Fashionable women's hats spring-summer 2012

Fashionable women Any woman knows about the important role played by various accessories in creating an image. To overestimate the role of headdresses in the formation of style, image is almost impossible, which is why you should be very careful about choosing hats, caps, caps. So, what kind of women's hats in the coming season, spring-summer 2012 can be considered fashionable?

No doubt, the headpiece is able to radically change the face of a woman. And while there is no need for an impressive investment in the purchase of trend items of the new season. Varied according to the materials, colors, decorations, shapes, fashionable hats spring-summer 2012 are able to satisfy the most demanding taste, organically supplement any style, image, starting from the classically elegant and ending with the romantic-ethnic.

So, for the spring-summer season of 2012, many well-known brands offer headwear, mostly made in the classical style of .In the current season in the fashion will be elegance, femininity, airiness, classic

s - that's why you should look at a variety of hats with wide margins, nice hats with ribbons and small fields, beautiful hats, made in retro style. In general, before going to the store it is worth to tune in to a romantic mood - an easy solar mood will certainly help you make the right choice.

As for color solutions, even here the designers continue to withstand the line of modesty, elegance, preferring to resort to calm classic shades - the in fashion this season will be white, beige, black, brown .The only exception is the bright hues of summer hats with wide margins, which can be complemented with bright flying suits, dresses, sarafans - there will be a real color extravaganza. By the way, you can see in the collections of modern designers and other headgear with different patterns. But everything in order. ..

In the favor this season there will be hats with wide margins. For spring, you can pick up hats made of felt, in summer, wicker hats or hats made of fabric will be an excellent solution. Two-color variants came into fashion, pushing single-color headdresses into the background.

Very elegant and exquisite look spectacular and catchy hats in the style of "Neo Pop Art" , made in a combination of white and black colors. However, other combinations of contrasting colors - yellow and red, light blue and saturated green - look equally impressive. In a word, there will be a choice in this season, from what.

Young girls should take a closer look at small-sized hats - similar to those in the collection of the famous youth brand Blugirl. To decorate such headgear it is appropriate to use artificial flowers, the main thing is not to overdo it. If you do not want to decorate the hat with flowers, you can use a brooch that differs from the main color of the headdress for two or three tones, however, you can play on the contrasts.

The hit of the youth version will also be a knitted cap-toe, the main trend will be "naive" - ‚Äč‚Äčimitation of rough hand-knitted .Depending on the material from which this cap is made, it can be worn at any time of the year and complemented by any ensemble. Thus, models made of knitwear will be an excellent addition to the youth ensemble, while modern designers suggest combining the fur version of such a cap with fashionable sheepskin coat or a fur coat from low pile.

Those who prefer a more original style can turn their attention to the bright turbans that are again at the height of popularity in the spring-summer 2012 season.

Turban, being an oriental headdress, conquered Russian women with amazing elegance and femininity. For spring, knitted turban will do. Head oriental dresses from expensive materials will be an excellent addition to the elegant evening dress.

Comfortable and fashionable headdress is also kepi, which protects the head from the cold, and the eyes - from sunlight. This season will be very popular with leather kepi, as well as kepi with long visors.

Interesting solutions offered brand Burberry Prorsum - kepi, in the design of which organically combines modern and ethnic motifs. These headgear are made by weaving threads and straws, and decorated with pompoms.

Well, of course, the is not going anywhere this season without headgear from the lace .

Brand Alexander McQueen suggested a very unusual option - a lace-like lace that looks like a hood that closes your eyes. It is not known whether this gown will be very popular this season, but one thing is clear - this is really an unusual, mysterious, original solution.

In general, the designers took care to offer us a really wide choice. And any fashionista can find for herself exactly the headgear in which she will look stunning.

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