Fashionable women's jackets autumn-winter 2013-2014

The selection of outerwear for the autumn-winter season is one of the most difficult for any fashionista. The fact that sometimes it is not easy to choose warm jackets, because they, as a rule, hide all the dignity of the figure. However, watching the fashion trends of the upcoming season, you can pick up outerwear, which is able not only to warm in the cold seasons, but also to form an exclusive image.

Fashionable autumn jackets-2013

With the onset of the first cold weather, designers are advised to complement their outfits with a shortened fitted jacket with a fur collar. Fashion will be dark leather jackets with collar trim, cuffs and hem with light fur. Thanks to the use of contrasting colors, it will be possible to effectively emphasize the elegant style. Also in the new season in the fashion will remain classic jackets on sintepon. As for the color range, only dark colors remain fashionable: black, brown and graphite. In addition, the decoration of outerwear with bold accessories, for

example, large buckles, zippers, etc., is also welcome.

The real trend of the upcoming season will be leather jackets up to the middle of the thigh. Outerwear of this type was last on fashion squeaking in the 70s. The popularity of such models has increased again. Features of jackets, which have become fashionable in 2013, will be square patch pockets. In order to emphasize the waist line, you can use a belt of medium width.

Stylish jackets in the fall-winter-20130-2014 season

The main characteristic of jackets that will become fashionable in the 2013-2014 season will be finesse. Bright chests, double zippers, contrasting fringing of the lock line, voluminous cuffs, rivets, belts, etc. will also be the brightest details of trendy models. It is also worth noting that in the autumn of 2013 the most stylish will be considered jackets without a collar and with a clasp near the neck. In the fashion there will remain models with sleeves ¾, which several years ago conquered the hearts of all women of fashion.

Another unusual model, which will soon become the trend of the season, is a short fitted jacket with a wide knitted collar. Models of this type are best assembled with a pencil skirt.

Stylish prints of autumn-winter-2013-2014 season

The renowned couturiers declare that, starting in autumn 2013, the most fashionable will be the monochrome jackets of dark classic colors, including black and brown. However, during the weeks of fashion, a number of bold models were also presented, designed for those women of fashion who, even after the end of the warm season, do not want to part with bright colors. In the autumn and winter of 2013-2014, floral and animalistic prints will become fashionable, which can not only be present on outer clothing, but also be duplicated on other elements of the outfit, including a skirt, pants, tights or shoes. Famous couturiers are advised to pay special attention to the Scottish cage - this print will become one of the most stylish, starting in the fall of 2013.The fashion of the coming season will include monocoque jackets of burgundy, olive, violet, lilac, turquoise and marsh flowers.

Fashionable styles of autumn-winter-2013-2014

In the coming season, the jack-jacket will return to fashion again, the last time that gained popularity in the 90s. For the manufacture of such outfits, only genuine leather can be used. If we talk about fitted models, then different combinations are possible, for example, genuine leather-fabric or genuine leather-suede. In any case, to put emphasis on certain details you need a bright hardware.
The trend of the autumn-winter-2013-2014 season will be wide quilted jackets to the middle of the thigh. With the help of such outfits, you can hide the main shortcomings of your figure, and also feel comfort and warmth in any weather.

By the way, the collar-rack will soon return to fashion, but in the new season such a detail will have to complement bold models without fasteners.

Fashion houses Kenzo, Moschino and Armani assure that in the coming season at the height of fashion will be asymmetrical jackets of contrasting colors. Particular attention couture gave the creation of autumn and winter dresses in the Japanese style. Exclusive models with odor can be supplemented with long straps. A great option for combining with an asymmetrical jacket will be the chinos pants.

In the new collections from the famous designers will be able to choose for themselves the most suitable clothes and lovers of sports style. In autumn-winter 2013-2014, fashion will include jackets with wide sleeves without a collar. For the production of such models, short-haired fur can be used. And for those who are not used to getting lost in the crowd, designers offer jackets, the hem and cuffs are trimmed with long fur. A special feature of such models is the use of bright, bold colors.

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