Fashionable women's underwear spring-summer 2014

This fashionista carefully selects her wardrobe about A to Z. Checking for up-to-date the latest trends go even those things that are hidden from prying eyes. On underwear, there is also a certain fashion and it would be nice to know about the novelties and purchase bra, corsets, panties and stockings in accordance with the trends of 2014.Fashionable women's underwear spring-summer of 2014 can already be seen in new collections. Very soon it will be on sale and will be available to girls around the world. Collecting the spring-summer wardrobe, do not forget about such an important part of it as underwear - it plays a big role in creating a stylish, modern image.

Let's see what designers have prepared for us in 2014.What should the girls wear, what to be fashionable and stylish?

Bright colors

Bright colors today are everywhere. Such an extravaganza of color was not long ago - all shades have the right to life .Colored underwear is an excellent everyday option, it raises the mood, is easy t

o clean and if an incident occurs and the bodice is visible, then the color of the laundry will somewhat smooth out this embarrassment. You can choose as a bright underwear, for example, the colors of fuchsia, eggplant, emerald, blue electric, yellow, orange, or give preference to colored peach-colored bed patterns, tender-turquoise, lilac, yellow-sunny, strawberry.

Lingerie of such coloring in 2014 can be a sports type, a bando, classical, with lace, silk, satin inserts or embroidery.


For sure, all fashionistas, without exception, watch the show from Victoria`s Secret. The luxury of their sexy underwear is not even worth mentioning, every year this brand presents a lot of interesting novelties. But this time many manufacturers of underwear took the example from the line of "fun and playful" underwear from Victoria Sikrets. This underwear made of natural fabrics is decorated with all sorts of drawings, prints, comics, inscriptions. This is a linen for sleeping, for sports, for every day. It is comfortable and comfortable, guaranteed uplifting mood, both to the hostess, and to the one who is lucky enough to see him.


Sexy, candid underwear should be in every girl's wardrobe, like a small black dress. Even if your style is purely sportive, designers recommend getting an "evening" set of clothes, at least for a change. In 2014, retro models will be relevant, as well as the classic - light lace sconces supporting push-ups, silk, satin, ribbons, lace, embroidery.

Corsets, graces, combains

As it is possible to bypass such an interesting kind of underwear as a corset or grace - they have been forgotten about, but they are reborn again. The task of grace and corset to create an ideal silhouette, so that the clothes put on top lay flat, without wrinkles. Also, the corset or grace can act in the form of a "T-shirt", in some cases a beautifully decorated décolleté area is allowed. But do it to a place not to look vulgar.


If your figure is not perfect, then use the stylist's recommendation and buy corrective underwear. To such a way to find a thin waist and rounded hips resorts many stars of show business, it is much better than showing all their shortcomings. Correctly picked up утяжка in some minutes will reduce your volumes on 2-5 centimeters and will allow to put on a fitting dress. Modern models of 2014 are made of breathable material, which allows you to wear tight even in summer, without feeling the discomfort of .Special cut effectively supports problem areas while maintaining the natural proportions of the body.


Panties, or as they are called today in the American manner - pentis, in the spring and summer of 2014 are presented in the same direction as the sconce. Girls are invited to have in the chest of drawers as sports cotton models for every day, and more expensive and elegant of lace, satin, silk .By habit, linen is purchased in sets, but it is not necessary to wear it in a pair, you can make kits by yourself - this is the trend of 2014.


All girls should distinguish stockings-underwear and stockings a-la tights. The first can be worn only in the bedroom, the second - on the way out. There are universal models, they, as a rule, do not have pronounced details and features. But even the simplest stockings will play in a completely new light, if they are worn with a belt and suspenders. Belt to stockings should be selected taking into account other items of underwear - sconces and panties.

Stockings for street, ordinary life can have both a classic coloring and texture, and unusual: designers in 2014 presented color models of stockings and stockings with a rib, a Christmas tree, peas, with lacy ornaments.

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