Fashionable women's jeans spring-summer 2014

Jeans will not go out of fashion ever. For some, this is a terrible dream, for others - happiness. Millions of women do not represent their lives without jeans, most have more than one pair for a "suitable" occasion, and a whole collection of these. The new fashionable 2014 does not destroy the previous jeans masterpieces of , it is very loyal to them, but, nevertheless, it has its new, fresh features and trends. By warm days of the coming year, all women of fashion to be on the crest of the wave, have to get a pair of new jeans, and what they will be - you can decide now, having studied fashion women's jeans from the collections spring-summer 2014.

Fashion trends promise to be pleasant, somewhat familiarand just noshokiruyuschimi. You can even say that the new collections are an organic continuation of 2013, designers remain on their previous positions, only throwing firewood on fire, kindling a flame. Cardinally new in the collections of jeans in 2014 you will not see. But as before, fashion je

ans are divided into styles, the topical remains like classic cut and blue coloring, and jeans of all colors of the rainbow, jeans-pictures.

Which jeans will be the most fashionable in the spring and summer of 2014?

Unconditional leaders can be called jeans-boyfriends. They very successfully announced themselves last season and continue to gain popularity. If you have not already acquired such, then borrow a couple from your boyfriend-yes, that's how free and slightly ridiculous they are to sit on a figure. Quite hooliganists, and even aggressive boyfriends, stylists offer to wear with truly feminine things - they are well suited for high-heeled shoes, sweaters, blouses, funny sneakers and colorful belts. Designers vying for each other in the spring-summer 2014 collections offer jeans-boyfriends of different designs - there are stripe, appliqué, painting, spikes, leather inserts, scrapes and holes. By the way, please note that these a-la men's jeans should be worn in a special way - the pant leg should be either shortened, or it can be tucked, in any case you should see shoes - shoes, sandals and bobs with socks.

How to emphasize the figure with the help of fashionable jeans?

But the creators of fashionable clothes do not impose such a free style to everyone, it is only natural that some of the fair sex would be against hiding their forms under free jeans. Perhaps, specially for them they decided not to remove from the game the favorite shortened jeans-pipes, sitting precisely on a figure. Here you can give vent to fantasy and "tear yourself away" to the fullest! Choose any color, the brighter - the better! Do you want a rainbow? You are welcome! Your jeans can decorate anything you like - a flower clearing, sea waves, a scattering of jewelry, a portrait of a celebrity, a monogram, a cell - you can continue indefinitely, it is not known what the imagination of fashion creators and you have. By the way, creative is welcome, if you have the desire and opportunity, then you can independently refine your jeans - from this they will only become even more stylish.

Folk and hippies return

One can not help but note the trend towards folk style. For a while jeans decorated with ornaments, fringe, beads, motley cotton patches were appropriate except at themed parties, and in the spring and summer of 2014 they will take their place of honor in the ranking of the most stylish things. These jeans are very comfortable and easy to carry, they are much less binding than other fashion models. They are allowed to wear with shirts, rustic blouses, simple tops, woven sandals, straw hats. This is an excellent kezhual thing that will brighten up the spring-summer vacation in the fresh air.

Pipes and flares

The new season will bring joy to those who like wide jeans with a flare from the hip or from the knee. These models can not be called ultra-popular, but for them there was a place in the new season. Many girls long and passionately waited for the return of the pincers, now they can be worn quite officially and be fashionable and stylish. The color scale of jeans of this cut is meant modest, classical - it's blue, gray-blue, white, beige, black. It is possible to finish in the style of folk, hippies.

Classics for All Seasons

The classic remains at its unshakable place. Direct jeans of the right blue shade will still be appropriate everywhere, maybe they just need to be updated and cheer up a little with the help of fashion accessories - belts, shoes, bags, scarves or scarves. Also you can leave jeans trousers of neutral colors - black, dark blue, gray, brown, beige, milk and white - in a wardrobe with a calm soul. Such jeans with a successful combination with fashionable in 2014 blouses, tops, swiss shots will play with new colors and will always help you to make an interesting set.

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