Fashionable women's jeans autumn-winter 2012-2013

It's no secret that in the wardrobe of any modern woman, one of the mandatory items of clothing are jeans. In the past, this thing was considered to be ordinary working pants made of rough and strong fabric, but today they have become a real classic, almost no fashion collection can do without them. Agree, almost every woman wears jeans, regardless of age and lifestyle. To date, they have deservedly become one of the most popular and iconic items of clothing.

Fashionable colors of the season fall-winter 2012-2013

In the fall-winter season 2012-2013 in fashion will be jeans of both classic style and retro. As for fashionable colors, the actual will be blue, dark blue, white-blue, purple and khaki. In addition, the trend will be jeans of pastel tones: white, pink, beige, and light turquoise. But the most fashionable color is a classic dark blue with a slight vertical grinding. There are brown and black models on the catwalks, as well as unusual shades - red and burgundy. Light blue jeans will

be an excellent option for the summer. For fashionistas who love original and unusual things, Blumarine and Chanel created jeans of golden and metallic colors. Jeans with a leopard or snake print will be very actual. Such models will perfectly match with a monophonic top. For fashionistas with a good figure Diesel, BLK DNM and Isabel Marant, they offered jeans made of fabric under the skin.

Fashionable jeans 2012-2013 can be made of fabric of different texture and shades. The models with decorative bright seams will be actual. It is interesting to see when such seams divide color transitions, for example, from dark to lighter colors, etc. To create modern models designers use different fabrics: with lurex, with oblique hem, with satin shine, corduroy.

Trendy styles of the autumn-winter season 2012-2013

In the trend, there are still narrow jeans - skinnels, which tighten the legs, giving them slenderness and seductive outlines. Such models were presented by Kelly Wearstler, Chanel and other fashion designers.

The classics also do not give up their positions. At the shows there were many favorite straight jeans made in the traditional style. Another interesting model will be shortened jeans. They look great both with sports shoes, and with a platform, high or low heels. Relevant are quite wide lapels, showing the underside of a fabric of contrasting color.

Models are still models that are pretty tight around the figure, unobtrusively emphasizing all its merits. With these jeans you can wear T-shirts, tops and T-shirts of various lengths. There are in the fashion shows and samples with a small knee from the knee. These jeans should be slightly longer than the ankles, and their lower part may have small folds. Sometimes these models have an insert over the belt that mimics the top of the laundry. As for the cut, then in the new collections there are mostly jeans with medium planting. However, most designers offer very comfortable models: they are worn on hips, but at the same time they reach the waist in the back.

Finishing jeans of the autumn-winter season 2012-2013

The basis of most new collections is minimalism. The decoration and d├ęcor of the jeans are rather discreet, it's either some kind of applique or embroidery. So, in a trend there will be jeans with original applications of leather or openwork fabric. Also used are rhinestones and rivets, from which the designers create intricate ornaments, and also decorate pockets and seams. Fashionable jeans of the autumn-winter season 2012-2013 will have embroidery metallized with thread or silk.

Tiny jeans come back to fashion with triumph. In this case, the holes on the legs became much larger, as a result, the hips are almost open. Usually, these jeans are worn with a more modest top( for example, a classic shirt or jumper).The most popular solution in shoes is high-heeled boots or shoes.

By the way, the peak of fashion in 2012-2013 is the combination in the image of several jeans items at once, so shirts and jackets made of denim again gain popularity.

According to the designers, in the coming season, the main accessory for jeans will be the belt, with a variety of models: from a thin string of pearls to a wide belt with a flashy metal decor. Of the accessories are still in fashion wide straps, which are based on a rubber thread. With the help of such a belt, it is possible to emphasize the hip and waist line. Also popular are leather, suede and braided belts with rich trim.

As you can see, this year jeans will differ practicality, simplicity and convenience. In the autumn-winter season 2012-2013, the assortment of models is so diverse that each woman can choose her own jeans depending on her preferences and features of the figure.

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