The body is pricked during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body of women undergoes global changes, and the future mother faces a lot of new, and not always pleasant, conditions. One of the problems, which is not necessarily a symptom of any disease, but brings a lot of inconvenience, is a skin itch. The body is not scratched during pregnancy at all moms, but most - it can be from time to time itching, and maybe permanent, itching can manifest itself, and can be combined with other symptoms, it can not change within a dayhis character, and may intensify by evening. But in any case, before taking any action, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, infectious disease specialist, gynecologist who will find the cause of the skin itch and eliminate it.

Why during pregnancy can the skin be itchy? An unequivocal answer to this question you do not get from any doctor - in each case, itching can cause different reasons.

To date, several theories have been advanced to explain the occurrence of pruritus in pregnant women.

Firstly, we can talk about the appearance of stretch marks: the rapidly growing breasts, the stomach overstretch the skin, and at the points of fiber rupture there may be severe itching, which is the precursor of stretch marks. It is clear that in this case it will be scratched in the area of ​​the appearance of stretch marks - it can be the stomach, thighs, buttocks, chest. Typically, this itch occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy, at risk are genetically predisposed and strongly corrected during pregnancy women.

Another reason that can cause itching is the cholestasis of pregnant , which is caused by abnormalities in the liver, triggered by changes in the body during pregnancy. Usually, this condition is also accompanied by redness of the feet and palms, which are strongly itchy. Over time, itching can spread to the entire body, and in the evening and night hours it usually intensifies. As a rule, cholestasis of pregnant women is manifested in the third trimester. Symptoms of this disease, in addition to itching, include darkening of urine;On the contrary, the feces become lighter. The risk group includes women with chronic diseases of bile ducts, with high cholesterol levels in the blood.

Hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman often lead to the development of cholestasis, respectively, and itching - itching is localized on the feet and palms and can be got rid of it only after childbirth.

A variety of skin diseases can cause itching - it can be dermatosis, eczema of pregnant women, it can be a skin fungus and other diseases that are accompanied not only by itching, but also by scaling, rashes on the skin, swelling and so on.

Quite a common cause of the appearance of pruritus are also various allergic reactions, which can also be accompanied by redness, rashes and other symptoms. As a provocation for the emergence of an allergic reaction, almost any product can act - a new shampoo, washing powder, exotic fruits, seafood, plant pollen and so on. Therefore, pregnancy is not the best time for experiments. If you notice allergic manifestations, you must try to quickly find the allergen and exclude its effect on the body.

And, finally, another common cause is increased sweating .Sweat, which collects in the folds of the skin, can cause unpleasant sensations, including itching. If you notice that during the pregnancy you begin to sweat more, try to shower more often, often change clothes, and clothes are more preferable to wear from natural fabrics. Do not forget to tell your doctor about increased sweating.

Above listed are not all the reasons that can cause itching during pregnancy - unfortunately, itching can be a symptom of more serious diseases - it can be hepatitis or diabetes. That's why you should not neglect the advice of a doctor. Despite the fact that the baby's skin itch is not reflected in the child's condition in any way, it brings quite strong discomfort to a woman, can cause insomnia, a bad mood, in addition, it can be a symptom of a serious illness.

Regarding the treatment of pruritus during pregnancy , it is a question of identifying and eliminating the cause that causes it. Initially, the doctor will appoint a woman to the examination, then treatment and diet.

It is also necessary for the future mother to learn how to properly care for her skin - as often as possible take a warm shower, rub with a towel. Do not neglect and massage, alternating stroking and rubbing - this massage will be useful for future mothers, predisposed to the appearance of stretch marks. After the shower, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing light cream on the body to exclude the increase of itching during the drying of the skin. Avoid overheating, drink plenty of liquid, choose loose, comfortable clothes made from natural fabrics.

Especially close attention should be paid to their cosmetics - choose only safe gels, creams without perfume and other harmful chemicals.

If you follow the instructions of your doctor without fail, but do not notice any improvement, be sure to inform the specialist about this - additional tests will be performed to help identify the true cause of the itching and eliminate it.

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