Fashion dresses spring-summer 2014

Dresses - this is the basis of the women's wardrobe. If there is a pair of new fashionable dresses in the closet - you are saved, you can go to the ball, not hoping for a good Fairy. In recent years, this type of clothing has become even more popular, if previously a stylish and fashionable woman was allowed not to have in her arsenal of dresses, now fashion trends are more severe and will not forgive such frivolity. Fortunately, for today, designers have so dispersed in the design of dresses that the choice of whether or not a model will not be difficult. In the dress can dress a girl of any height and with any figure, the dress is no longer for the elite, it is an unconditional and indisputable mast-hev for everyone without exception.

The new spring-summer season of 2014 has prepared many pleasant surprises for fashion girls .Actual will be a lot of dresses in different styles, color solutions, styles also promise to give the opportunity to choose models to your liking. And now you can make a

small virtual journey to the world of beauty, the first to see what will cause the hype in the spring and summer of 2014.

White dresses

The favorite of the coming season will be white color, simultaneously symbolizing purity, freshness, luxury and chic. Actual dresses in any variation of white color, fabrics from dense to translucent, flowing, matte and embroidered with bugles, sequins, artificial silk and linen, genuine leather and lace .

White can be a work dress, which must be worn with slippers and boats and a tight jacket and an evening toilet, bewitching the depth of the neckline and the transparency of frank inserts.

Dresses with prints

After a gray, always a bit boring and boring winter, you want something fun, provocative, special. The first spring swallow will be dresses with bright prints, you can - on the same trendy white color. There are no special requirements for prints, each brand decided to go its own way and released dresses with a zest - an animal print, a strip, peas, chains, a flower, a diamond and so on, you can continue indefinitely.

Bright dresses - 60's style

From bright prints we smoothly turn to full-color dresses. Carnival style of the sixties in the spring and summer of 2014 will bring you many joyful minutes .After all, it is so bold and positive to have in your wardrobe a dress "tear out your eyes", one that at any event will be a bright spot( in a good sense of the word), attracting the attention of all guests. Only if not all the young ladies for the evening will choose a dress in this style and in this scale.

Leather dresses

The fact that the real leather and materials that mimic it - in the trend, you can see on the autumn and winter collections of clothing 2013-2014.This component does not go away, on the contrary, it remains, and in the spring and summer of 2014, leather dresses will be very relevant. Predominantly in the collections are presented leather dresses of their skin of natural and natural colors, but there are also bright models of .In such dresses, the emphasis is on the material, so the style remains extremely simple.

Felts, flounces, ruffles

Yes, you are not mistaken, in the spring and summer of 2014 fashion will be dresses in a romantic style, decorated with such decorative elements as ruches, frills, flounces. Such decor is used for everyday as well as for cocktail and evening dresses.

Knitted dresses

Knitted dresses will remain in fashion from the winter of 2013-2014.But in the warm season, designers suggest wearing dresses made from thinner, not warm threads.

Also in the collections spring-summer of 2014 there are models with a short sleeve - in such definitely will not be hot, and a light jacket will save you from the evening coolness. Knitted dresses also combine well-known in the new season footwear and accessories made of woven leather or straw. Try on a dress with woven sandals or clogs, and choose a purse from straw or natural yarn.

Asymmetric dresses

Asymmetry has recently been seen quite often - it can be found in many models of blouses, skirts and dresses. In 2014, in spring and summer, asymmetry in dresses will manifest itself in the uneven hem or in the complex design of the top of the dress, for example, one closed, and one bare shoulder.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts - this is not the premiere, but they are firmly established in the world of high fashion, so in the coming season it makes sense to buy a few new dresses of this model. This is an excellent everyday option that allows even in rough boots and hastily overturned park to remain pretty and feminine.

Evening dresses

Evening dresses of the new season are impressive with their luxury - they are dresses of a princess or fairy-tale heroine, no more, no less. To put on such a dress every girl dreams, this is a great chance to feel like Firebird, Golden Fish, Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow Queen or a kind, but insanely rich queen! A half-kingdom for such a dress! And what? The impression is created precisely such that the treasury was half empty just because all the jewelry was gone to finish the dress. Admire and choose!

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