How to make hearts on the keyboard - virtual emotions

Disputes about the need to use emoticons in electronic communication have been going on for a long time. Some suggest that it is these intricate scribbles that impoverish speech, narrowing the range of words used in the lexicon. how to make hearts on the keyboard It's clear, the shortest phrase can carry a semantic and emotional load, it's only necessary to reinforce a couple of words with the desired symbol. And even to express a love feeling, it is enough to know how to make hearts on the keyboard. Others are inclined to believe that a set of dashes, quotes and brackets is an integral part of the e-mail. And only one does not cause doubts: the popularity of this way of expressing emotions is growing every day. Moreover, many addressees are annoyed by the absence of emoticons in the text. The set of words becomes incomprehensible: there is no possibility to feel the intonation of the interlocutor.

A bit of history

Ironically, the appearance of a smiling face is in no way connected with virtual communication. In 1963, an

artist, Harvey Bell, came up with a symbolic price, as today would call this simple drawing, a logo for one insurance company. Representatives of a well-known insurance company wanted in this way to raise the morale of employees. The author for about fifty dollars offered a bright yellow circle with an expressive smile. In fact, it is this symbol that should be called a smiley( "smile" - a smile).how to make symbols on the keyboard The electronic version of the smiling kolobok was introduced into the computer world by the mid-60's. Then smileys were used only by programmers, and not for virtual communication.

Emotions through the keyboard

The modern character language is much richer. They depict not only a smile, but also sarcasm, sadness, resentment, resentment. A number of emotional computer signs are growing at an incredible rate. At the same time, the number of those who conquer the virtual network of communication is also growing. So, everyone wants to know how to make symbols on the keyboard. Microsoft employees solved this problem by attaching to each symbol their unique code. It is entered by pressing the Alt key and corresponding to the specific character of the combination of digits. So, connecting Alt and 0167, we get the sign of ยง( paragraph), replacing the original set of digits by 0178 and 0179, we represent the number, squared or cube.


how to make emoticons on the keyboard However, the examples given are hardly widely used in network communication. It is more important to know how to make hearts on the keyboard. The digital code for expressing the feeling of love, strangely enough, is simple enough: we type Alt and figure 3. And we are talking about the numbers shown on the right block of the keyboard. The heart appears only after the keys are released. If you forget what digit corresponds to the symbol, you can look in the special table of the Windows program. To do this, click on the "Start" button. Open "All programs", from where we go to the "Standard" tab, then - "Service" and "Symbol table".Here's how to make hearts on the keyboard in social networks and the Word editor. By the way, in the latter you can use the symbol table. To do this, follow the path: Insert tab - Symbols - Other symbols.

Methods for drawing characters

Now find out how to make emoticons on the keyboard. There are also several ways. The most common is the combination of punctuation marks, typed on the keyboard: -: -).However, such a combination is transformed into a smiling mug not everywhere. For example, in chat and e-mail, the character set will remain the desired combination. Often emoticons are drawn using the letters -; -F.Another way involves getting to know the codes. Above we discussed how to make hearts on the keyboard. The principle is the same, with the only difference that you can not find the smiley code in the proposed Windows table. This program can only be downloaded.

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