Fashionable perfume autumn-winter 2012-2013

Perfume can be called the most important accessory in the formation of any female image. It is the fragrance that can emphasize the individuality and leave the male representatives indifferent to your personality. It has long been known that men pay little attention to women's accessories and clothes, but they simply can not forget the fragrance in which the lady was "dressed".That is why in the new season you need to carefully choose a new fragrance, so that the next few months are guaranteed to be filled with vivid impressions.

The best fragrances from the world-famous brands

The Italian fashion house Gucci presented a new perfume, which was named Premiere. The main attention is given to the composition of white flowers: musk, orange and bergamot. As a base, woody notes are used, forming an exquisite light fragrance. The face of the exclusive fragrance from Gucci was actress Blake Lively, famous for her roles in the films "The City of Thieves", "Simon Says", "Elvis and Anabel" and in the

TV series "Gossip Girl".

Burberry Body is a new fragrance from the famous Burberry fashion house. Perfume combines floral and fruit flavors, including apple, peach, sandalwood, rose, vanilla and musk. The advertisement of fresh fragrance Burberry was commissioned by actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who could be seen in the third part of the sensational blockbuster "Transformers".

The fragrance of Boss Nuit Pour Femme from the fashion house Hugo Boss has become one of the most awaited autumn perfumes. The face of the fragrant mix of the world famous fashion house was the actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Pink Bouquet( Pink Bouquet) is an aroma presented in the fall of 2012 by the Italian fashion house Moschino. In the next season, the most fashionable will be the flower-fruit group of aromas, consisting of ginger, musk, raspberry, peony, lily of the valley, peach and pineapple. Exclusive perfume will be available in several forms, including perfumed body lotion, deodorant and shower gel. The original fragrance from Moschino is advertised by Kendra Spears, a well-known American model.

The fashion house Donna Karan in the new season will please its fans with the fragrance Woman, which will allow the woman to gain greater confidence in order to find real happiness. At the heart of the fragrance Woman is a cocktail of sandalwood and Haitian vetiver. According to Donna Karan herself, this fragrance is complex, however, like women who will wear it.

Pleased with their fans in the autumn-winter season 2012-2013 and fashion house Trussardi. A neat pink bottle with a golden cap is filled with a mixture of fragrances of apple, lotus, jasmine and rose. This fragrance will be appreciated by fragile, feminine and romantic natures.

The real charge of vivacity, optimism and cheerfulness bears the fragrance La Vie Est Belle, developed by Lancome perfumers. The new perfume "Life is Beautiful" can be used daily, because for their production only natural ingredients were used. The new fragrance distinguishes the smells of black currant, orange, vanilla, patchouli, pear and jasmine. By the way, the face of the bold aroma from Lancome was everyone's favorite actress Julia Roberts.

The novelty of autumn-winter 2012-2013 from Kenzo is the fragrance of Madly, which is sure to please bold and extraordinary personalities. Madly perfume is a mixture of the scents of pink pepper, musk, incense, orange, cedar and vanilla.

French perfume company Reminiscence introduced in September 2012 a new fragrance Vanille, the basis of which, as it becomes clear from the name, are vanilla pods. It was possible to emphasize and saturate the softness of this fragrance with amber and musk. The main feature of Vanille can be called the finest aftertaste, which is characteristic of most oriental fragrances.

Fashionable perfume from the world celebrities

One of the most anticipated novelties of the upcoming season can be called female At Night Perfume, presented by Naomi Campbell. The world-famous top model claims that in the fall of 2012, the flavors of green leaves, bergamot, mirabella and juicy plum will be fashionable, where vanilla, geranium, jasmine and sandalwood are used as a base. This "cocktail" can really be called the embodiment of sexuality and sensuality. Noam Campbell recommends wearing this fragrance in the evening.

Did not neglect the perfume industry in the new season and Lady Gaga, presenting the fragrance Fame. The perfume of an outrageous pop star is a mixture of smells of honey, apricot, saffron, rossioglossum and belladonna. The main distinguishing feature of the new fragrance from Lady Gagi can be called the black color of the fluid Fame, which when applied to the skin becomes transparent. Also, you can not fail to pay attention to the design of the perfume bottle - it fully reflects the audacious, sensual and bold aroma Fame.

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