Fashion manicure spring-summer 2013

In this fashionable season, a great attention is paid to manicure. Until recently, women of fashion could afford to simply cover their feet with a colorless varnish or "some pink", but today this number will not work. Manicure in the spring and summer of 2013 should be treated as an accessory - choose a stylish, original and suitable for the main part. Several of the following trends reached the leading positions and received the title of the most relevant in this season.

What manicure to do and how to properly paint your nails in spring and summer 2013 you will find out below.

White varnish

Many designers at the shows of new collections released on the catwalk models with white lacquer on the nails - the trend instantly broke into the masses. It should be noted that the fashion is not only pure white, but also the color of the egg shell, pale gray, milky and other shades with light impurities of other colors.

Since it is not customary to wear long nails and preference is given to sho

rt or medium, a white matte varnish just fine for this length. Do not paint long nails with white lacquer - this will be too bright and vulgar.

Any bright varnish should be painted in two layers - otherwise there will be no painted areas. To not dry your nails for an hour and a half buy express varnishes, with their help you can make a manicure right before you leave. After 15 minutes, nothing will damage the lacquer, you can safely apply makeup, make a haircut, wear gloves - this efficiency is only a plus for a modern girl.

Body or nude

Body color remains relevant for another season. He meets everywhere - in makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories. Manicure was no exception and today every fashionista in the cosmetic bag should have a bottle of nude varnish.

Why do you need lacquer nudes, you ask. After all, they are so faded, calm, inexpressive. That's just what is their plus - you do not always need a bright and noticeable manicure, even in the evening, and you need to cover your nails - that's when the varnish of beige comes to the rescue.

Too thoughtful, well-tried image is not relevant today - no longer choose a handbag for the color of shoes, it is also not worth painting your lips and nails with one color. Wearing an evening dress - rich and luxurious, choosing bijouterie for it, accessories better forget about the bright manicure - it will be too much. The same recommendation for every day: a fashionable girl with jeans, boots, jumpers wears a varnish of beige color or another pastel shade.


Pastel varnishes, as well as beige, went into this fashionable season from the past. During this time their reputation has not suffered and they are still relevant and popular.

The most hit colors are: mint, coral, pink, powder, carrot, lilac, blue, yellow. Of course, all shades are muffled and milky.

Today it is fashionable not only to paint nails with pastel colors, but also to combine different shades. The easiest way is to paint the middle and ring finger with a contrasting varnish or the same color, only a ton-two is lighter or darker.

It is also popular to arrange a pastel rainbow on the nails, for this you need to paint the nail immediately with two lacquers, dividing it vertically into two parts. For example, if you made a nail on the little finger yellow and carrot, then the nameless should be dyed carrot and pink, medium - pink and lilac, the index - lilac and blue, big - blue and mint.

It turns out a kind of rainbow, the effect is very unusual and positive. This manicure is perfect for warm fun spring and summer days.


Looks like a manicure made in the technique of ombre. Only the gradient goes not vertically, but horizontally. Smooth transitions from shade to shade within the same color - this is the task of the ombre. This can be achieved by using special lacquers or armed with three flacon varnishes and make transitions yourself. Having three shades you can always make a few more, just mixing those or other varnishes.

Begin to paint the lightest at the base of the nail plate and gradually go out to the darkest color. The most beautiful looks manicure in which there are shades from the lightest to the darkest in the palette.

For this manicure in the ombre technique, only fresh and liquid varnishes should be chosen. The old varnish, which has already thickened, will not lie flat on the small area of ​​the nail that you have to paint them - it will make rips, unevenness, will stand out strongly against the background of others - and this in a manicure spring-summer 2013 should definitely not be.

In this manicure the varnish is applied in one layer, so the pigment should be good, provide an opaque layer. To keep the manicure as long as possible, do not forget to apply the finish coat, which will protect the nails from water, chemistry and will give the varnish to peel ahead of time.

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