Ban on going abroad

Why can there be a ban on going abroad

"Summer is the time of holidays", said a long time ago, and it is still true today. People go to rest not only in the sanatorium of Russia, but also abroad. Many families save money all year, working on several jobs, to warm up in the summer in the sun by the sea and show other countries to their children. But sometimes not all iridescent dreams will come true, due to the fact that one of the spouses is banned from going abroad.

ban on going abroad

To ensure that the rest was not overshadowed by the sad news, you must first make sure that you are traveling. By law, you should be notified of this fact, but in fact the bailiff simply sends a letter to your registration address and after 6 days, regardless of whether you received notice or not, it is believed that you are aware.

A travel ban can be imposed for debts: tax payments and contributions to the pension fund, fines for violation of traffic rules, etc. The sum can be absolutely any, even in the size of

100 rubles.

It is important to know that only bailiffs carry out a ban on traveling abroad after the court recognizes officially the existence of a debt. No collection bureaus, employees of the bank's security service have such rights.

How to learn about the imposition of the prohibition

ban on going abroad how to find out

When planning a vacation, it is better to insure yourself in advance and go personally to the bailiff service, or you can find out the information of interest without leaving home. For this it is necessary to go to the official website of the Federal Bailiff Service. Entering all the data about yourself, you can find out about the presence of debts, and then pay them off. However, the fact that there are obligations does not mean that there is a restriction. Information about him is not available on the site's database, you can not find out whether there is a ban on traveling abroad. How to find out the details and other related information? This is possible only with a personal visit to the state institution of the FSS.

It is worth remembering that if the debt is repaid, but not yet reflected in the database, then the certificate issued by the bailiffs about the absence of debt will not play any role for the border guards. They base their actions on official information, where you are still banned from going abroad. The list contains your name, which means that you will not pass control, you will not be released. Waiting for the removal will be from two weeks to one month.

ban on traveling abroad list

How to legally leave the country not to leave the country

If you suddenly found out that you are banned, then you will have to spend your vacation in the territory of Russia or the Republic of Belarus, where you can fly out, even having debts. Keep track of your accounts and do not allow the development of such situations, not only planning your vacation, but also throughout the year.

You should know that the ban on traveling abroad is imposed exactly for six months. In order to do this again after the end of the first term, the bailiff must re-conduct the entire procedure. This means that you will have about 10 days of time, when you can leave the country without any obstacles and legally.

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