Biography of Ivan Okhlobystin, family, photo

In the domestic cinema, a bright and ambiguous personality is Ivan Okhlobystin, whose fate led him to the actor's path. The biography of this famous person evokes genuine interest both among fans and among ill-wishers.

biography of Ivan Okhlobystin

Parents and the beginning of the life of the

The boy was born in an ordinary family, except that his mother was a young student, and the father was the chief doctor of one of the clinics, who managed to exchange the sixth decade. The future famous actor was born on July 22, 1966.The boy did not stand out among his peers and in the school years grew up quite an ordinary child, but at that time the biography of Ivan Okhlobystin was just beginning its development.

Students and army service

After graduation party, Okhlobystin confidently told his parents that he wants to become an actor and submitted documents for admission to VGIK.In his student years, the future star of Russian cinema was known as an unconventional man, gained respect and popularity among his fellow student

s and teaching staff. Biography of Ivan Okhlobystin began to replenish with interesting facts.

A young man did not pass service in the army, where he was sent to missile forces. After returning from the army, Ivan recovered at the institute and was able to completely immerse himself in studies and public work. Biography Ivan Okhlobystin contains data that he quickly achieved great success and was appointed to the post of secretary of the Union of Cinematographers.

Ivan Okhlobystin biography

The first successes of

The actor's debut in cinema took place in the film "Nog", for which he was awarded for the best role. But this is the first success of Okhlobystin not limited. The young man was engaged in writing scripts and directing. His first work on this path( the film "The Freak") received a nomination for the festival "Golden Apple, Gold Sheet", and the debut as a director( "Arbitrator") was awarded at Kinotavr. The production received recognition in the category of "films for the elect".Subsequently, the awards fell on the young talent with heavy rain.

Biography of Ivan Okhlobystin tells that he was not spared success in the theater. Most of the productions with his participation were recognized as successful. To date, the actor is less often involved in the theater than in the cinema. One of the most controversial and outstanding personalities in Russian cinema is Ivan Okhlobystin. Biography( family, children, roles, scripts, direction) of this person always attracts the attention of fans.

Family, love and bohemia

In 1992, a young man finishes his studies at the institute and begins to live a real bohemian life that swirls him in his whirlpool. Together with friends Ivan Okhlobystin, whose biography continued successful development, had fun and amused himself, which did not stop him from engaging in acting( Mania Giselle, The Shelter of Comedians, Horovod).

At the peak of his career, a young man gets acquainted with actress Oksana Arbuzova, who later becomes his wife. This was the end of his wild life. The spouse has positively influenced the man, he began to drink alcohol less often, completely immersed himself in creativity and began to turn his eyes towards Orthodoxy. To date, the couple has six children, among them four girls and two boys. Ivan Okhlobystin does not think to be limited in this regard. So it is quite possible that a married couple will acquire a new offspring.

Ivan okhlobystin biography family

Successful work and awards

Okhlobystin's cinematographic activity earned him 17 awards for his successful directorial work, 9 awards for acting roles, 21 award for writing scripts. The last works of the actor in the movie are pictures of "Down House", "DMB", "Garbage collector".In addition, Ivan won a special award - the nominal hours that the President of Russia presented him in 2001. He was honored with this due to the fact that he filmed a service for Easter in 1999 in Belgrade during the bombings from the United States. Ivan Okhlobystin's wife( the biography of the actor fully confirms this) at that time was very worried about her husband.

The biggest resonance among the works of the actor was caused by the picture "Down House".The tape was written according to a script written by himself. For the basis of Ivan took the well-known novel of Dostoevsky's The Idiot. Heroes, according to the idea of ​​the writer, transformed into modern degenerates, drug addicts, cynics, having undergone amazing metamorphosis. Okhlobystin himself played the role of Rogozhin.

