Fashionable women's shoes spring-summer 2013

Footwear is the very detail of the wardrobe, which allows you to finally form the image and emphasize the original style. Knowing the latest trends in shoe fashion, you can easily maintain the image of this fashionista.

Spring shoes without socks

In the spring-summer 2013 season, footwear with open socks will be the most popular. Many world-famous couturiers agreed that shoes of this type can not be better harmonized with the exclusive outfits of the new season. And, speaking of shoes with an open toe, we mean not only sandals, sandals and shoes-boats, but also shoes, as well as boots knee high. It is known that boots and boots of this type began to gain popularity in the spring-summer 2012 season, and exactly one year later such shoes will become the peak of popularity. For example, Burak Uyan offers shoes on a low platform with a thin heel and a classic neckline on the toes. Dolce &Gabbana argue that in the new season the most fashionable will be sandals with a lot of straps, rounded nose

s and non-standard cutouts on their socks.

Bright colors in the season spring-summer 2013

Many couturiers believe that the most fashionable in the spring of next year will be a pair of motley colors. For example, the fashion house DKNY offers shoes on a wedge, painted in blue and orange or black, white and pale pink. Beginning with the first months of spring, fashion will include shoes with an open toe or heel.

Fans of bright colors will surely like the new collection of Armani Jeans Ladies. The main colors here were red, blue, white and black."Chip" shoes next season from Armani Jeans Ladies can be called the presence of lacing. And Manolo_Blahnik decided to use lacing in shoes of more classical style - without a wedge, but on a high thin heel.

Kors by Michael Kors believes that in the spring and summer of 2013, a low cork platform and hairpin will return to fashion. The upper part of summer shoes should be completely made of bright thin straps.

Ballet shoes in the season of spring-summer 2013

Such shoes, like ballet shoes, in the new season simply must combine bright colors and interesting prints. For example, Marc by Marc Jacobs argues that the most stylish will be shoes, which combine yellow and pink colors. In addition, ballet flats can be decorated with images of favorite cartoon characters.

Trendy flip flops for the summer of 2013

According to Valentino Garavani, in the new season will be fashionable flip flops with massive decorations of the center of the front of the shoe. As such ornaments can be used bows, roses, etc.

In the fashion house MYSTIQUE believe that the shale should be decorated with many artificial stones. The most stylish color combinations will be: white with silver, as well as black and turquoise with silver. In addition, under this brand came out lace-up Vietnamese, which makes everyday shoes look more refined.

Perhaps the most original flip flops in the warm seasons of 2013 can be called models from VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SHOES BY MELISSA.The upper part of the shoe is a large heart, painted in different colors, depending on the style of the chosen pair.

Almost all couturiers said that in the new season, flip-flops on thin soles remain in fashion. An exception can only be called TWISTED HEART, who presented flip flops with silver straps on a wide white wedge.

Stylish sandals in 2013

Summer, it's time to bright colors, which should be present not only in nature, but also in the outfit of the most stylish girls of the city. In the last week of the fashion there are different sandals that can be used for both everyday and romantic walks.

The famous couturiers offer sandals in the new season, which have become the embodiment of unusual design solutions. For example, Brian Atwood suggests in the new season to wear shoes of bright turquoise color with a fully closed top and without a heel. To ensure that the shoes are comfortable, the designer decides to fix it not on the heel, but above the ankle with the help of narrow or wide straps.

"Animal" coloring again in fashion

In the new range of Dolce &Gabbana presents shoes, heel and heel which are stylized for crocodile skin. Unlike most modern designers, Dolce &Gabbana believe that a sharp sock has already gone out of fashion, giving way to a rounded one. Lanvin fully supports famous couturiers, which is confirmed by sandals with a rounded toe on a wedge crocheted with leather. Christian Louboutin decided to implement an extraordinary design - shoes on a platform and thin heels, the upper part of which is trimmed with python skin, and long and short silvery thorns are marked on the toe.

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