Itching and burning sensation in pregnancy

The happiness of a woman who will soon become a mother is difficult to describe in words. However, pregnancy is not a cloudless period at all, very often the future mother experiences discomfort and even pain. Most unpleasant sensations in the period of gestation are completely natural and natural, because we are talking about a huge burden on the female body, on the restructuring of the hormonal background. As a consequence, immunity is greatly weakened. .. Vaginal microflora also changes.

The first bell that you have something wrong, is itching and burning in the vagina. Often these unpleasant phenomena are also accompanied by uncharacteristic secretions of .This is a vaginal dysbiosis, which is directly related to the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Chronic fatigue, stress, bad ecology lead to the death of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, as a result of which opportunistic organisms become more active, harmful substances and toxins begin to enter the bloodstream, immunity weakens, and

the organism becomes more vulnerable to the action of various bacteria - this is quite largerisk for both the future mother and her baby. That's why a woman should carefully monitor her health and prevent the emergence and development of dysbiosis.

Remember that during a pregnancy with a weakened immunity, all the diseases that could previously have been manifested in a latent form begin to manifest, therefore, during the planning stage of pregnancy, one needs to treat chronic diseases. Also, experts recommend carefully compose their menu, providing the body with vitamins minerals( it's not only food, but also vitamin complexes for pregnant women).Of course, it is necessary to exclude smoking and alcohol.

If all the preventive measures did not help, and the burning, itching you started to worry, immediately you need to go to a specialist - no self-medication should not be. It is possible that we are talking about candidiasis, thrush, which also cause itching, burning, accompanied by cheesy discharge with an unpleasant odor. However, itching and burning can also be symptoms of colpitis( inflammation of the vagina), genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis. Only the doctor will be able to determine the cause of the itching and burning, and, accordingly, will assign you an effective and safe treatment.

All of the above diseases are not normal during pregnancy, and can significantly complicate the course of pregnancy, increase the risk of infection of the baby, so treatment is necessary.

The doctor will take a smear for the analysis, prescribe a bacterioscopy to confirm or refute the diagnosis of thrush, candidiasis. Candidiasis is quite capable of being sexually transmitted, and although only a woman will have a burning sensation, it is necessary to treat both partners. While both partners are being treated, condoms should be used.

Once again I want to emphasize that self-medication during pregnancy is unacceptable. A future mother can be prescribed tablets, which usually act on the stomach, are absorbed into the blood, penetrating into all tissues of the body. During pregnancy, doctors usually prescribe ineffective pimafucin and nystatin, which are safe for the baby. A stronger drug, pimafucin, can also be prescribed for certain indications. But as for such drugs as diflucane, nizoral, levorin, during pregnancy they are categorically contraindicated.

However, a doctor may prefer a tablet of a candle, a vaginal cream or a pill - for pregnant women this is the best option, since this is a local action. The composition of the candles usually includes nystatin.

Often in the treatment of diseases associated with disorders of microflora, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents are used - green, a solution of sodium tetraborate in glycerin. Such drugs can stop the growth of fungal mycelium on the vaginal walls, have an anti-inflammatory effect, relieve itching, burning. And their main advantage is that they are absolutely safe for the health of the future mother and her baby.

After 7-10 days after the prescribed treatment, the doctor will take a repeated smear, which will determine how effective the treatment was. However, it is impossible to talk about the complete cure of vaginal dysbiosis during pregnancy, since a complete cure is possible only with antibiotics or with the use of immunocorrection methods, which during pregnancy is contraindicated. Therefore, doctors simply eliminate the symptoms of exacerbations of the disease, and prepare the woman for childbirth. After childbirth, of course, you need to undergo complete treatment, restore the microflora.

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