Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy

It so happened that hemorrhoids are considered a very personal, delicate problem, which is not accepted to speak out loud. This delicacy is the biggest problem - very often we hesitate to contact a doctor, counting on the fact that the disease will go by itself. .. And in the end we still turn to a specialist, but now treatment requires much more nerves, time, financial costs. Therefore, do not delay - with the first signs of hemorrhoids should immediately go to the hospital , especially since there is really nothing to be ashamed of - according to statistics, about 80% of residents of large cities face such a problem: irregular and improper diet, sedentary lifestyle,alcohol abuse, uncontrolled use of drugs - these are only a few of the reasons that can lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids. The pregnant women are also at high risk. ..

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are a common occurrence. Only a small percentage of expectant mothers have the good fortune to avoid getting to know this ailment.

Hemorrhoids itself is a disease that occurs when the venous plexuses overflow, which are in the area of ​​the anus, with blood. These modified, enlarged veins are called hemorrhoids.

Doctors-proctologists distinguish two types of hemorrhoids depending on the causes of the disease: primary hemorrhoids and secondary.

Primary hemorrhoids is provoked by the wrong way of life, nutrition, heredity, as well as pregnancy and childbirth. Very often, expectant mothers in the second half of pregnancy face this unpleasant disease, the appearance of which is due to the pressure of the uterus on the venous hemorrhoidal plexus. As for hemorrhoids after childbirth, it appears due to strong labor pains, and also because of the pressure of the baby's head during childbirth on the vessels.

Secondary hemorrhoids , as a rule, is a consequence of severe certain cardiovascular diseases, cirrhosis of the liver, tumor processes that disrupt the blood flow in the veins of the pelvis.

If you notice one or more of the symptoms listed below, you should visit your doctor immediately and report the problem. So, , depending on what stage of hemorrhoids in question, the disease can be accompanied by certain symptoms of .

The first stage of hemorrhoids:

- discomfort in the anus;
- minor bleeding;
- painful sensations when emptying the intestines.

The second stage of hemorrhoids:

- all of the above symptoms;
- allocation;
- itching;
- prolapse of hemorrhoids;
- drawing pains in the anus.

The third stage of hemorrhoids:

- all of the above symptoms, only strengthened. In this case, the loss of hemorrhoids will already require manual repositioning;

The fourth stage of hemorrhoids is the most dangerous, and often causes complications in the form of massive bleeding, severe pain in the anus, in the form of thromboses.

It should also be remembered that treatment of hemorrhoids should be performed strictly by a doctor and only after a complete examination of the patient .Treatment is strictly individual, especially if it is a pregnant woman, because in this case, many medications will be banned. In addition, we must also take into account the stage of the disease, its manifestations.

At the initial stage of hemorrhoids, when a future mother may not even suspect about the danger, it is quite possible to do with standard preventive measures: regularization of regular stool, correction of nutrition, this increase in physical activity. In addition, you should also remember about hygiene of the anus - during pregnancy, this issue should be given the closest attention.

But what if you missed the first stage, and now you already feel obvious signs of hemorrhoids? In this case, without drug-based complex therapy, it will be impossible to manage. During pregnancy, the treatment of hemorrhoids is usually performed locally, so as not to harm the future baby - in addition, with local treatment, you can note a fairly rapid relief of the condition. Usually, doctors prescribe combined ointments, creams, rectal suppositories that act immediately in several different directions, providing an anti-inflammatory, laxative, analgesic, vasoconstrictive effect.

You can refer to folk medicine .

So, clean garlic cloves are considered to be a good remedy - they will be undigested out of the anus, burning sores.

Another good recipe: freshly squeezed rowan juice should be taken three times a day for 100 grams, washed down with cool water. If you can not just ripen juice juice, add a little sugar.

You can make the bath. From the strong broth of onion husks are made sedentary baths - the course of treatment is from 5 to 8 days depending on the result. Broth of onion husks can be replaced with a solution of potassium permanganate or a decoction of chamomile.

Not bad help and candles. The candle can be made from raw potatoes - such a candle is inserted into the anus. Do not forget to make an enema beforehand.

The candle can be made from a washed and dried sheet of geranium, which is lubricated with vegetable oil, rolled up and left for the night in the anus - the course of treatment lasts seven days.

However, wants to emphasize once again that self-medication is unacceptable - every step should be consistent with the doctor , only in this way you can avoid the risk of harming yourself and your baby.

All drugs should be prescribed strictly by a specialist. Especially, if it is a question of the last stages of the disease, when the dropping hemorrhoidal nodes require manual correction, and even more so of surgical treatment. But in any case, the decision on the timing of the surgical operation should be determined strictly individually, depending on the possible complications, on the severity of the course of the disease.

I am glad that modern medicine allows performing bloodless or small operations:

- sclerotherapy. In the site special sclerosing( gluing) walls of the site are injected preparations;

- ligation. The knot is pinched by means of a special latex ring, which causes rejection and death of the node within 7-10 days;

- laser coagulation and infrared photocoagulation. Exposure of high temperature or a laser to 3-5 points at the base of the hemorrhoidal node causes a burn, and as a result, necrosis of the node with its falling off within 7-10 days.

In the event that the condition of the future mother allows you to postpone the period of surgery, the doctor usually decides to postpone the operation at the time the woman has already given birth.

By the way, usually during pregnancy, doctors try to stop the development of hemorrhoids, to remove the symptoms of the disease, but after giving birth the treatment should continue - after birth it is necessary to take care of your health and get the complex treatment from hemorrhoids.

And yet. .. Remember that no treatment will be required if you take care in advance to prevent the development of this disease.

Special attention should be paid to the normalization of the intestine, to getting rid of constipation. A diet that includes vegetables and fruits, cereals and honey can help. But fatty meat, alcoholic drinks, high-calorie dairy products, various spices are better to be excluded from your menu, or at least to reduce their quantity to a minimum.

You should also optimize the routine of your day. An excellent beginning of the day can be a special therapeutic exercise that helps normalize the work of the colon, as well as reduce stagnation in the veins of the pelvis. It will not be superfluous to lie down on your back several times a day, lifting your pelvis( you can put a high pillow under your hips) - just lie down for 10-15 minutes. But from long walks it is necessary to refuse, as well as from long work in one position( sitting or standing).

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