Biography of Ekaterina Strizhenova and private life

Ekaterina Strizhenova is a well known TV presenter and actress. Thanks to her charm and extraordinary external data, she was able to win the hearts of a multimillion-dollar domestic audience. The public enjoys watching films, the roles in which it performs. Not less popular are the programs with this TV channel. Ekaterina Strizhenova is a genuine sincerity. Biography, the nationality of the actress are the subject of heated discussion on the Internet. At first glance, there are no secrets in the fate of a celebrity: she is a devoted wife, a caring mother and a wonderful actress. About her life and career, we'll talk in this article.

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Childhood years

Biography of Ekaterina Strizhenova began in 1968.She was born on March 20 in Moscow. The girl lost her father at the age of seven, and was raised by her mother. However, despite the incomplete family, the future actress never felt defective or deprived. She was always an active child, performed at various festive events and at the same time looked

the best, because my mother sewed her the most beautiful dresses. Even the school uniform of the girl was not the same as that of the rest, with a lace collar and cuffs.

Beginning of creative activity

At an early age, Ekaterina Strizhenova began to show her creative abilities. The biography of this celebrity knows a lot of creative achievements. From the age of six she danced in the children's choreographic ensemble "Kalinka".Here she was accustomed to strict self-discipline, which concerned behavior and appearance. Until now, the artist recalls how after the summer vacation the choreographer arranged all the ensemble members in a row and chastised for each extra kilogram. Since then, the actress strictly monitors her weight.

Ekaterina Strizhenova biography

Acquaintance with the future husband

Creative biography of Ekaterina Strizhenova on television started in five years. Then the charming girl was first involved in the filming of the children's program. And at the age of sixteen, Katya debuted as an actress. She happened to play in the picture "Leader" directed by Durov Boris, a pretty ninth-grader Kornilov Tatyana. The role of classmate heroine went to young Alexander Strizhenov, the son of a famous actor. Work on the film was conducted not only in Moscow, but also in Sochi. During this time, the young people became very close, and a year later they got married. After another year in the Strizhenov family appeared charming daughter Anastasia.

Education and the way to fame

Actress Ekaterina Strizhenova, whose biography interests many, was educated at the prestigious Moscow University of Culture. In parallel with her studies she regularly acted in films. Heroines Strizhenovoy enjoyed great success with the public: D'Artagnan's beloved Madeleine in the ribbons about the famous musketeers, Irina in the film "Angels of Death", Lydia in the film "I Want-Love", Futror Rohan in the melodrama "The Road to Nowhere."The real success waited for the actress in 1997, when she performed the role of Jeanne de Brissac in the picture "Countess de Monsoro."

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Birth of the second daughter

At the turn of the century she gave birth to the second child, Ekaterina Strizhenova. Biography, the personal life of the actress at that time was actively covered in the press, because the secret of her success was interested in a multi-million audience. The girl with pleasure shared with the fans the details of her family happiness. She told me that she dreamed with her husband about the boy, but another girl was born, who was called Alexandra. The father was present at the birth of his second daughter and was very firm at the same time. Now Catherine says that many were afraid that Alexander would not stand a heavy spectacle and fall into a swoon. However, the man managed to maintain composure and even took the newborn baby in his arms.

Return to work

After the birth of the second child, the creative biography of Ekaterina Strizhenova continued. Many believed that the second pregnancy would force her to give up her acting career, but this did not happen. For a while, the actress left the set and started raising children. But in 2003 she again returned to the screen and played one of the leading roles in the television series "Another Life".In this picture, she portrayed the wife of a successful businessman who decided to leave her for the sake of a young mistress. The heroine of Catherine Strizhenova finds the strength to accept and experience this difficult situation.

In addition, at present the actress is involved as a TV presenter on the First Channel: she conducts the transfer of "Good Morning", a talk show "They and We" and the program "Time will show."

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Family contract

The biography of Ekaterina Strizhenova is interesting and instructive. She has lived with a man for many years, and this marriage is called happy. And her husband is a famous director whose whole life is connected with creativity. The actress often helps the spouse to realize the next project, and sometimes appears together with him in one frame. So, the family couple starred in the films "Sniper", "I want to fall in love", "Ka-ka-do" and others. In 2005, Strizhenov first removed his wife in his comedy "From 180 and up".Here Catherine played the role of the Philippine Faith - a representative of high society.

The actress says that her husband is a very strict director and is picky to her during filming. Perfectionist in everything, he wants his wife and looked perfectly on the screen, and played like a real professional. However, Catherine loves to work under the husband. She says that he always knows what he wants from the actor on the set, so it's easy and interesting to work with him.

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Regularly starred in the movie Ekaterina Strizhenova. The biography of this charming woman is an example of hard work. A slender, stylish and beautiful actress is very much in demand in the cinema and on television. In her creative role she plays roles in such films as "Leader", "Insurance agent", "Save Our Souls", "Svetik", "I Want to Love", "Escape to the End of the World", "Road to Nowhere", ""The Sniper, The Musketeers Twenty Years Later, The Seven Forty, The Angels of Death, The American Grandfather, The Ka-ka-do, The Secret of Queen Anne, or The Musketeers thirty years later, Countess"The Empire of Pirates", "10 songs about Moscow", "Mu-mu", "Another Life", "Vasilisa", "Cobra: Antiterror", "From 180 and up", "Cool games", "Love-carrots, "" Murder for a hundred million -fox "," First Fast "," Turns of fate "," Echo from the past "," In summer, I prefer. .. wedding "," I'm not me "," There is someone here "," Shapovalov "," Love and a little pepper ""," Cliff "," Grandfather of my dreams "," Everyone has his own war "," Moms "," Escape "," Not a woman's business "," A house in the heart ".

Second education

Very versatile person is Ekaterina Strizhenova. Biography, personal life of the celebrity are under constant camera sight, but the press gets only good news about the life of the actress. For example, in 2007, Catherine received a diploma of another higher education. This time, she passed a course at the Moscow University at the Faculty of Psychology. Such education was necessary for her to work on television. When she is asked about what her many years of creative activity has taught, the actress replies that she has acquired the ability to say "no" over the years. Previously, she could do it with difficulty, because she tried to enter the position of each person and sacrificed for his own time.

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Very attentive and caring mother is Ekaterina Strizhenova. The photo, the biography of the star visually demonstrate to the interested public the affection that reigns between all the members of the actress's family. I must say that the children of Catherine and Alexander did not want to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Anastasia( the eldest daughter) first completed her studies at the art school "Start" at the Architect's House, and then entered the International Advertising Institute. As for Alexandra, she is seriously engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and now she trains at the famous Irina Viner at the School of Olympic Reserve.

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Now you know the biography of TV presenter Catherine Strizhenova. Someone can say that she owes her brilliant career to her famous wife. However, the actress herself is an outstanding person who, with her indestructible diligence and dedication, can conquer any peaks of domestic show business. Ekaterina still looks great and can decorate with her presence any ambitious TV project. In addition, she is an excellent professional, able to cope with any assigned task. I want to wish her new creative achievements, interesting roles and happiness in her personal life.

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