Makeup for the face with freckles

Not all girls consider freckles to be an ornament - from here there are many complexes, attempts( often inept) to hide this feature of one's face.

However, in recent years, the most famous stylists have recognized freckles as a distinctive feature that gives its owner an originality, charm, and a flutter of .Therefore today it is absolutely not necessary to try to hide freckles - it's enough to emphasize the uniqueness of your face and learn how to enjoy your reflection in the mirror.

So, what make-up can emphasize your uniqueness by making freckles worthy of your appearance?

First of all, it is worth paying the utmost attention to choosing a suitable shade of powder or foundation. Stylists recommend choosing light and light shades - freckles will slightly translucent through tonal means, respectively, the face will look fresh, natural, and therefore attractive. The most optimal shades in our case are peach, beige-golden, honey.

Special attention should be paid to the eye

s of .Brown shadows are not the best option, because in combination with freckles they will give the face a slightly dirty effect. But brown eyeliner, pencil or ink can be an excellent option to emphasize the eyes. The color of the carcass can be chosen any - if you want to emphasize the eyes, it is better to choose black, but you can also look at brown, gray or blue shades.

Well, and finally, as for lipstick, lip gloss. Stylists recommend paying attention to colors that are closest to the skin tone - apricot, caramel, light beige, golden brown. But pink colors are better to exclude from possible solutions.

If, in spite of the fashion trends, you want to hide freckles, then you can choose a dense toning base that can hide all the freckles at once, but it's best to use a light and light foundation that frets the freckles. It is recommended to use a bronzing powder or a blush of coral or peach hue that will not emphasize the presence of freckles, but will make them less noticeable.

But most importantly, we must remember that it is the woman who is confident in her attractiveness that is irresistible. Try to love your freckles, your fervent uniqueness, and competent make-up will help you with this.

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