Pain in the stomach during pregnancy

Many women during pregnancy face such an unpleasant phenomenon as stomach pain. Pain in the stomach is usually worried in the early stages of pregnancy, but in the third trimester they are not ruled out.

The growing uterus can not help but affect other organs, pushing them away. And some of these bodies, "dissatisfied" with this state of affairs, can get sick. One of the organs that is most exposed to the uterus is the stomach of the .

However, the pressure from the uterus on the stomach is not the only reason that the stomach can get sick during pregnancy. The factors that can provoke pain in the stomach during pregnancy are in fact quite a lot: toxicosis, heartburn, abdominal distension in pregnant women, constipation, and, of course, exacerbation of various gastric diseases( acidity, ulcers, gastritis, etc.). Remember that in most cases, pain can be eliminated without medication, without adverse effects on the body of a woman and a baby .

There are a lot of folk recipes for fighti

ng stomach pain, which are characterized by safety and efficiency. If such funds do not help, you can resort to the possibilities of homeopathy. But just to grab for medical chemicals is not worth it - you can start taking medicines only after consulting a doctor and the appropriate prescriptions.

In order to eliminate the pain in the stomach, you must first find out the cause of the pain. Try to keep track of when and when exactly you begin to be troubled by the pain in the stomach: at night, when you are hungry, immediately after a meal or after a while, after taking an acidic or alkaline meal. All these points will be taken into account by the specialist when diagnosing.

Sometimes the pain in the stomach occurs after the transferred stress or physical exertion. Provoking factors can also be problems with stool, muscle tension of the stomach, allergic reactions and so on.

The most effective way to get rid of stomach pain is the dietary balanced diet .Try to exclude from your menu harmful and heavy food: spicy, fried, smoked, salted. Try not to overeat either - it is better to eat often, but in small portions.

If you are suffering from an early toxicosis, do not get up in the morning abruptly off the bed - before getting out of bed, eat, lying, a biscuit, a cracker or a banana so that the stomach begins to digest food, not yourself. If the pain and heaviness in the stomach occurs after eating, then after you have eaten, you need to walk a bit, take a walk, do your homework, but do not go to bed to rest. Also in this case, it is not recommended to eat at night.

However, unfortunately, stomach pain can be caused by more serious causes - viral or infectious diseases. In this case, the pain will be accompanied by other symptoms - spasms, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, fever.

Factors that can cause stomach pain during pregnancy include infection of the gastrointestinal tract, reproductive or genitourinary systems, and trauma to the abdominal organs.

If the pain in the stomach becomes obtrusive, constant, if you feel tension in the lower abdomen - this is a good reason for immediate treatment to a specialist, since it can be an appendicitis.

In any case, if the pain in the stomach is increasing, you need to register for a consultation with an specialist. Self-medication during pregnancy is contraindicated - all your actions should be agreed with the doctor, only in this case it will be possible to talk about the absence of threat to you and your baby.

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