How to clear a cache on a computer

How do I clean my cache on my computer? Why do we need to do this? How important is this procedure? After all, there are many users who do not even know about the existence of temporary files on their hard drive. Let us clarify this question.

how to clear the cache

What is the cache?

First, you need to understand what a cache is. In other words, it is also called "cache memory".This is a variety of temporary files that the user did not download to the computer, but they take up space on the hard disk. If you try to track the status of your system drive "C"( in most cases they are stored there), you will find a sharp reduction in free memory. This can happen even if you did not install anything and did not download it to this disk.

Where do these files come from?

Most often these are "remnants" after watching videos online, listening to music, installing various programs, etc. Also this is all that is in the "Trash" folder. It, in fact, the user no longer needs, this is garbage, which takes u

p space on the hard drive. Often these files capture hundreds of megabytes or several gigabytes. But the catch is that they can not be seen, they are not displayed, like the usual documents. All of them, except the contents of the folder "Trash", are invisible.

Let's start cleaning

There comes a moment, and these files can become a problem. They can significantly slow down the computer. Therefore after some time it is necessary to do "cleaning".This procedure is not complicated. Let's talk in more detail about how to clean the cache. how to clear a cache on a computer Each browser has its own function of deleting temporary files. For example, how to clean the cache in "Chrome"?To the right of the address bar of the browser, click on the menu and select "Tools" here, and then "Delete the data about the scanned pages".It's easier to do this with the Google Chrome hot keys - Ctrl + Shift + Del. You will see a pop-up window in which you can select the function to clear the cache and perform other actions. For convenience, you can select a cleaning period. Set the necessary parameters and click "Clear history".All temporary files, as well as the history of the browser's actions are deleted. As you can see, everything is very simple.

Clean the cache for Mozilla Firefox

Consider another well-known browser - Mozilla Firefox. How do I clean the cache here? Go to the menu "Tools" - "Settings".In the opened dialog box on the "Additional" tab, select "Network".In the "Cached Web Content" section, there is a "Clear Now" button. Click it. If necessary, you can limit the size of the used memory for the cache: select "Disable automatic cache management" and put the desired number near "Use under cache no more than".Your cache will occupy exactly as much space on your hard drive as you specify.

how to clear a cache in chrome

Automating the

process How to clean the cache automatically? Firefox, like Google Chrome, can delete unnecessary information yourself. For Mozilla in the settings, select the "Privacy" tab, then the "History" section, and set "Firefox will use your history settings", then tick the "Clear history when closing Firefox".Click on the "Options" button and tick the "Cache" checkbox. For Google Chrome, there is a convenient utility called Click Clean. It allows you to perform advanced cleaning of the cache. Many of its functions will help keep the browser clean.

And finally Opera

And one more browser for which we will consider how to clean the cache is Opera. Here you can go to the "Settings" - "General" menu, or you can press the key combination Ctrl + F12.In the opened dialog box, open the "Advanced" tab and in the left column go to "History".Here, opposite the "Disk cache" section, you click on "Clear".In this browser it often happens that the cache can not be cleaned completely the first time. So, for reliability, repeat this procedure.

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