How to increase the performance of a video card. Two ways

The characteristics of almost any component of the PC system block have a huge impact on the overall performance. However, there are several devices that are the basis. Replacing any of them with a more productive model can significantly improve performance. This is the CPU, video adapter and to increase the performance of a video card It would seem that it could be easier than going to the nearest computer store and buying new parts. However, there are a number of nuances. ..

Two ways of

If you go to the pages in the global web where visitors discuss computer components, then one of the most popular topics is the topic of how to improve the performance of the video card. As a rule, the forum thread devoted to this issue has hundreds of pages. Obviously, there would hardly have been such difficulties if the solution to the problem had simply been to go and buy a new model.

Really, but how to increase the performance of the video card? The dilemma can be solved in two ways - replacing the device and adjusting the existing work

. The main advantage of the second approach is that there is no need for additional financial expenditure. However, this way it will not be possible to endow the video adapter with features that it does not initially possess.

Today we will talk about how to increase the performance of the video card by adjusting( the so-called budget option).

The legal way is to configure the

How to increase the performance of a video card on a laptop driver. In order to provide realizable devices with at least some scalability, manufacturers provide the possibility in the controlling driver programs to make changes to the algorithm of operation. They exist in the drivers of the Intel, AMD, Nvidia video adapters. Consider how to increase the performance of a video card by the example of a solution from Intel. Usually these are built-in graphics processor.

In the free area of ​​the desktop, click the right mouse button and select "Graphic characteristics".In case the launch is performed for the first time, a dialog box will appear where you will be asked to choose the operating mode - "Basic", "Advanced" and "Settings".It should be indicated in the advanced mode.

As it is necessary to understand how to increase the performance of the video card, the menu item "3D graphics" should be opened. On the top there is a adjustment slider with three scale positions: performance - compromise - quality. The names speak for themselves. how to improve the performance of a video card Having selected speed, it is possible to achieve some acceleration of execution of three-dimensional applications, but at the expense of quality decrease of graphics. Accordingly, the right extreme position will allow you to get the best picture, but accompanied by a drop in performance. You can use manual adjustments. To do this, activate the custom settings item and select the 2x mode for filtering.

Although such a method can not be considered efficient enough, it is the one that is most applicable for solving a problem whose condition is "how to increase the performance of a video card on a laptop".


The second method allows you to get a more tangible increase in performance, but for laptops it can not be recommended because of the low efficiency of their cooling systems. It consists in programmatically increasing the frequency of the device's microcircuits. The best tools are Riva Tuner and MSI Afterburner. Also, many developers of drivers began to include this feature in the settings. For example, in Catalyst from AMD, this mode is placed in a separate item. Deciding to use it, it is necessary to take care of good cooling of the video adapter chips, since their heat release during operation in this mode increases.

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