Pain in the heart during pregnancy

Changes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman, naturally, can not but affect the cardiovascular system. Pain, tingling in the heart during pregnancy is the lot of many expectant mothers.

So, what causes can cause pain in the heart during pregnancy ?

Many future mothers often complain about the heart: pulls, pricks, hurts. Meanwhile, in most cases it is a quite understandable phenomenon: the heart is also affected by pregnancy, like other systems and organs. Moreover, the load on the heart increases significantly: the pressure changes, the shock and minute volume of the heart increases, the load on the heart also increases significantly in weight, so in a number of cases the pain in the heart is quite natural.

Do not forget that future mothers in the period of bearing a baby become more emotional, and emotional overstrain, fatigue, stress can also provoke pain in the heart. Try to create the most favorable environment around yourself - do not be nervous, exclude people from your

environment who cause negative emotions, provide yourself a sound and sound sleep, and always find time for rest.

Among the "household" reasons that can cause pain in the heart during pregnancy, you can also note the weather changes, stale air in the room, heat, uncomfortable posture with prolonged sitting.

Sometimes heart pain in pregnancy is associated with intercostal neuralgia or vegetative-vascular dystonia .For your baby, this is no danger, but nevertheless it is necessary to consult a neurologist.

Do not worry too much even with strong enough and sharp tingling, siping in the heart - try to calm down: gently inhale and exhale, drink warm tea, relax, surely your condition will return to normal.

However, heart pains during pregnancy can be caused by more serious causes. If the pain in the heart is accompanied by swelling of the feet, headaches, then it is urgent to see a doctor. You will be given a checkup, additional tests. Future mothers from the disease of the cardiovascular system are not insured. Every tenth pregnant woman suffers from hypertension of pregnant women, implying, in particular, and late toxicosis. In this case, in-patient treatment will be required.

Pains in the heart, accompanied by a marked palpitation, increased heart rate are often signs of iron deficiency anemia .However, if you are on time prophylactic examinations, your doctor will not allow the development of the disease, in time take all the necessary measures.

It is very important to exclude from the life of a future mother all the factors that can provoke the appearance and development of cardiac diseases. Eliminate alcohol, smoking, provide yourself with a full balanced diet, keep your weight under control, do not forget about physical exertion. In the event that you have heart problems, do not forget to tell the gynecologist that leads you about them.

And the last moment: remember that self-medication during pregnancy is prohibited - many drugs that we traditionally use, including Corvalol, are contraindicated while waiting for the baby. It is undesirable to take Valocordinum - solely by constructing indicators. If the pain in the heart is too strong, you can try to remove them with valerian, but be sure to report pains to the heart of the doctor to undergo a complete examination, and make sure that everything is in order. And if not in order, then you can eliminate the disease at the earliest stage of its development.

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