Mobile translation of "Megaphone".How to connect a mobile translation "Megaphone"

Does your friend or relative need financial assistance? The mobile translation will solve this problem."Megaphone" has developed this service recently, but it already beats all records of popularity. How to connect it? On what conditions is the option used? You will learn about this after reading the article. Mobile transfer megaphone

Mobile transfer( "Megaphone"):

service features Is there enough money on the balance of your phone? And are you ready to share them with a friend or relative using the Megafon network? The Mobile Transfer service is just what you need.

The option has certain features. Now we will tell about them. The amount that you can transfer to another subscriber's number varies from 10 to 150 rubles. A day should not be more than 10 operations. The minimum balance for the sender is 10 rubles. The service is provided for a fee. From the balance of the sender will be written off 5 rubles for each successfully performed operation on the number "Megaphone".The "Mobile transfer" service is available only

to individuals with a prepaid communication system. So keep that in mind. Megaphone service mobile transfer

How to connect a mobile transfer "Megaphone"

One of the main advantages of the service is that it does not require activation, as well as additional actions and costs. But if earlier you refused it, you need to reconnect. For this we send a request of this format: * 105 * 220 * 0 #.After a couple of seconds you will have access to the previously disabled service.

There is another way to activate a mobile translation. On the number 3311 we send a message with the number 1. After a minute, you can make a trial transfer. If money is not sent to the account of another subscriber, then we contact the operator. The number of technical support is 0550. We dial these numbers and wait for the answer of the "live" operator. To begin with, we introduce ourselves, and then we present the essence of the problem. In some situations, it makes sense to personally visit the office of the company. Be sure to take with you a passport and a contract with Megafon. How to connect a mobile transfer

Sending transfer

Do not know how to replenish another subscriber's account from your mobile phone? We are ready to share the necessary information.

Instruction on how to make a mobile transfer "Megaphone":

1. We check the status of the mobile account by dialing * 100 #.We calculate the amount of the transfer taking into account the commission of the system( 5 rubles).After all operations performed on the balance sheet must be at least 30 rubles( in some regions this figure is lower).

2. On the telephone keypad, dial * 133 * the amount of replenishment * number of the subscriber # and make a call. The sum should be entered in whole number, without kopecks. A recipient's phone is indicated in a 10-digit format.

3. We check the correctness of the specified data. If all is correct, but click the "Send" button. A couple of seconds the phone will receive a verification code. We introduce it without errors. Then we send. After that, the translation will be done. And the system will send you a notification of a successful operation. Megaphone disconnect mobile translation

Refusal of service

Are you tired of that friends and relatives are constantly asking you to share the balance from your Megafon number? Turn off mobile transfer - that's what you need to do. To do this, dial * 105 * 220 # and send a call. Next, a notification will be sent to the number to turn off the service.

"Call back"

Among the popular services is not only mobile transfer."Megaphone" has developed a whole line of options that allow solving temporary financial difficulties.

Does your room balance approach the trip threshold? Do you need to make several important calls? Do not worry. You will be rescued by the option "Request a call back".The service is provided free of charge and does not require special connection. Any subscriber of the Megafon network can use it. But I can not send an application to another operator's number. How to make a mobile transfer megaphone

All you need is to send SMS to the subscriber with whom you want to chat. We dial * 144 * number of the right person # and make a call. After a couple of seconds, the mobile will receive a notification of delivery of the "request" to the subscriber. It remains to wait for the call from a friend, colleague or relative. Although in some cases, subscribers do not call back. Usually this is due to the lack of funds on their balance sheet.

For users of devices based on Android, the procedure for sending "Callback requests" is considerably simplified. They do not need to constantly keep in mind a combination of numbers. It is enough to download a special application, from which further requests will be sent.

Service features:

  • It is available for those who are in roaming and in the home region.
  • The maximum number of requests per day is 10.
  • No subscription fees and commissions.
  • Requests are sent only to Megafon subscribers, regardless of the city in which they are located.

"Trust payment"

A few years ago, with zero or negative balance, the subscriber was deprived of the opportunity to communicate on the mobile phone. But now it's in the past. There are many services that allow people to communicate with temporary financial difficulties. One of them is the "Trust Payment".

This service can be used by those who connected the Megafon SIM card more than 3 months ago. And when calculating the amount of financial assistance, subscriber costs for the last 90 days are taken into account.

To receive the "Trust Payment", dial * 138 * 1 #.If the service can not be provided to you free of charge, then you can try to activate it for a fee. At this time, you should dial * 138 * XXX #, where XXX is the amount of replenishment.

Megafon offers a similar service for subscribers with negative balance. It is called the Credit of Trust. The option is suitable for those who already owe a certain amount to Megafon. You can connect it in one of two ways:

1. Dial 0500. We carefully listen to the instruction, which will dictate the answering machine.

2. We go to the official page of the operator. Select the "Service Guide" tab and send a request to activate the service.

In conclusion

We examined the features of such services as "Request Callback", "Trust Payment" and "Mobile Transfer".Megafon is a company that always cares about its customers, creating for them the most comfortable conditions for communication.

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