Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

Toxoplasmosis is probably the worst nightmare of all pregnant women who have animals in their house( especially cats)."Good" and, of course, "all-knowing" neighbors always tell you what danger you are exposing yourself to, and advise you to get rid of pets as soon as possible. Neighbors can support and the older generation, and young girls who read horror stories on the Internet. .. But before you panic, before you start traumatizing your nervous system( and this will definitely affect your baby's condition), you need to figure out what's what, andIs it so terrible toxoplasmosis in pregnancy, as many of us think.

So, let's start with the main thing. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease, usually carried by animals, on which the parasite multiplies and lives. Man is an "intermediate" master of parasites. There is toxoplasmosis after "communication" with sick animals, usually cats. However, you can also get infected by eating unwashed berries, vegetables, poorly cooked or roasted meat. In addition,

there are several other factors that also increase the risk of getting infected with toxoplasmosis, and you can only be protected from it if you put on a spacesuit. ..

It should be noted that many pregnant women in the past could easily have had toxoplasmosis in a hiddenform, and did not even suspect about it .If this is your case, then you can be sure that you have provided yourself with a strong immunity, and neither you nor your baby have anything to fear.

If during the pregnancy you became ill with toxoplasmosis for the first time, the statistics of the disease in different periods of pregnancy are distributed differently: in the first trimester the risk of getting toxoplasmosis is 15-20%, in the second - about 30%, in the third - about 60%.

However, do not be afraid of the fact that every month the risk of getting infected with toxoplasmosis increases - the fact is that according to medical observations, with every trimester the severity of the disease decreases. So do not rush to give your neighbors your favorite cat, refuse meat, fruit. .. and wear a spacesuit. It will be enough just that you will thoroughly wash your hands before eating, rinse fruits and vegetables, pay special attention to the degree of frying or provoking meat. If animals live in your house, you should carefully monitor their toilet - do not just rinse, but disinfect the pot( it is advisable to shift this duty to the shoulders of someone else).If your animals are often on the street, try to reduce communication with them to a minimum.

Well, of course, you need to say that will be diagnosed only by physician, and only after the delivery of certain tests. By the way, about the tests. .. In order to be sure in your safety, in the safety of your baby, it is necessary to conduct a test for toxoplasmosis: the sooner, the better - ideally, even at the stage of pregnancy planning, or at least early.

In order to determine if you are infected with toxoplasmosis, it will be necessary to donate blood for analysis - toxoplasma is detected in the blood and internal organs when determining the presence of antibodies to toxoplasmosis. Specialists measure the levels of two antibodies -LgM and LgG( immunoglobulins of class M and G).Separately it is worth noting that the study will reveal not only the presence or absence of infection, but also its age. By results of analyzes not always it is possible to receive at once a precise and unequivocal picture, therefore you can ask to hand over a blood on the analysis once again - in 2-3 weeks.

If the test for toxoplasmosis has yielded positive results, a fetal examination will also be prescribed - usually such examination is performed with the help of amniocentesis, that is, through sampling of amniotic fluid. Often appointed and ultrasound, with which you can determine the increase in the spleen and liver, intracranial calcification, a possible expansion of the ventricles of the brain.

Returning to antibodies, it is worth noting that immunoglobulins of class LgM, found in serum, indicate infection with toxoplasmosis - they usually appear in the acute period of infection, reaching their peak two to three weeks after infection, and after 2-3 months of disappearing.

The presence of LgG antibodies suggests that the body has already been affected by the infection earlier, that is, the woman has already had toxoplasmosis - LgG persists in the body for up to 10 years.

It would seem that the most favorable picture is the absence of immunoglobulin in both classes of blood. However, this means that there is no infection in the woman's body and there was not, therefore, no immunity of speech, and the woman should make every effort not to become infected with toxoplasmosis.

If LgG is present in the blood and there are no LgM antibodies, then we can say that the woman in the past was already infected with toxoplasmosis, which means that the immunity has already been developed and the disease is not dangerous. I am happy with the medical statistics in this regard - this is the most common option in medical practice.

If in the body in the analysis found both classes of antibodies, then it is necessary to conduct a second analysis after 2-3 weeks to determine how long the infection is in the body of a woman.

And, finally, the most unfavorable situation: LgM in the blood is present, but LgG - no. In this case, it can be said that the infection occurred recently, there is no immunity, which means that it is necessary to provide effective treatment.

To treat toxoplasmosis is necessary .The duration and schedule of treatment in each case is determined by a specialist.

The situation is complicated by the fact that it is possible to treat toxoplasmosis only after the 12-16th week of pregnancy, because at earlier times the risk of harmful effects of drugs on the child is very high. Moreover, the therapy of toxoplasmosis involves the use of antibiotics.

Usually, experts prescribe antibiotic macrolide series Spiramycin( Rovamycin), which is highly effective, in addition, is well tolerated by patients.

A preparation of the pyrimethamine group, Fanzidar, may also be prescribed, and folic acid supplementation is often prescribed, since the opiate hemopoiesis is often observed when taking the drug. You can combine Fanshidar also with immunomodulating drugs - but only for the purpose of your doctor.

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