Fashionable women's boots autumn-winter 2012-2013

It's no secret that modern boots perform not only the usual heat-protective function - they have long become a fashion footwear for all seasons. For example, some models of autumn-winter 2012-2013 have bootlegs made of straps and a net, in addition, they have an open toe.

Women's boots on an elegant high hairpin in the coming season will be replaced by equally beautiful and comfortable shoes with a slightly thickened heel. In addition, the fashion will also be boots at all without a heel - on a flat sole. Boots of medium length can be complemented with golf and socks.

Boots in the style of the seventies

In the autumn-winter season 2012-2013, boots in the style of the seventies from dense shiny skin, on the thickened heel of the square form will be actual. These boots have a narrowed toe part slightly ovoid in shape. Decorate this shoes rather restrained, usually with buckles and straps.

Boots in the style of the western

American fashion designers offer to return to ladies low b

oots of western style - with hard tops without a clasp, on the middle heel, oblique to the heel. Such shoes have on each side a special belt loops, making it easier to put on your leg.

Boots with lacing

Actual last few seasons lacing is not going to leave the podium: they are still in the trend! Lacing can be placed in front or behind, along the entire shoe or only in some part of it. Given the inconclusive inconvenience of lacing for fastening the boots on the leg, it usually plays a purely decorative role, since most products have a side, inconspicuous, but functional zipper.

Boots with the original boot

In the 2012-2013 fashion, it is transparent, so the shoe top can be made of original perforated leather, reminiscent of lace, made of mesh or even plastic. In the collection of the fashion brand Herve Leger there are models of boots with bootlegs made of straps - certainly not a novelty, but rather interesting. Very open models of boots are suitable for the beginning of autumn, when the air temperature is still high enough, or - as a holiday footwear.

Boots with fur boots do not go off the podium for several seasons. They fit, of course, only young people, because they do not look very serious. Brand Blugirl offers to choose boots with fluffy fur: looks fun and positive!

The shoes with fur from Alexander McQueen impress completely different: they are unusual not only for lengthened fur, but for the solution of the bottom, where there is no heel. Boots without a heel on a flat sole are unlikely to surprise anyone, but in this case instead of it - emptiness, and walking is provided specially by the construction of the sole. Now it's hard to say whether this novelty will find wide application, but on the podium show these boots look very original.

Warm, comfortable, feminine and comfortable - these are the fashionable boots of the autumn-winter season 2012-2013.So, at the shows Dolce & Gabbana were presented the original boots - pipes, high and fairly wide in the ankle. This is a beautiful evening version - all models are richly decorated with exquisite embroidery and various appliqu├ęs.

Do not descend from the podiums and boots with a knitted top of the , such can be found in the new collection of Victoria Beckham.

Excellent option for women of fashion will be the strict leather boots, which offers the brand Alexander Wang. Their feature is the combination of a thickened heel with an elegant toe. Models are presented in black and burgundy colors.

Stylish boots with expressive heel from crocodile leather are in the collection of Calvin Klein. They are quite simple, but at the same time feminine.

The Gucci brand offers a beautiful half of humanity and incredibly comfortable boots with a low Viennese heel made of patent leather of reptiles, and shoes made of smooth black leather of black color, decorated with lacing, with high heels.

The most fashionable colors of this season - dark blue, burgundy and red, no less popular will be purple and pistachio. Lovers of shocking should choose yellow or emerald green boots. Also it is worth noting that many fashion designers preferred white color. If you want to match the most fashionable trends, choose your shoes, the color of which resembles the color of exotic animals. Bright fish, corals, tropical butterflies, leopard skin and snake skin will certainly attract everyone's attention. Many designers have another trend of shoes for the autumn-winter season 2012-2013: multicolor. The combination of two or more colors in one pair will be able to add paints to the cold grayness of everyday life.

Fashionable boots of the autumn-winter season 2012-2013 have different shapes and shapes, heel height and fabrication material, so any lady will be able to choose shoes, focusing on her tastes and preferences. Modern models successfully combine convenience and beauty.

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