Kindergarten. Duties of the kindergarten teacher

You have received a pedagogical education in the specialty of an educator and are going to go to work in a kindergarten. Obligations of the kindergarten teacher in general terms, you know, but you do not understand everything. What is hidden behind the walls of preschool? Perhaps, reading this article will help you find answers to some questions.

Kindergarten. Duties of the kindergarten teacher

I'm going to work in a kindergarten. Duties of the kindergarten teacher from A to Z

First and foremost, the educator is a person who is always close to the children: in a group, for a walk, during lunch and sleep. Every minute and second he must scrupulously monitor their welfare and safety. But this is not limited to his responsibilities. In addition, the educator conducts developmental activities with children, reads and tells tales to them, monitors the order and discipline in the group, maintains various group documentation, and takes an active part in the organization and conduct of matinees.

Duties of the kindergarten teacher

Teacher's day

What are the main duties of a kindergarten teacher? To become more clear, consider a working day, beginning in the morning and ending in the evening. Every day in the pre-school is held in accordance with the regime of the day, which adheres to a kindergarten. The duties of the kindergarten teacher directly depend on him.

The morning of the teacher begins with the admission of children. At this time the teacher should communicate with each of the parents, to check whether everything is in order with the child. When all the children are assembled, the caretaker spends time with them and leads them to breakfast. After breakfast with the children there is a direct educational activity and a walk. In between these sessions, a second breakfast can be held, but it all depends on the characteristics of the kindergarten. After the walk, the children have lunch and go to bed. During a quiet hour, the teacher can engage in a wide variety of activities: fill out the documentation, design various stands, corners, prepare for matinees, wash toys, get acquainted with the latest in methodical literature.

After sleep, you should have an afternoon snack, a walk and dinner, after which the children are taken away by the parents.

Duties of the kindergarten teacher

Obligations of the provider

When hiring a worker, every employee accepted for this position should study the official duties of the kindergarten teacher against the signature. This document stipulates that the educator should be competent in carrying out activities that promote the health of children and their physical development, all kinds of organized and independent activities and communication of preschool children. Children should receive all knowledge in accordance with the basic program of the preschool institution.

The official duties of the kindergarten educator include careful supervision of children in the premises and at the playgrounds of the kindergarten, interaction with parents. Also, the educator plans and organizes the play and independent activities and leisure time for children, participation in competitions both intrasessional level and higher, after which he holds exhibitions of children's works.

The teacher should possess modern innovative technologies and techniques and apply them in practice. Along with this, the teacher follows the order and purity of his workplace, in the group and in the area entrusted to him. Carries out disinfection of toys in accordance with SanPiN norms. Coordinates the work of a junior tutor. Keeps an everyday record of attendance of children and fixes it in a special notebook. The educator is in direct subordination to the manager, fulfills the requirements of a senior educator and a nurse.

Duties of the senior kindergarten teacher

The senior teacher must necessarily have a higher pedagogical education and work experience in the field of preschool education for at least five years.

The main responsibilities of a senior educator include the management of the activities of all teachers working with children. He organizes and conducts pedagogical councils, parental meetings and all other activities planned in the kindergarten. Twice a year, together with caregivers, monitors to determine the level of development of the program by each child.

Senior teacher takes part in the selection of candidates for the position of educator, narrow specialists, junior educator. Promotes the creation of a good psychological climate in the collective of employees of the kindergarten.

The responsibility of the senior educator is to maintain all the methodological documentation: an annual plan, an analysis of the work for the year, a cyclogram, various monitoring and much more. He must monitor the level of education of pedagogical workers, timely improvement of their qualifications, and help in preparing for attestation. Also to activate the teachers to participate in various events and competitions at the district and federal level.

The senior educator is directly subordinate to the head of the kindergarten.

Obligations of a senior kindergarten teacher

The role of junior educator

The responsibility of the junior kindergarten teacher is to maintain the purity in the group. He should clean up all the premises entrusted to him in the morning and in the evening, after a quiet hour, do a wet cleaning in the bedroom. If there are carpets in the group, clean them with a wet brush and vacuum. Once a month, it is mandatory to carry out a general cleaning with the use of disinfectants, twice a year the windows are washed.

Every day the responsibility of the junior tutor is the sanitary treatment of dishes, children's tables, for which they feed, pots( if any).Once a week, or if necessary, changes bed linens. Hygienic treatment of bathrooms should be done twice a day. Keeps track of the cleanliness of the towels, the constant presence in the group of boiled water for drinking. Helps to dress and undress children while walking.

Along with all of the above, the junior educator is obliged to help in organizing work with children, in conducting educational activities organized by the tutor. Also, his duties include organizing work to instill in children basic skills of self-service, familiarization with socially useful work in senior and preparatory groups. The junior educator organizes preschoolers' feeding, works on mastering the rules of good behavior during meals, cultural and hygienic skills. In matters of his competence, he interacts with the parents of preschool children. During absence of the tutor for good reason and during the "quiet hour" he looks after the children.

The junior educator is in direct subordination to the head, fulfills the requirements of the educator, the nurse, the head of the household.

The duties of a junior kindergarten teacher

Assistant kindergarten teacher

If we compare the duties of an assistant kindergarten teacher and a junior educator, we will see that they practically coincide. Their difference is only that the responsibility of the younger educator is participation in the conduct of educational activities, which the educator organizes, and for the assistant educator this function is not included in the duty.

The choice is yours

Obligations of the kindergarten teacher

So should you go to work in a kindergarten? The duties of the kindergarten teacher are very extensive and not everyone can. In this article we tried to reveal all the details of the work in the kindergarten, starting with the senior educator and finishing with the assistant. Now the choice is yours - for which position you can claim. It all depends on your education, qualifications and desire to work.

P. S. Briefly about the main

And most importantly - it's a love for children. The basic requirement, which is not spelled out in any instruction: to love children and treat them with care.

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