How to use the program Cheat Engine: practical application

Surely any gamer - a green novice or a professional player - faced a very unpleasant situation, when during the passage of a particular game episode, catastrophically lacks, say, ammunition, health, money or other bonuses. And go through the game so you want. .. What to do? Let's try to consider the solution of this problem from the point of view of answering the question about how to use the program Cheat Engine.

What is the Cheat Engine

The software product called Cheat Engine was developed specifically for use in computer games. The application is a tool capable for hundreds of thousands of games to generate the necessary values ​​of the hero's main indicators( health, charges, availability of weapons, money, etc.).

how to use cheat engine

In principle, in a sense, the application resembles the use of usual cheat codes, which can be entered in the game management console. This will be discussed a little later.


works When considering how to use the Cheat Engine program, first consider the principle of

its operation. It is based on the analysis of memory cells, which are responsible for saving user data( in our case, the hero or character that the gamer uses).

how to use cheat engine

After calculating the desired cell, you can change the value at your discretion, adding everything you need.

Installation and configuration of

In principle, the installation of the program is nothing complicated. You just need to follow the instructions of the "Wizard"( Setup Wizard).However, depending on the version of the application, it may be suggested to install several additional components such as Opera browser, Speed ​​My PC accelerator and yet God knows what. If you do not need all this, it's better to immediately remove the check marks from the corresponding fields.

Regarding the settings, it is necessary to pay tribute to the developers. Everything is already set up, so the user does not have to, so to speak, reinvent the wheel. At the end of the installation, the program will be ready to work immediately. And you do not need to reboot. The only thing that can cause problems in deciding how to set up the Cheat Engine program is the English interface. This applies only to those cases when the application is downloaded from an official source.

In any case, you can optionally download the crack or just download the Russian version of the program.

Changing parameters in the game: a brief instruction

So, the application is installed and running. How to use the Cheat Engine program in the simplest way, we now consider.

For example, take some first-person shooter( FPS).Let's look at how the Cheat Engine software can replenish the number of charges to some type of weapon that is currently in use. First we look at the screen where the required value is specified. Most often it is displayed in the right and left bottom corner and is designated as Armor.

Let's say that we have 310 cartridges. Now you need to minimize the game( note, do not leave it).Switching is performed by the standard way of switching to another application with the use of Alt + Tab keys.

At the initial stage, the question of how to use the Cheat Engine program boils down to finding a running game among the processes. To do this, the flashing "Computer" button will be displayed in the upper left corner, which you must click on by selecting the "Processes" or "Windows" menu. In the list that appears, find our game, select it, and then use the "Open" button, located just below the process list.

how to set up cheat engine

Now select the ammunition parameter and the "Value" field. Specify 310( the number of cartridges at the moment in the game itself).Then click "Search".Here comes the fun part. With this value, up to a hundred lines appear, and it is not so easy to determine which cell is responsible for the active state. To find out, we return to the game and do, for example, 6 shots.

as with the cheat engine

As already clear, the state of ammunition in the game will be reduced to 304. Now try to find the cell itself. To do this, when you return to the application, we enter the new value( 304) and use the "Dropout" button. Hooray! The cell was found.

how to use cheat engine

To change a parameter, you can use either a double click, or right-click the context menu with the "Change" option. Enter a new desired value in the field, say, 200 and confirm the changes( "Confirm" button).All! Again we go into the game and check the result. And he will not wait for himself.

By the way, to change each parameter, you can assign your own combination of "hot" keys, so as not to enter the Cheat Engine all the time. As already clear, you can change all the indicators.

Can I do without the Cheat Engine?

So, we figured out how to use the Cheat Engine program. But there may be a question as to whether it is possible to do without this application at all. Yes, you can. But for this you will have to remember or download a huge number of codes that you will need to enter in the console, which is usually called by pressing the "~" key. But, it seems, this is a tedious procedure.

Ethics of applying cheat codes

Finally it remains to add that the use of cheat-codes is a controversial issue. The fact is that in this way a player can gain an advantage over other gamers. For example, when championships in computer games are strictly forbidden.

For that matter, it's better to use the application for your own needs, when you just want to quickly go through the game process or to be on the next level. Well, actually, the very question of how to use the program Cheat Engine, can be solved by any user of entry level.

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