Fashion blouses spring-summer 2014

"Buy a new blouse" for women has long been synonymous with a full-fledged shopping experience. Sometimes under this expression is hidden the purchase of new boots, and coats, and dresses, but from time to time women of fashion go hunting for them, blouses, blouses, sweaters, t-shirts. A fresh, trendy blouse gives an inexpressible feeling - it would seem, such a trifle, and in the wardrobe, as if by magic, there were several stylish sets.

Stylists recommend always having blouses and tops more than trousers and skirts , because it is the bright, catchy, fashionable clothing top that creates the image. The new blouse is paired with ordinary black-colored trousers that look like they look great, that you can not say about the union "on the contrary" - with ultra-trendy trousers and printed blouses. The philosophy of this wardrobe is simple and understandable for every girl, interest in blouses from the new collection of the majority wakes up at the level of instinct, because everyone needs to get th

eir share of novelty, fashion, style.

Particularly impatient can start to look after the prey, designers presented to the public fashionable blouses spring-summer 2014 - I wonder what awaits us in the new season?

At the peak of popularity of

If in 2013 you were a studious fashionista and did not skip presentations and shows of new collections, then you probably noticed the emerging trend - shirts and blouses? If it passed you - it does not matter. Now we are talking about this in plain text, and it's time for you to stock up on this fashion thing.

Shirts and blouses are as relevant as ever. In a modern wardrobe, there can not be much of them - to the right, well, not to perish from the proposed variety?

Mast-hev - this is a white "men's" shirt .It is appropriate both in the office, and at a big evening, dinner or breakfast with a loved one, in a library and a nightclub. It is suggested to combine it with bright and dense maxi skirts and coarse boots, tuxedos, simple black trousers-pants, jeans - all that hangs on the hangers in your closet.

You can easily add black, red, yellow, green, any color you like to the white shirt. You can "play" with fabrics - not only cotton, but also satin, silk, satin, knitwear.

In the blossoming of blouses and shirt, complete anarchy. Everyone chooses what he likes: a strip, a hem, a Christmas tree, peas, a contrast collar or a bar.

Lightweight, flying fabric and loose fit masterly turns the shirt into a blouse, which in the spring and summer of 2014 can boast frivolous colors and bright colors. On the blouses of the new collections you can notice all sorts of ornaments, "hand-made" drawings, silhouettes, prints. They are rich, rich, attracting attention. How can one remain invisible in a black translucent blouse or in an emerald green with a yellow-orange pattern? White, black, blue, sky blue, lilac, turquoise, emerald, yellow lemon, orange - in favor, the rest are not forgotten and also have the right to solo.


Spring-summer of 2014 continues the development of the emerging trend - simple wide blouse tops. From the tops they took the simplicity of cut, and from the blouses - the luxury of fabrics. Designers offer a variety of options for such a blouse-t-shirt - it can be a sleeveless shirt with a stand under the throat or a model with wide sleeves up to the elbow and with lapels.

Such a simple top blouse of white, beige, black, blue without decorations or with a small decorative trim will be appropriate both at the wedding party and at the office. This is a very convenient, universal and politically correct thing, in which you will always look appropriate and worthy in any situation.

They can be combined with classic cut trousers, with "pipes" or "bananas", a pencil skirt, a maxi skirt. Wear blouses such a cut with a spoon, filling the waist with a skirt or trousers or a ruffle, then the waist, if desired, can be emphasized with a strap.

The highlight of the upcoming season

For an evening out, to chained a hundred eyes, you can choose the blouse of the most unusual models of their collections in 2014.Designers offer asymmetrical cut blouses when one hand is completely buried in the long silk folds of the sleeve of the blouse, and the other is partially bared and coquettishly "plays" with a shoulder strap. Such playful nuances in the new collections are many, the fashionable blouse of 2014 is a very sexy outfit, which, with external tranquility, with its hints in the form of a decollete, transparent fabrics, awakens the undisguised interest of the opposite sex.

What remains relevant from last year?

The new fashion season does not require you to completely change the wardrobe. Mods are allowed to leave for later use the favorite lace blouses, metallic blouses, as well as blouse-tops in the form of tunics or dresses that come complete with trousers.

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