The card reader does not see a memory card: express advice of a specialist

It so happened that even the most "heaped" phones with a huge number of "chips" with a special amount of memory can not boast. But without it all the possibilities - listening to music and watching movies in high quality - are almost useless, they even have nowhere to save! So, you bought a memory card for your phone, rushed home, put it in the connector and. .. oh, horror! The phone flatly refuses to see the new media. What happened? Why does the card reader not see the memory card, and how to fix it?

the card reader does not see the memory card card malfunction First of all, you need to make sure that the problem is not in the card itself. It is very simple to do this - just insert any other card. If everything is fine and the device immediately reads the information stored on it - take a new flash-card and immediately run to change it. Of course, if it was bought on the market without a guarantee, you can not prove anything. That's why the first rule: always purchase memory cards and other products for your phone in official servi

ce centers and hardware stores - so you are guaranteed to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses.

Oxidation of flash reader

Another reason why a card reader does not see a memory card is the oxidation of its contacts. In this case, everything is somewhat more complicated, because you can resume work only after the cleaning procedure. How to do it? The first option is to search for thematic auxiliary materials on third-party resources. But it should be understood that without sufficient experience during the procedure, you can easily damage other, serviceable, details. And therefore it is better to address such a problem to specialists.

built-in card reader does not see a memory card

card reader problems The card reader may not see the memory card because the part is completely broken and can not be repaired. In this case, you also can not do without the help of specialists. After all, it will already be not only about the careful and painstaking cleaning of the element, but about its careful withdrawal, the choice of a new one( compatible with your phone model) and its serial connection. Without deep knowledge and experience in this field, it is almost impossible.

If a card reader does not see the memory card after the liquid has been spilled onto the phone itself, it is likely that it has gone to the reader. In this case, the device should be disconnected as soon as possible, disassembled and dried. To dry the phone should be natural, without using a hair dryer and similar devices.

No compatibility

When the built-in card reader does not see a memory card, the problem may be that the card itself is incompatible with your phone or smartphone. The "inconsistency" can be associated with both the card's volume and its format. Therefore, before buying a flash drive, it's better to review the instructions to your device once again to find out which card models will suit it.

Damage to sectors

the card reader does not see the card

Sometimes it happens that the card reader does not see the card because of the damage to the sectors. In this case, you need to insert the card with the adapter into the computer's card reader and open its properties. After that it is necessary to find the section "Checking the disk for errors".If this does not help, you can format the card, but in this case all the data stored on it will be lost.

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