time the developers are trying to fix their previous mistakes. Therefore, putting updates can be very useful, especially if "Youtube" now and then "flies" or buggy. The same applies to the operating system itself! Updates are needed to ensure that the user can fully enjoy all the delights of his gadget. does not work in the mailbox

On a personal computer

It is much more difficult when "Youtube" does not work on the computer, because there can be a lot of reasons: from the browser and viruses to various "glitches" and failures. Not to mention the very very individual characteristics. So first of all you need to check the following: if not running "Youtube" in the "Opera", enable another browser. If everything is perfectly open in it, it means that it is in it.

How to treat "Opera"

Most often, "Youtube" does not work in the "Opera" because the corresponding plug-ins are not included. These are micro-settings that allow you to download this or that information from pages on the Internet. In order to enable plug-ins, you need to go to Opera's settings, go to the "Enhanced" sub-item and there already tick the opposite of everything that is. By the way, another popular reason why "Youtube" does not work in this browser is the outdated version of the latter. It is necessary to update the "Opera" in a timely manner so that it works correctly. does not work what to do

How to treat Mozilla

If "Youtube" does not work in "Mozile", then in 90% of cases the reason lies in uninstalled plug-ins. That is, they need not just include, as in the case of the "Opera", namely download. This is easy, since the Fire Fox on the toolbar has already provided an opportunity for users to put useful and not very tuning. Plugins need those that are relevant to the video. After installation, you must restart the browser. If "Youtube" does not work in "Mozile" even after that, and shows a black screen instead of video, it means that you also need to update the flash player. Usually the inscription on this is highlighted right in the middle of the page with the video. does not work on your computer


Before jumping into the search engines with the question: "Does not work" Youtube "! What to do, where to press?", It is worth trying one thing. View another video. Sometimes it happens that some very popular video is watched by many users at once, so the newcomer simply does not have a place! If all the videos are loaded without problems, except for one, you need to wait a bit. After a while, the video will load.


It is in this small and most often hidden from the prying eyes of the users the file contains the most basic information about the allowed nodes. If you look at it, you can see many different resources, access to which is allowed in any browser of the personal computer. Therefore, if "Youtube" refused all over again and then, it is necessary to find the file Hosts in the depths of the system. And he, as mentioned above, is most often hidden. why does not it work?

How to find

You must first give all hidden files and folders an overview. By default, it is disabled. Included as follows:

  • folder "Computer";
  • item "Arrange";
  • sub-item "Folder Options";
  • the "View" tab;
  • checkbox "Show all files and folders".

After that, everything that was hidden will appear before the user's eyes. True, hidden files and folders in appearance will be paler than usual. You can find Hosts in the following way:

  • local drive with operating system( by default it is usually drive C);
  • Windows folder;
  • folder Win32;
  • folder Etc.

You need to open the Hosts file through the Notepad application. All that is below the inscription "" can be deleted. After that, it is strongly recommended to clean the system using an antivirus, and then reboot. When all the manipulations are done, you can try again to include videos on Youtube. does not work on your computer

viruses Spyware attacks, malware and viruses often block the user from everything that he most often uses. And sometimes this list includes popular video hosting. Therefore, after editing the file "Hosts", it is necessary to clean the system. If this does not help, and there is no antivirus, then there is one global way - changing the operating system with the complete destruction of the local disk. In this case, along with it, all harmful programs and viruses will also die.

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