Fashionable women's jeans spring-summer 2012

Fashionable women In the coming season, spring-summer 2012, many designers refused to extravagance, preferring to work with the classical style, modifying it slightly, adding some interesting details. ..

And jeans in this regard were no exception. So, in the fashionable spring-summer of 2012 it will be possible to name jeans of style of a classics and a retro.

As for the color combinations, we can not expect an extraordinary : the muted shades of blue will remain relevant, starting with a delicate white-blue shade and ending with saturated dark blue, purple flowers. However, some digressions can be made - in 2012, pastel colors - white, turquoise, beige, pink, will also be popular. Lovers of brightness and originality also expect a small surprise - the popularity of jeans of golden and metallic colors.

Experts in the world of fashion expect a triumph, which should produce jeans of "khaki" color among fashionistas. The black jeans will also remain relevant, which will look great with a white denim jacket, a

thin openwork blouse and high-heeled shoes.

Separately it is worth noting the relevance of the combination in this season of jeans with high heel shoes .Moreover, shoes should be preferred to the classic. Even if the style of jeans does not involve classics, you can combine classic shoes with a top suitable for shoes.

Especially interesting will be models that combine fabrics, materials of different shades from a single color range. Sometimes designers emphasize smooth color transitions with decorative seams. This can be a smooth transition from light to dark in color along the entire length of jeans, about "varenkas" - a retro option, but in the latter case, to achieve the effect of stains, you do not need to use special treatment - it is a "merit" of the texture of the fabric.

At the peak of fashion, is expected to have snake, leopard prints - these jeans will look original and bright, especially in combination with the top made in monochrome colors.

Fashionable jeans can be made and in the form of imitation leather. However, such models - a very bold decision, which is suitable only for girls with an ideal figure.

For a long time do not go out of fashion and feminine narrow jeans, tight legs, and making them more slender and seductive. However, such models are not recommended for girls with short legs or full representatives of the beautiful half of humanity - with such jeans, the legs will appear even more complete and short.

But jeans flare gradually lose its relevance And here jeans flare gradually lose its relevance .And, it is a question of all models klesh - and from a hip, both from a knee, and from a shin.

Retreated to the side and wide-cut jeans-wide trousers, as well as a variety of overalls. To date, such models can only be found in Diesel. But the direct classic jeans, which many designers use to form the image of the male style, will become even more popular than before.

Special attention of modern fashion designers this season will be directed to the shortened models of jeans, which perfectly match with shoes, both on high heels and on the platform, and, in addition, with sports shoes. With this group of models can be attributed and popular in the 90's bananas, skinnies, many jeans models have a lapel.

As for the planting of models, the excessively low or high landing is losing relevance. Models with an average planting will be popular.

Among the distinctive features of the fashionable spring-summer 2012 jeans, it should be noted the lack of any finishes, or its minimum use. If the finish is used, then, as a rule, it is a question of unobtrusive embroidery or a discreet applique.

But the belt is the most important accessory of the .This season will enjoy the popularity of belts of a variety of models - the belt can be made in the form of a thin thread of pearls, can be both broad with a metal decor and classic of dark leather.

Fashionable jeans spring-summer season 2012 differ practicality, convenience, simplicity.

Fashionable women Separately it is worth noting that the most ardent fans of denim this season should limit themselves in their desires - do not need to fully wear jeans kits. Try to select a wardrobe in such a way that denim elements of clothing are only part of the image of - either jeans or jeans accessories, for example, a handbag.

On the fashion peep will be jeans with openwork fabric or leather appliques or inserts.

And all fashion experts unanimously assert that fashionable jeans spring-summer 2012 should reflect your mood. So, along with the classic models, designers also took care of the release of playful, comic, quirky collections - so that the wildest imagination can be satisfied. ..

Fashionable jeans in 2012 are presented in collections with the richest choice of shapes, lines, shades and patterns, so every girl, womanwill be able to choose for herself exactly what she likes, which will advantageously emphasize the merits of the figure, disguise the shortcomings.

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