How to reduce the size of PDF: practical tips

Everyone who has ever faced the PDF format, for sure noticed that files of this type in many cases are quite heavy, that is, they are large. That's where the question arises: how to reduce the size of PDF without losing quality or at least with minimal loss. Let's consider the simplest basic methods.

Shortly about the PDF format

What is such a popular and universal format as PDF?Not to mention the structure of documents of this format, we note that a fairly large size of the project to be saved, first of all, is due to the fact that this format is by and large graphic.

how to reduce the size of pdf

It is clear that the document combines text, drawings, diagrams, etc. It is because of the size of the inserted objects that the size of the destination file also changes.

Methods for compressing

files In order to understand how to reduce the size of PDF, you can recommend that when you create a document, do not use graphic objects of the BMP format( they themselves are large in size).It is better to insert pictures li

ke JPG.But this is a tedious procedure. Besides, what should I do if I need to compress the already existing file?

Here come to the aid of programs such as virtual PDF-printers. The most popular and simple applications are PrimoPDF and CutePDF.After installation, you need to open the file in any reader and send the document to print using a PDF printer. In the document properties, you can set the smallest size, and then save the file as a Compressed PDF.

How to reduce the size of a pdf file

One of the most powerful tools is the program for PDF format called Adobe Acrobat( not to be confused with Adobe Acrobat Reader - these are two completely different things).

There is a special size reduction command "Reduce Size PDF. ..".After applying it, you just need to save the file in the right place. Interestingly, this command can be applied to several files at once( when saving, this is the "Apply To Multiple" mode).

program for pdf format

You can immediately use the optimization( the command "Optimized PDF. ..").However, as practice shows, quality losses will be very noticeable, especially in the schedule. It is better to use the evaluation of each object in the structure, at which the analysis for size will be performed. After that it will be possible to change any parameters.

In some cases, when solving the problem of how to reduce the size of a PDF file, you can use a simple PDF Compressor utility that allows you to compress files of this format, and you can immediately download up to 20 files with a size of up to 50 MB each. Now you just need to start the compression process and wait for it to finish.

how to reduce the size of pdf

In principle, in this case any programs that can produce such transformations are suitable. Most of them are free, and on the World Wide Web they can be found as many as you like. In this case, you can use even portable versions( Portable), which do not require installation on the hard disk.

Finally, the simplest solution( albeit a longer one) is the use of the DOC( Microsoft Word) format. Here everything is simple. In the same application, Adobe Acrobat( or any other) selects the save or export command to the Word format. Now in the "Explorer" you need to right-click on the file and select the line "Convert To Adobe PDF" from the context menu.

How to reduce the size of a pdf file

You can change the format in the editor itself. The result exceeds all expectations. In some cases, you can even see a 10-fold decrease in the size of the resulting PDF file.

Online services

If the methods described above do not suit someone, the question of how to reduce the size of PDF can be solved with the help of numerous online services. As usual, the site is downloaded to the desired file, and after a while the resulting file is output, which you will need to save to your computer. Now such services can be found quite a lot.


In principle, we have considered the simplest methods to solve the problem with how to reduce the size of PDF.Of course, this is not a complete list of features and tools, however, for the average user, almost all options are suitable.

Separately, you should pay attention to the use of the application Adobe Acrobat. According to many, this software package is optimal not only for compressing PDF files, but also for working with them using a huge number of built-in capabilities and tools. The only hitch is that the program itself is paid. However, according to numerous users, software is well worth the money spent on it.

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