Constipation during pregnancy

Constipation. .. The phenomenon is unpleasant, but quite common. Sooner or later, every person encounters constipation. And to avoid constipation during pregnancy, not every future mother succeeds: according to statistics, about 70% of pregnant women suffer from constipation, and about 30% of women face this unpleasant phenomenon after the birth.

What causes constipation during pregnancy? During the gestation period, the mother of the future mother significantly increases in size and squeezes the intestines, which leads to serious violations of the outflow of blood, as well as to stagnation of blood in the vessels of the small pelvis. As a result - the expansion of the veins of the rectum( which can lead to hemorrhoids), permanent constipation.

The human body produces special substances, the role of which is to stimulate contractions of the intestine. Nature ordered that during pregnancy the susceptibility of the intestinal musculature to these substances is significantly reduced. And this i

s completely justified: the uterus and intestine have a single innervation, because of which any stimulation of intestinal peristalsis can lead to uterine contractions - this, in turn, can lead to a spontaneous abortion. However, this protective reaction also has its side effects, in particular, constipation.

In addition, as the cause of the appearance of constipation is the hormonal shifts : under the influence of progesterone, the hormone of pregnancy, the digestive process slows down significantly. The situation is aggravated also by stresses, various psychological factors that are most pronounced during pregnancy. And, finally, various autoimmune and allergic processes can provoke the appearance of constipation.

To cope with constipation specialists recommend folk methods .Most medications during pregnancy are not recommended because of the large number of contraindications, various side effects. Moreover, with the help of folk remedies, you can quickly and easily be able to cope with constipation.

So, you can get rid of constipation by slightly adjusting your diet. Normalization of the intestine helps cellulose, which is not digested, but only swells, thus increasing the volume of feces, which contributes to a better emptying of the intestine. That's why doctors recommend to include in the diet of pregnant women foods rich in fiber - tomatoes, carrots, beets, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin, dried fruits, apples, bread and so on.

Also the laxative effect is possessed by various dairy products - it is kefir and yogurt. In addition, you can diversify the diet of pregnant women with kvas and sour cabbage soup.

Another simple yet effective remedy for constipation is a glass of cold water that you need to drink on an empty stomach every morning. Not too much will be a spoon of natural honey, added to the glass - of course, only if you do not have allergies to honey.

But with such products as black coffee, strong tea, cocoa, chocolate, white bread, flour products, you should not get involved. Also it is necessary to refuse from a bilberry, semolina porridge, from mucous soups which possess fixing action.

It is worth paying attention to your daily routine .Do not sit or stand for a long time without changing the position. Do not deal with weight, you also need to give up gymnastics that strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor.

It should be remembered that the treatment of constipation during pregnancy differs significantly from the treatment of constipation outside of pregnancy. So, for example, physiotherapeutic methods of treatment, which are often used during constipation, are strictly contraindicated in pregnancy, as the risk of stimulation of uterine activity increases substantially. It also makes sense to talk about the adverse effects of such methods on the fetus.

is also not desirable for laxatives, as this can lead to abortion. And it's not just about potent agents( castor oil, magnesium sulfate and so on), but even about weak means( senna leaves, jostler fruits and so on).Allowed during pregnancy only food rich in fiber.

And remember that any of your actions, whether changing your daily routine or including any products in the menu, should be consistent with your doctor. Otherwise, this seemingly harmless phenomenon, like constipation, can lead to very, very unpleasant consequences - up to the spontaneous termination of pregnancy. And in general, remember that any problem is much easier to prevent than then to try to eliminate it, and therefore do not wait until the trip to the toilet turns into a real torture for you, and from the very first weeks of pregnancy, be very attentive to your lifestyle,include in your diet foods rich in fiber, and constipation will almost certainly bypass you.

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