Women's fashion footwear spring-summer 2012

Women Shoes are one of the most important elements of creating a fashion image. In particular, it concerns the choice of a suitable spring or summer couple. As for the color design, in the current, as in the previous year, the palette remains the widest. Nevertheless, this time the greatest popularity will be won by several shades of blue( blue, turquoise, dark blue).Also, most designers used yellow, red, green, orange and lilac to create spring-summer collections. And the fashion will include both monochrome models, and pairs with mixed colors. Please note that shoes and sandals of classical colors( black, white, beige) remain as popular as before.

Hairpin, wedge or platform?

As you know, women of fashion draw attention not only to the appearance of shoes, but also to the convenience of wearing it. That is why such pads as a wedge and platform still occupy the highest positions in the rating. Many designers have emphasized the release of models with a woven shoe, with the upper part usually made

using thin straps. Also for the upholstery pads are widely used variegated thick fabric. For low tankers, the upper part is usually made of thick, dense straps.

If we talk about shoes with heels, then it can be noted that in the spring of 2012, not only the hairpin, but also irregular heels will be in fashion. Also in spring-summer collections often there are high heels of different thickness, but of classical round shape.
Please note that in the new season there will be not only one-color heels, wedges and platforms, but multicolored versions of soles will also be used.

Exterior finish of spring and summer shoes can be very different, including a monophonic fabric upholstery and the use of variegated embroideries, sequins or beads. Soon, fashion with shoes with ribbons, which will give legs elegance. Also, a fashion trend will be unusual ties, chains and non-standard fasteners. One of the greatest accents designers made on ankles. On this part of the female legs there will be various ornaments. Through the use of this move, designers were able to create perfect shoes to complete the seductive image.

Flat shoes

Undoubtedly, every fashionista should have shoes in her wardrobe with heels, as these models are able to make the legs longer, slender and attractive. However, this type of footwear is not suitable for daily use. So fashionistas should pay attention and on sandals or shoes on a flat sole. A special place on the trendy pedestal is reserved for shoes in the style of the 70s. Such footwear has been a success for many years, but this time the most relevant can be called single-nosed sharp-nosed models. As an ornament, large brooches can be used, but such shoes should not be too flashy. The best business option in the new season will be one-color shoes with a glossy sheen. Flat shoes

For a country walk or a picnic it is better to choose sandals, because they can be successfully combined with shorts, dresses, sarafans and skirts. In the season of spring-summer 2012, fashion will include sandals, combining dark and mottled colors. To decorate them, a large or small chain can be used, which can emphasize the elegance of thin straps.

Shoes for the party

If we talk about shoes, which should be an element of evening dress, then the most relevant in the coming season can be called "silver", "metallic", "bronze" and "gold" shoes.

According to designers, for the party the shoes with extravagant interweaving of thick and thin straps will be the most suitable. It is possible to use ribbons and cords. In the shoe for parties, metal rivets of bronze color can be used. In addition, in the festive models of shoes, which will come into fashion in the spring and summer of 2012, there are elegant chains, complemented with rhinestones. The most popular will be similar models of golden color or champagne color.

Not bypassed the designers with their attention and lace - especially popular are shoes with gray-black lace.

Rubber shoes

Rubber Shoes Clogs and Crocs have become fashionable relatively recently, but have already become one of the most favorite types of shoes for women. The incredible popularity of such models lies in the convenience of their socks. Those women of fashion who, although they did a couple of steps in crocs or canvases, will agree that this footwear is almost not felt on legs. Moreover, it gives the impression of walking barefoot. These shoes today are considered one of the most fashionable. Particular attention in the new season should be turned to the crocs and Crocs red, gray and turquoise.

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