With what to wear lunar rovers

Modern fashion is very unpredictable. In every fashionable season there is something new - unexpected and unusual. And we just have to be surprised and start to puzzle about what to wear this miracle! Of course, you can just buy a favorite and trendy thing, put it on with what it will - but what will the result be? The new thing can simply get lost or look ridiculous and you, instead of the glory of the style icon, get at best the disapproving looks of passers-by, and at worst an offensive nickname. And all this for their own hard earned. Therefore, before you go to the store for the purchase of the latest novelties, you still have to figure out what to wear with it, whether it will be possible for you to create a stylish image with items already in the wardrobe or you will have to spend something on something else.

To courageous designers already and on the ground becomes closely, and how else to justify the appearance of not earth shoes - lunar rovers? Of course, this kind of joke and moo

n boots they resemble only remotely - the same plump, warm, voluminous. But nevertheless, this is not a habit for us with you shoes - with what to wear it? Not with a spacesuit - such, alas, not even in the wardrobe of the most notorious fashionista.

Let's see what the stylists think about this and what recommendations they give on the operation of the Lunokhods.

Lunokhods were created as very warm and comfortable shoes .Branded similar boots are designed to withstand severe frost and keep warm. That is, this shoe is designed for street socks in the cold season. But there is one nuance - it is strictly recommended not to go into a room in such boots only if you did not walk a few kilometers in the snow to visit a friend in his forest house.

This is an ideal footwear for country winter walks, trips to the snow-covered camp site, trekking to the forest. In the city, too, you can wear lunar rovers, for example, for a walk with a child, go uphill on a toboggan or walk a dog.

If you plan to play with your friends in snowballs, and then go to a shopping center for a snack or watch a movie, you should either choose your shoes from the very beginning, or go home after the game and change your shoes.

As the meaning of the Lunokhods is to keep warm and therefore to protect your health, you should only buy the original products. Branded rovers are made of their natural sheepskin or have a thermal filler. The cheaper analogues have a lining from the synthepone, and this is fraught with a decrease in the basic functions of the lunar rovers. In such boots, the leg will pound, sweat, and then it can suddenly freeze cold. You run the risk of not only getting an unpleasant odor from the legs, but also fungal diseases that instantly develop with the greenhouse effect. Of course, beauty requires sacrifice, but not such.

Lunokhods of their waterproof fabric will look good with a ski thermo suit .You can fill your pants with boots or leave them out. In such an outfit, no frost is terrible - you can lie peacefully on the snow, build ice figures, go on a long walk. Rest assured, you will not freeze.

There are models of lunar rods with an external coating of fur .Try to try on such boots with a fur coat of the same color. But be prepared for the fact that you will become much more voluminous, with from head to foot. But you will be warm - it's unequivocal.

If you do not go out for a long time and are not going to take snow baths, then you can wear moonshaws with jeans or leggings with fleece. On top put on an elongated down jacket, do not forget about a warm hat, for example, with a school big pumpon. In such clothes it is appropriate to go out into the cold on the street with a child or a dog.

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