Ivan Okhlobystin biography photo

After the audience and critics saw the picture, a lot of accusations fell on the creators. The director and the screenwriter were scolded for unscrupulous mockery of Dostoevsky's creation, even arranged a court in which there were attacks in the distortion of the classic's work, propaganda of the harmful lifestyle, and the corruption of young people.

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin( whose biography always attracts attention) responded to all complaints with the fact that the writer himself decided to end his novel with a scene that seemed wild in his time. He explained that they did the same, but in a modern interpretation. However, after years the actor said that he regrets the creation of this picture, calling this work a creative suicide.

wife Ivan okhlobystina biography

Leaving the cinema and Orthodoxy

At some point in his life, Ivan Okhlobystin( biography, photo presented in this article) decided to try his hand at politics. He was a party to the party "Cedar", which tried to revive the institution of monarchy in our country. Somewhat later, the actor admitted that this step was a serious mistake on his part and it is impossible to count on honest policy in Russia.

The actor made his commitment to the Orthodox faith publicly in 1998, thanks to his participation in the "Canon" program, where he became the presenter. In fact, the man's path to religion was purposeful, conscious and progressive. In all important matters he was guided by the recommendations of his priest and won the blessing of His Holiness the Patriarch.

Doubts about Okhlobystin's seriousness could be completely blown out at the end of 2001, when he presented his short film about Prince Daniil to the public. This was the first picture from the series "Lives of the Saints".After that, the spectators can see the tape about Vasily Blessed, Dmitri Ushakov. However, his idea was not realized until the end, the project quickly "wrapped on top."Also, the attention of the authorities was not granted to the cycle of programs on large families, it was simply called "social".Ivan Okhlobystin, the biography( children, family, work) of which is presented in this article, does not lose hope of realizing this project.

All subsequent years, the actor as Father John devoted to worship. Until 2005 he was a clergyman in the Church of St. Nicholas, and then moved to the Church of Sophia of the Wisdom of God.

actor Ivan Ohlobystin biography

Return to the profession

Ivan always admitted that he feels special comfort and grace while in the temple. However, the moment came when he had to return to his former path, as a large family needed to be fed. At that time, the priest lived in a modest apartment( 48 m² of usable area for eight people), and when he asked the mayor of the capital to improve the conditions, he was refused.

Ivan earned some script writing, and in 2007, M. Khleborodov's film "Paragraph 78" was released. In the same year, the actor starred in the historical tape "Conspiracy", playing the role of Grigory Rasputin. Before the shooting, he received permission in the Moscow Patriarchate. In world cinema, a precedent was noted - the main role in the film was played by the acting father.

What's today?

To date, the actor is actively involved in the filming process. He is no longer a clergyman, since the combination of such activities and acting is impossible. In March 2010, the series "Interns" appeared on the screens, where Okhlobystin successfully played the role of the cynical misanthrope of Dr. Bykov. The hit turned out to be one hundred percent, although the role was not written under the actor himself.

Okhlobystin himself explains that he often rebuilds the character's cues for himself, but in this series he did not have to change anything. He noted that the writers write at least funny, but these jokes are not on the verge of a foul. It's nice that viewers see living people, funny dynamic situations, real relationships. Humor in the series never grows into vulgarity and humiliation.

Ivan Okhlobystin biography children

Many critics saw in Interns a resemblance to the series "Doctor House."But the actor has similar points of view for such comparisons: "Dr. Bykov is not Dr. House. Our work is rather humorous-pedagogical, and not detective. "In any case, all without exception, the audience notes that the sitcom turned out to be really funny and entertaining.

After filming in Internah, the actor took part in the films "Hindu", "House of the Sun", "Generation P".

Results of

Okhlobystin Ivan Ivanovich, whose biography will more than once make an ornate turn, is a successful screenwriter, director, actor, playwright and journalist. To date, he is the creative director of the network of salons "Euroset".All the admirers of this wonderful person are expecting fresh works and accomplishments from him, hoping that the actor will continue his creative career.

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