Toxicosis in late pregnancy

It is not often possible to meet such a successful future mother, who in the period of expectation of the baby did not encounter such an unpleasant phenomenon as toxicosis.

You should not rush to rejoice, if during the first weeks of pregnancy you managed to avoid nausea in the morning, hatred of food, dizziness, weakness. It is possible that you will have to get acquainted with the concept of toxicosis at the end of pregnancy. This is a late toxicosis. What is this phenomenon? How to deal with late toxicosis? We will try to answer these and some other questions in this article.

So, is a late toxicosis, otherwise gestosis is a complication of pregnancy, which is characterized by disorder of the functioning of important organs, in particular, blood flow and vascular system. Late toxicosis is called because it occurs near the end of pregnancy - in the second or third trimester. This condition is based on disturbances in the functioning of the vascular system, gross violations of the water-salt

balance, changes in the composition and viscosity of the blood. All this leads to difficulties in the work of the liver, kidneys, violations of blood supply and nutrition of the fetus, exacerbations of chronic diseases.

Experts still can not come to a common opinion on the question of what exactly causes gestosis. However, we can talk about a number of factors that have a significant effect on the occurrence and severity of late gestosis. It is:

- about hereditary predisposition;
- about overweight, obesity;
- about the age of the pregnant woman( risk group: women under 20 and after 35 years);
- about the immune conflict between the fetus and the mother;
- about diseases of internal organs( heart, liver, kidneys), diabetes, hypertension;
- about changes in the hormonal balance;
- about stress loads;
- about polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancies, overgrowth of a large uterus.

It should be understood that severe forms of gestosis represent a very serious risk to the health of both the future mother and her child, and therefore it is very important to diagnose gestosis in a timely manner. If you do not start treatment of late toxicosis in time, the future mother may have seizures, she may even lose consciousness. In addition, very often late toxicosis causes chronic fasting of the fetus, which, of course, has a very negative effect on its development.

When is it time to start beating an alarm?

With the development of gestosis in the future mother begins to appear swelling, which is particularly pronounced in the morning. In addition, for late toxicosis is characterized by an increase in blood pressure, and, with medicines, it is not always possible to achieve a reduction in pressure. About late toxicosis it makes sense to speak if the pressure becomes higher than 140/90 mm Hg.

During gestosis, vessel walls become permeable not only for the liquid component of blood, but also for blood proteins, which leads to the fact that the kidneys begin to excrete proteins from the body - accordingly, in the study of urine taken for analysis, specialists will find the protein.

Symptoms of late toxicosis include general weakness, rapid fatigue, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, "flies" before the eyes, nausea and vomiting, pain in the hypochondrium and stomach.

Even if you observe only some of the symptoms listed above - this is a good reason to consult a doctor. Remember that your responsibility will depend not only on your health, but also on the health, life of your baby.

But remember also that any disease is easier to prevent than to waste time, money, nerves for treatment. Preventive measures will allow you to reduce the risk of occurrence of preeclampsia to a minimum.

First of all, you must pay special attention to the routine of your day, in particular, to sleep: you just need a strong eight-hour sleep at night, do not neglect the opportunity to rest and during the day.

You also need to take care of proper nutrition. From the first days of your pregnancy, exclude from your diet canned foods, carbonated and strong drinks, products containing dyes, preservatives and other harmful substances.

Beginning in the fourth and fifth months of pregnancy, it is necessary to start reducing the amount of fish and meat consumed, replacing these dishes with vegetables. At the end of 35 weeks should be completely abandoned from sour milk, dairy products, from fish and meat dishes, replacing them with vegetables, cereals, fruits, legumes, greens.

And of course, you should not force yourself to eat by force, just as you should not sit on a rigid diet.

It is also necessary during pregnancy to learn how to drink water properly. Try to drink as much plain water as possible. Do not drink water or juices: eat between meals and water should be at least half an hour. Drink a little better, but often - every half hour for two or three sips - this will allow you to avoid edema, and while relieving your body of unnecessary substances.

By following these simple rules, you can reduce the risk of late toxicosis to a minimum, and will be able to give birth to a healthy baby.

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