A philologist is that for a profession?

Philologist is a specialist in the field of philology. Philology is a kind of collection of several disciplines into one large group, studying culture through writing. The main disciplines included in this group are:

- literary criticism;

- linguistics;

- Russian language and culture of speech;

- textology and stuff.

Philologist of the Russian language and literature


A linguist is a person who knows everything about the language: its structure, the laws of development and the relationships between different languages. Unlike a linguist, a philologist does not deal with the language itself, he is a specialist in texts and everything connected with them. There are a few philologists in Russia. Not so many philologists themselves, as real and standing people in the field of philology. And then there is a question for universities that teach philology. How do they distinguish these 2 different professions or, on the contrary, see their commonality.

Linguist philologist

What is their difference? Confrontation of linguistics and philology:

  1. Linguistics studies languages, and philology is the science of words, more artistic.
  2. For a linguist, the language is the very goal and the basis, and for the philologist it serves as a tool for processing texts.

There is one more nuance: a linguist is not a philologist, but any philologist is a linguist. Hence, a linguist, a philologist - these are 2 different professions, which have a common orientation.

Who is a philologist

Who is a philologist we already answered. A philologist is a specialist in the field of culture of language and literacy.

Philologist the teacher

Now let's summarize. Who is a philologist and what does he do? The philologist studies:

- the functionality of the language;

- internal structure;

- the nature of creation;

- historical movement throughout the years;

- division into classes: applied and theory, general and particular.

Philologists work in research centers, educational institutions, libraries and editorial offices. So, philologists will always be in demand as a philologist-teacher, librarian, editor, journalist, speechwriter or copywriter, a specialist in scientific research. In addition, a philologist can be found in modern agencies. As they say, who is in that much. Therefore, it should not be surprising that a person with such a high, intelligent and competent profession can meet anywhere.

It can be concluded that a philologist is a text specialist. And he deals with what he likes: advertising, journalism, etc. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčemployment can be unlimited, so it is better to think about such an attractive profession for young people who have just graduated from the school. Lawyers and accountants a lot, but philologists have done it one-two and did not.

A philologist is

Philologist-teacher. Requirements

A philologist must have the following qualities: knowledge of the scientific language;care;resistance to stress;excellent memory and hearing;perseverance and patience;literate speech, both in written and oral form;broad outlook;analytical mind;initiative and energy. Limitation in the medical sense is only one thing: a philologist-teacher should not have neuropsychic disorders.

Philologist Teacher

Philologist teaching Russian language and literature

A person with the formation of a philologist can teach in the educational institutions with a specialty-the philologist of the Russian language and literature, a teacher. And this could be the primary classes, secondary special schools, and even higher education institutions. Already at the end of three university courses a student can get a job as a teacher. In addition, as is known, even though thousands of philologists are published every year, they are not in a hurry to arrange to work as teachers. This increases the demand. The shortage of teachers makes it possible to easily enter many educational institutions. In some diplomas, the specialty is written in the column "Philologist, teacher of Russian language and literature".

Philologist in research activities

Who is a philologist and what does he do? Philologists graduate from higher education institutions, so their activities may well be related to science. Research activities for a philologist include:

- explanation and restoration of old manuscripts;

- creation of reviews;

- study of literature and historical data about the language.

In this sphere, philologists do not have to be bored, loving their field. There are a lot of things and scripts that still need research. As a place of work, philological scholars are chosen by educational institutions, where they can further improve themselves. To enter the graduate school, to defend candidate and doctoral degrees, etc.

Philologists in the media

For the graduate-philologist, the gates of journalism open. If he is close, he can safely get a position of proof-reader, editor, journalist, reporter, editor-in-chief, editor. The main requirement of all media is the ability to correctly, clearly and with clear arrangement express their thoughts both in writing and orally. And, of course, a philologist falls under these criteria. Each of them should be literate in speech and texts, be able to express and formulate thoughts on paper or give people an idea well through television screens or on the radio. And then you need to choose each his own. What's better? Travel and business trips or quiet work in the office at the desk? Correctors and editors work in offices. Their main task is to fix and rewrite the already formulated text on paper or in electronic form.

IT and the Internet - a place of work of literate philologists

Now in the network there are tempting offers for philologists. To date, there are a lot of sites offering philologists to show themselves. Every day thousands of new websites appear in the network, which need optimization, new unique texts to promote the site and its quality content. And here, without literate people, accurately expressing their thoughts, simply can not do. So, the post of philologist on the Internet: SEO-specialist, engaged in the adaptation of written text to the requirements of SEO marketing, a technical writer( technical editor), describing goods and services, a copywriter or a rewriter creating and correcting content for sites.

who is a philologist and what does he do

Famous philologists

  1. Latyshev Vasily Vasilievich( born in 1855).
  2. Grimm Friedrich-Melchior.
  3. Dmitry Likhachev.
  4. Rosenthal Dietmar Eliashevich.
  5. Renan Joseph Ernest.
  6. Stock Lucius.
  7. Galileo Galilei.
  8. Gasparov Mikhail Leonovich.
  9. McLuhan Marshall.
  10. Ivanov Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich.
  11. Tolkien John Ronald Ruel.

The result of

Philology is a very interesting science, which is very popular today. Philologists are literate and educated people. A philologist is not necessarily a teacher, it can be a journalist, a researcher, and an advertising agent. But this is not the limit.

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